Reviews for Bird or Cage?
AzardBrazul chapter 1 . 5/15/2013
Very thought provoking.
Righteousham chapter 1 . 5/13/2013
I very much liked your interpretation of the bird/cage choice and the meaning you ascribed to it.

The story itself was quite good and though short I found myself easily immersed. The time jumps were appropriately paced and written clearly enough so as to be easily understood. That may sound like a minor thing to become hung up on, but I've come across far to many stories wherein the authors don't know how to properly transition a scene. Seeing it done well, and in a way that supports the narrative you are driving is a nice change of pace.

I noticed no spelling errors, and grammatically nothing struck me hard enough to pull me out of your story. Very good work on your part. I noticed you failed to credit a beta leading me to believe you don't have one, which is fine as one isn't really need for a story of this length. However, if you should decide to write something novel length I would suggest looking into finding one as they can pick up on all the little errors you may miss as well as being a good sounding board for ideas.

My own thoughts regarding the bird/cage decision: I thought it would have some impact on the story late game. Finding that it didn't, I began to explore the possible meaning it may have (much as you've done here) and ultimately came to the conclusion that the Bird is the cage. It's a variable, and a minor one at that. It's main purpose is to reinforce the primary theme of the game ("What's done, will be done-well has been done" as Rosalind once said) while also giving the player a visual aid to show that this is "our" Liz throughout the game. Which as you know, I'm sure, is conspicuous it its absence in the last scene of the game.

Of course, this is all just the my own musing and they are no more true or better than yours or anyone else. That is what's so great about Infinite. Should you continue to write for this fandom I will read.

Keep writing.