Reviews for Children of the Sea
Vanessa Masters chapter 12 . 3/23
Sofia Lamb sat down on the cold, stone steps and sighed deeply. All that she has worked for had went up in smoke.

Her daughter was now with traveling with Ryan's son through this corrupt world, instead of trying to correct it and create a utopia.

Meanwhile, Sofia was forced to carry out her sentence in solitude.

Sofia rose from her seat and she trudged back into the Lighthouse.

After they were rescued, Wally, Jack, Tenenbaum and Artemis brought Sofia to the Lighthouse.

There, Tenenbaum had Jack lock the bathysphere off and was to only be accessible by a genetic key that responds to Jack and Tenenbaum. The doctor then had the two young heroes leave behind some furniture like a bed, a table and a chair.

Sofia was sentenced to live out the remainder of her life in the lone Lighthouse in the middle of the sea where no one could reach her and with no one to harm.

Wally told Sofia that a Leaguer would make food drops every once a month so that she wouldn't starve to death.

She said nothing and she watched as they sailed away.

Sofia sighed and trudged back into the Lighthouse and she looked up at the massive statue of Andrew Ryan. His cold eyes glared down at her judgmentally.

Sofia sighed and muttered, "I guess it's just you and me…old friend."

I love it. Fitting fate for Sofia. And hey, at least a part of Delta will always be with Eleanor.
Vanessa Masters chapter 11 . 3/23
Love the addition of sigma, and they all escape, but Delta...
Vanessa Masters chapter 10 . 3/23
Awwww look at Jack, “Your not a freak to me.” Sweet.
Vanessa Masters chapter 9 . 3/23
Delta recognized the lab. This was where he was turned into a Big Daddy.

Eleanor spoke to him telepathically "This is where they bound us together, Father. Playing God…and you were one of the few good things that Rapture ever gave me".

A few moments later, Delta heard his radio come to life and he heard Soifa spoke.

Her voice was bitter and angry "She was not supposed to have a father, Delta. She was supposed to be an heir to my life's work. And this is where they changed her…bonding her to you. The child she was, died in this room" the radio went silent.


Oh no! Big sister got Sinclair!
Vanessa Masters chapter 8 . 3/23
So, the goal of Sofia is learned. But it’s not like the light, or justice league will let her, or tolerate her. HA! She’s just a big fish in a little pond, wanting to get into the ocean full of sharks
Vanessa Masters chapter 7 . 3/23
Well, least Jack and Eleanor can bond now in their shared dreams.
Vanessa Masters chapter 6 . 3/23
The Big Sister walked into Sofia Lamb's office with the unconscious Jack in her arms.

Sofia smiled and told the Big Sister "Put him with Eleanor"

The Big Sister nodded and she carried Jack to a small, isolated chamber where Eleanor laid. She placed Jack down beside Eleanor and Sofia told the Big Sister to leave.

Sofia inserted a tube into Jack's arm. A red liquid oozed through the tube and into Jack's veins.

The doctor patted Jack gently on the cheek muttering "Sweet dreams child".

She turned and left. Sofia had unfinished business to attend to with Delta and Sinclair.


Oh no! She has him, but why? Pumping him full of Adam? It’s not like she can brainwash him, fool once, shame on you.
Vanessa Masters chapter 5 . 3/23
Back at the Sinclair Deluxe, Grace left her private office and went to Eleanor's old room. She sat down on the bed and sighed deeply.

Sofia Lamb was a good friend and she would do anything for her but something didn't sit right with Grace.

Grace looked down at an old photo that sat on the bed. She picked it up and she saw Eleanor when she was a still a child. Before her disappearance and her transformation into a Little Sister.

Next to her was a little boy. Grace remembered him. Eleanor met him at Fort Frolic, when she got lost. She later met him again somewhere else in Pauper's Drop. They became good friends until he mysteriously vanished.

Grace remembered something that Sofia said to her. Something about a young man returning home to Rapture. She thought for a moment about who it was but the only people she could think of where those three newcomers that accompanied Delta.

Grace obviously knew it wasn't the girl and she knew that the red head wasn't either. Something about them screamed topsiders.

But the third, the young man in the grey suit, he was most likely whom Lamb was referring to. There was something about him that was common with everyone in Rapture.

Not only that, he looked very familiar. At first, she thought he was the ghost of a young Andrew Ryan come back to haunt her but when she looked again, he was different then Ryan.

Grace looked down at the picture than she realized that the boy in the photo was the young man who was with Delta.

Her eyes widened in horror. They were on the train heading to Siren Alley. Grace knew what laid in wait for them. Delta and the others were walking into a hornet's nest of trouble.


Poor grace, I wish I knew if she got out of rapture safe, when she’s spared, the poor gal. She suffered a lot, and now she knows it’s Jack.
Vanessa Masters chapter 4 . 3/23
"Still alive I see?" said Sofia.

Artemis scowled at the radio "What is up with you lady? Do you hate us or something?"

"I do not hate you" replied Sofia "Not you, your friend nor Delta. I care for you in equal measure to any other sentient creature. But I will not sacrifice my children for a broken automaton and two invaders. So here is my offer. Give me the little one and Jack, then I will let you return to the surface unharmed"

"Not a chance lady" growled Wally "Whatever it is you are planning, we're going to stop you and we're going to save those kids you've taken".

There was silence for a few moments then Sofia said icily "Whatever come next, just remember you impudent child, I offered you both a way out." The radio went silent.

Jack heard some voices in the distance. He went to the opening and he heard more splicers heading their way. Jack muttered, "Here we go again".


That lamb. More like a wolf.

Yikes! Big Sister nearly got a hold of Jack! O.o
Vanessa Masters chapter 3 . 3/23
Once the elevator reached the top floor, Delta, Jack, Artemis and Wally made their way to the transit station.

There, Delta shot the only splicer there who was trying to break into a ticket booth. Jack knocked on the window and the metal panels slid away, revealing Tenenbaum.

She wore a brown dressed and she looked extremely weary. In the booth with her were several small girls. Artemis recognized some of them. They were the missing children from the surface.

Tenenbaum smiled "Jack, I'm glad to see that you are safe"

"Good to see that your ok mom" said Jack. He then said "Come on, we got to go"

Tenenbaum shook her head "No. I can't leave, not yet" "Why not?" asked Wally.

Tenenbuam glanced back at the some of the children in the ticket booth "The little ones. Lamb has more of them somewhere and I must rescue them." she turned back to Jack and the others "That is why I returned, this is why I fight Sofia Lamb. I must save the children or else more will die for my sins. If I don't the Rapture nightmare will continue forever".

Wally asked, "Where are the other kids?"

Tenenbaum shook her head "I am not sure. Sofia has plans for them, what those plans are I do not know".

She glanced to Jack "She also has something planned for you Jack".

Jack's eyebrows rose "Really? What?"

Tenenbaum shrugged "I don't know but whatever it is, it cannot be good".

Tenenbaum turned to Delta "Delta, we must talk about-" but she was interrupted by a loud screeching. The screeching died and Sofia spoke over an intercom "Citizens of Rapture, this is Sofia Lamb".

Tenenbaum turned and everyone looked to where she was looking. In the corner of the ticket booth was a television screen.

On the screen was Sofia Lamb. She spoke "This is Subject Delta" a picture of Delta appeared on the screen as Sofia continued, "Behind that mask hides an enemy of the people, without soul or sympathy".

Sofia's face reappeared on the screen "it is a beast apart—and as a family, we must tear its jaw out and drive it back to the sea!"

Wally frowned "Talk about brutal" "Yeah" said Artemis.

Sofia continued, "Accompanying this beast are two surface dwelling demons" an image of Artemis and Wally appeared on the screen. Sofia reappeared on the screen "They seek to tear our family apart and destroy our paradise. Eliminate them, leave no trace for their masters."

Wally and Artemis stared at the screen in shock. Sofia Lamb was really going all out to get rid of them.

Finally, an image of Jack appeared on the screen and Sofia spoke "This young man is Jack. He is a son of Rapture. Delta and his accomplices have taken him hostage. An extra ration of ADAM to the ones who kill Delta, his comrades and brings Jack to me alive".

Sofia reappeared on the screen one final time saying "That is all" then the screen and the intercom went dead.

In the distance they heard Splicers yelling about the announcement and the possibility of free ADAM. Their shouts began to grow louder and closer.

Tenenbaum's eyes widened and she turned to Delta and the others "You must hold back the Splicers until I can get the children out of here"

"On it" said Wally. Delta nodded and he cocked his rivet gun.

Jack finds his mom, but she can’t leave, not until all the little sisters are saved.

And Sofia, she wants Jack spare, maybe to pair him with Eleanor?

Maybe, eager to see how this turns out.
Vanessa Masters chapter 2 . 3/23
Jack approached the little girl to cure her.

As he got close, the little girl stopped and looked up at Jack. A happy smile appeared on her face.

She jumped up and she ran over to Jack then clamped onto his leg. The Little Sister hugged Jack's leg tightly saying, "You're here! She said you would come!"

Jack frowned in confusion "Who said that?"

The little girl just cried happily "You came back! You're home!".

Jack glanced back at Wally and Artemis saying "Anyone else a little creeped out by this?" his two friends nodded.

The Little Sister let go of Jack's leg and she grinned up at him as if he were her big brother who had just recently returned home from a long trip. Jack felt a little creeped out but he knelt down and moved to cure her but suddenly an eerie screech filled the air.

Artemis, Jack, Wally and the Little Sister flinched and covered their ears.

When the screech died, the Little Sister looked around the foyer in fear.

She looked up at Jack saying in a frightened tone "Big Sister doesn't want you playing with me"

"Big Sister?' said Wally

"That doesn't sound good" said Artemis.

Suddenly, a shape landed on the reception desk and crushed it beneath its weight. The three turned and saw that it looked like a Big Daddy, but it was not.

The new comer looked like a Big Daddy but it was a world different from the hulking beasts. The figure standing before them was lithe, tall, wore less heavy gear and had a red light coming from the porthole on its helmet. On its back was a basket cage with ribbons attached.

The Little Sister backed away whimpering "Big Sister".


Oh yikes! Yeah, facing a big sister, after returning to rapture or your first time to rapture is a death sentence.
Vanessa Masters chapter 1 . 3/23
How many is a few months, four, five? I know he had the little sisters to look after, but still.

Ooooh yah got to hand it to batman, he knows when to connect dots and that Artemis, wally and jack are h th e best to do it.
Starlord Master chapter 12 . 1/26
Sofia is going to jail.

Wally, Booker DeWitt, and Elizabeth Comstock just reunited with Sander Cohen.

Happy New Year!
Starlord Master chapter 11 . 1/26
Persephone is trouble.

Sigma took back Minerva's Den.

Father and Daughter have a strong bond.

Little Sisters have warped POVs.

Jack and Eleanor are back from the dead.
Starlord Master chapter 10 . 1/26
Just two freaks bonding.

Sinclair's evolution begins.
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