Reviews for Little Bird's Vengeance
Guest chapter 63 . 9/23
OK, I have read this story several times, and I just wanted to let you know how awesome it is! I love the way you write Tim. So many people write him as depressed and fail to show how great he is but you have done an amazing job of showing his skills and staying true to his character. I really hope you continue this story someday. Even if you don't, thanks for what you have written it's really good.
dragonlover44 chapter 63 . 9/23
I am really enjoying this cross over. Love to read more
Teiko-Kiyoshi chapter 63 . 8/31
God, I have binge read all of this and I find it amazing. Tye whole fic is just so complex (at least for me) and still I can understand how all of it works. The relation that Jason and Tim have is also portrayed so good, I haven't seen it before like that but it's very refreshing and amazing how you made it. I'm curious to what will happen, Jason and Coulson talking is very good found, Tim and his internal issues with the fact that "Bruce" is doing all of this, of course not his Bruce. The Avengers also have to deal with a lot, these teens have seen so much and it's hard to help them when they don't want the help (at least for Tim). I'd love to see another update but I'm not gonna push or pressure you since everyone has their own lives to take care of. I will patiently wait here for another chapter of this masterpiece, and when it's here I'll read it with delight and curiosity.
Guest chapter 63 . 8/1
Hey... I really do love this story and I've read it since you first put out the first chapters and I've been reading it over and over since then and I'm still reading it... it's been over a year.. and I know your busy with other stuff and stories but maybe you could just give us all an update on where you are with this story... this has honestly been one of the best and well written story I've ever read... and I absolutely love Tim drake... so thank you and I hope for an update soon.
Guest chapter 63 . 7/10
Please update I still have hopes of an update soon
Guest chapter 1 . 6/26
Please update i love your stories
Guest chapter 63 . 5/9
Please continue! This is amazine!
The Best Guesst chapter 63 . 4/17
Please update! I need to read more! Also please make Dick appear bc having three batbros would be awesome and Dick would be super funny with the avengers
Cookiepiano chapter 63 . 3/27
I don't like Red hood Trusting Coulson. I never liked the agents of shield.
Guest chapter 63 . 3/10
Please update soon this is so good! I love Red Robin/Tim drake! Please ulafeh soon it's been almost a year! This is so good and I've been checking in and hoping for an update for so long! This story is so good
Marmar218 chapter 63 . 2/22
Omg this is such a smart story I can't wait to find out what happens next! Please update soon!
Bananarock509 chapter 63 . 1/25
Oh my god l, I want to see a Batman beat down! Batman vs Bruce Wayne. Oh can't wait to see if they'll admit to Fury the man's name, I just keep imagining it in my head!
Vi-Violence chapter 63 . 1/9
Is this still live?
Seven Dead Men Walking chapter 63 . 1/6
I wonder if Thor knows anything of the Lazarus Pit and what his reaction would be? Hope you update soon! :)
Guest chapter 63 . 1/3
please add a new chapter! and make sure dick comes soon! its not the bat family wihtout him
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