Reviews for Little Bird's Vengeance
Guest chapter 63 . 3/10
Please update soon this is so good! I love Red Robin/Tim drake! Please ulafeh soon it's been almost a year! This is so good and I've been checking in and hoping for an update for so long! This story is so good
Marmar218 chapter 63 . 2/22
Omg this is such a smart story I can't wait to find out what happens next! Please update soon!
Bananarock509 chapter 63 . 1/25
Oh my god l, I want to see a Batman beat down! Batman vs Bruce Wayne. Oh can't wait to see if they'll admit to Fury the man's name, I just keep imagining it in my head!
Vi-Violence chapter 63 . 1/9
Is this still live?
Seven Dead Men Walking chapter 63 . 1/6
I wonder if Thor knows anything of the Lazarus Pit and what his reaction would be? Hope you update soon! :)
Guest chapter 63 . 1/3
please add a new chapter! and make sure dick comes soon! its not the bat family wihtout him
nightwingingit chapter 50 . 12/15/2016
ohh that was a brave move with Cap in this chapter!

actually i respect you a lot as a writer for even putting that part in there.

anyways i really love the story and I wish Dick Grayson was in it (personal preferences) but yeah amazing story!
stands-tall-among-shadows chapter 63 . 12/4/2016
hey just making sure you're not dead. i know i need to get moving on my story too, but life decided to smack me around the past few years. love your work and take care.
Guest chapter 63 . 11/28/2016
Please don't give up on this I've honest to god been checking in this like every day! I've been waiting since march and so please update
Guest chapter 63 . 11/26/2016
Please contunue with this ! i need the rest of the story !
Guest chapter 63 . 11/20/2016
PLeaseeeeeeeeee update soon! And when you do, please add dick/nightwing/batman whoever he is atm in! i wanna see the marvel people reaction to dick! and i love grayson so ass him in soon okay?
ice-phoenix1066 chapter 63 . 11/6/2016
I'm really enjoying this story and love your portrayal of Tim. I am definitely looking forward to seeing what you're going to do with Jason as well as avenger verse Bruce. Any extra DC characters would be welcome as it's always fun to see alternate universe superheroes meet. I can't wait for you to get back to this story as well as the sequel in the Wayne's boys series. Thanks for writing this story and your other series.
Guest chapter 63 . 10/29/2016
This is amazing. I cannot wait for the next chapter, and please tell me Nightwings going to appear soon? I think it would be a really good move for the story, especially with Jason and Tim already there. It would make a really good dynamic move for the story. Just sayin'
Guest chapter 63 . 10/29/2016
Please update soon I love this and Tim is my favorite!pls update
Guest chapter 63 . 10/16/2016
When is Nightwing going to come? Please tell me Dick's Coming?! It would be amamzing!
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