Reviews for Sage Mode and Magic
redlox2 chapter 29 . 19h
for some reason i think Naruto will quite the Order of Phoenix before HBP with the reason "those who break the rules are scum but those who abandon their comrades are worst than scum." (cause despite their reasons they were more than willing to leave Naruto out to dry) Great story and cannot wait for more!
Mad-Hatter's-Wife chapter 2 . 5/4
Dude. Why would Naruto bring up Harry's map? It hasn't been mentioned yet, so how did Naruto know about it?
gandalf da black chapter 29 . 4/28
Awwww it should have been tsunade that saved serious
psp reader chapter 29 . 4/21
Not enough deaths to the deatheaters...
minimal difference at the moment from the main plot.
training results of chakra show 0 improvement in the DOM...
where the hell was dumbledore while naruto was assaulting moldy shorts?
umbridges comeuppance seems too light... from narutos earlier speech she should have been killed!
theaceoffire chapter 3 . 4/23
O.O It "Could be nothing"?

You mean a person gets their soul sucked out in your school, you have NO CLUE who it is except it isn't the Minister of Magic (Which holy crap would have been a scandal), and now Dumbles is fine with the situation?!

Man's gone senile.
thor94 chapter 29 . 4/23
really interesting story.
can't wait the next book.
so voldemort associated with akatsuki.
naruto really need a new big PU if pein learn about magic. maybe a bloodline or/and at least having kyuubi befriend naruto earlier.
Etc Flip chapter 29 . 4/22
Honestly, the main issue I had in this story is that Naruto is largely useless. He has no impact on anything beyond pranks. He's essentially a non-entity.

I mean, sure, all of his small changes could affect Book 6 in some drastic way, but in this book he doesn't do anything. Sirius still dies, Fudge is still moronic, and Harry still has periodic outbursts. It's like a rewrite of canon, with Naruto the prankster king thrown in for laughs and giggles.

Why? It's good that you're staying close to canon!Naruto, but canon!Naruto ain't no slow fool. He's fast, especially in sage mode, and could easily become a blur to everyone's eyes. I'm fairly sure he could curbstomp everyone and while I'm glad you toned his power down with in-universe explanations, it's still downright silly that he finds anyone - even Voldemort - a challenge. Wizards are still human and have human reactions. Naruto has shown to have incredible agility and speed even without moulding chakra (there's a flashback that shows a six-year-old Naruto jumping ten feet high over a fence).

Pa is useless as well. He... trains... Naruto, kind of, and that's it. The book he writes feels ultimately useless and while the students can use chakra, it's not really enough to make a difference. Where was Pa for the second half of the story? There was a lot of potential for bonding and development there.

Kyuubi-cloak Naruto should've torn through everything like it was nothing. At twelve, Naruto, with only a bit of Kyuubi's chakra, was a blur to Sasuke's two-tomoe eyes. How are the wizards keeping up?

I did like the mermaid, though. Those interactions with Naruto are pretty cute and I hope we get to keep seeing her.
RCPMione chapter 29 . 4/19
poor sirius, can't get a break can he?
shadowmaster0304 chapter 29 . 4/18
The third Hokage was like a grandfather figure to Naruto not godfather. Jiraiya was Naruto's godfather. Otherwise this was a nice chapter. I hope you return soon
Dr4g0nb411z chapter 29 . 4/18
I think this story is great even without the action scenes :) It would be nice to have more but I like it either way
Ninuhuju chapter 29 . 4/18
Moldywarts is stupid. I know it's immature, but still.
mundanebeast chapter 29 . 4/18
Nice chapter and sets up a new arc
Guest chapter 11 . 4/15
Sudden random mini adventure shit I am serous you have naruto do some amazing mini adventure just to make him stand out I can't see this adding to the story because they come out of nowhere last 2 paragraphs and it's over
Guest chapter 1 . 4/14
Interesting but no one especially naruto would confuse orochimaru with his long hair and purple marks for bald voldemort
crazyone-oh-one chapter 28 . 4/4
I love this story, keep it up, please!
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