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Dforce76 chapter 61 . 4/26
Wow! I'm finally caught up. This may be my favorite chapter of all. It really runs the gamut of comedy and drama. I'm really looking forward to the conclusion. Thanks for taking the time to write this great story. I'm going to go read Things Get Weird now.
edvin.ka chapter 61 . 4/9
Will you do a story for the inqsission?
I think, I speld that wrong .
Guest chapter 61 . 4/9
I didn't let my Hawke become Vicount. How much of the story changes and does Anders still blow up the Temple?
Kylemoor chapter 61 . 4/8
At times, I can understand Meredith. At other times I just want to beat her over the head repeatedly for her stupidity. Then again I want to do that with 75% of the NPC's in Dragon Age 2.
Cavik96 chapter 61 . 4/8
Well, if the way Isabela and Aveline make peace is your own doing, good job making it up. If it is from party banter, good job organizing the moment in which it plays.

Foreshadowing of Meredith's dirty little secret at the beginning, I see.

As for Meredith's background...well, crap. That explains a lot about her.
hyo38 chapter 61 . 4/8
I hate dealing with Emile because it's just so painful. I just want to kill him out right.
jaffa3 chapter 61 . 4/8
I like how Hawke called Fenris her lover.

This was a great chapter and I actually liked the talk at the end with Merideth.

Can't wait for your next one.
Superstar Kid chapter 60 . 3/7
I liked this mission, it introduced a NPC that should've in my opinion be introduced a bit earlier and could've been used as a companion ( Along with Kylon in Dragon age Origins, and Michael de Chavin and Rhys and Ser Evangeline in Inquisition). I didn't know that Charade was one of the Red Jennies, until I looked it up in the codex. That has possibilities as this story goes on and in Inquisition story. I liked it was a bit shorter, and how Charade was excited when she found out about her cousin. That exciting personality reminds me of when Hawke met Solona. Speaking of cousins, I wonder if Charade will meet Bethany, Carver and Solona. Especially Solona, those two will get along well, and don't get me started if Bethany, Charade and Solona are hanging together. That alone would be fun. Great chapter, keep it up
hyo38 chapter 60 . 3/6
Gotta love/hate the Friends.
jaffa3 chapter 60 . 3/6
This was such a cute chapter. Great job
Anastasia Michaelis chapter 59 . 3/4
OK. First things first. You are an amazing writer and I love this more than Cassandra likes Swords and Shields. Second, I know this is greatly written because you made me cry over SEVERAL chapters. Leandra's death, which I knew was coming, I teared up for; but it was Bethany's reaction that made me completely full out sobbing. Also, on a little tone, When Fenris left after that scene, I cried for Althea. I believe that the last time I cried over fiction was the last Harry Potter book. Please continue writing.
Superstar Kid chapter 59 . 2/22
Things are coming to a head. Now we have the results of what happened between Fenris and Denerius. Finally all the problems between Fenris and Althea are now cleared. Fenris can stop running, he destroyed his former master. I like as always the add ons you put in the chapter, Hawke leaving Fenris and his sister behind so they can talk, and of course the look on Denerius face when he realized how powerful Hawke is, and of the converstation between Fenris and Hawke over toweling his hair. Great part or should I say great chapters.

Now comes the introduction of a NPC that should've been introduced earlier and used as a companion, I wonder how will Bethany and Carver will react when they find out about her. Keep it up.
Emilinia-sama chapter 59 . 2/21
so, funny story: it's about midnight when i check my email and see that you update champion's tale, and i'm all like "YES! ALL OF THIS, RIGHT NOW!" as i'm sure by this point you could guess i would do, seeing as how i've made no attempts at subtlety in how much i love these two. anyways, i click on the link and two minutes later, my parents burst into my room wondering why i'm laughing my ass off, and officially concluding that i've fallen off my rocker, because i'm laughing for 5 solid minutes at the prologue scene between varric and cassandra.
so, essentially, because of you, my folks are now looking up reputable therapists for me. thanks.
that aside, though, THE FEELS! AHH! you get SOOOOO many hugs from me for this chapter. it was beautifully done, and the changes felt realistic and true to how something of this nature would go about. and yes, it does feel very right for althea and fenris to reconcile this way. i have a small bias towards gentlemanly fenris, honestly...but then, i get the feeling you do too, given his and althea's interactions throughout.
and i'm really excited to see the saga version of this...i mean, i know it won't be the same, you might decide not to have fenrisxhawke in it at all (the thought of which makes me a very sad panda; i really hope one of the saga hawkes gets with him, plz?), but seriously, eep! i wanna see it...!
and i'm rambling...have i mentioned it's past midnight?
anyways, i'm gonna end it here, before i devolve into rambling gush. well, more so, anyway...
update soon!
KrystylSky chapter 59 . 2/21
Great makeup scene
jaffa3 chapter 59 . 2/21
59 chapters of waiting and it was all totally worth it
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