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CaraLee934 chapter 13 . 5/18
Just looking at the title for this chapter I'm thinking. "Oh, that isn't facetious. Nope! Not at all."

The comment about Tony never being forced to go on the run...Whelp! They got that taken care of! *looks at the checklist* Next step? Rather forshadowing of you. Or was this not written before Iron Man 3? (Gah, I hated that movie.) we go.
CaraLee934 chapter 12 . 5/18
Awww. Sick Timmy. And Mother Hen Cap. :)
"business management" sniggers. As in, he was CEO-ing one of his Earth's foremost companies.

"No Tony" I get the feeling that those are the two most often said words in the Tower.

*signs* Tony really doesn't get the concept of "house arrest" does he. (Not that I expected anything else.)
CaraLee934 chapter 11 . 5/18
Hey! *waves sheepishly* I'm back! I have finished the semester so I'm actually back for real!

*grins* It didn't take Tim long to figure out that all you need to do is get Tony talking.
I love the bit about fighting styles. There is so much in this story where I'm just like "Yes! Someone other than me spends way too much time thinking about this!"
Cindar chapter 56 . 5/12
I can just see Jason's reaction to a psychologist... Will Spider-Man reveal his identity to the Avengers? Thank you for having written this Fan fic, hope you update it.
CaraLee934 chapter 10 . 4/29
Pepper fits in kinda like Alfred fits in. Only she's still in training. But one day she will be as awesome as Alfred.
Steve and Clark are a lot alike. :) In good ways. And a few not so good ways, but mostly good.
Yeah, the fact that Tony isn't a smear on the ground vouches well for Bruce's tolerance of everyday annoyances. As long as no one shoots him with an alien ray or chucks him through a couple of levels of helicarrier he should be fine!
*snickers* Oh Thor. You did screw that up pretty royally.
katz.rule.stacia chapter 56 . 4/27
OMIGOD! I read this in like, two days and i absolutely LOVE IT! Tim and Jason are hilarious and seeing them interact with some of my favorite MARVEL heroes is just... wow. Please please PLEASE update this soon! I can't wait 'till the next chapter!
CaraLee934 chapter 9 . 4/27
*grins* Clint is mother-henning him. It's adorable.
Oh Tony.
CaraLee934 chapter 8 . 4/27
Baby Bat-Glare. :)

He works in Oracle's world, not to mention he's a Bat. Constant surveillance is both standard and practically a sign of affection!
CaraLee934 chapter 7 . 4/27
Very dangerous. He did take out an international terrorist organization at the ripe old age of sixteen after all. *beams proudly*

Tony thinks of everyone he likes as a new toy Tim, don't take it personally.
Oh Pepper! She's awesome.

Oh Bruce...*pats him on the head* Tim is very capable of killing should he see the need. In my opinion. He's just ruthless and practical enough. That he hasn't is more a case of a situation in which it was necessary not coming up then otherwise.
*sighs* He does need mothering, but I don't know that he'll let her.

*snickers* Tony, Tony.
"Your eyes are really blue." Sad little attempt at misdirection there love. And you haven't seen his oldest brother's eyes or best friends eyes. /Those/ are very blue.
*dies laughing* Oh Tasha! She is never going to live that down!
CaraLee934 chapter 6 . 4/27
*laughs* Nightwing would be so proud. Train-surfing!

How did he not get noticed in a public library in the Red Robin suit?
CaraLee934 chapter 5 . 4/27
I bet the mead would work. It works on the Aesir, it should do something to a human supersoldier.

*hugs the Avengers*
Don't worry. I think he's alright. (He'd darn well better be alright! And if he is...well, I won't promise to never call him 'Swan Queen' again, but it will be with more fondness for the uniform than mockery.)

Bruce! Not okay!
Oh Bruce, there is nothing "normal" about the Bats.
And they /always/ have hidden advantages.
Hmmm. "unidentified object." Wonder what that could be!
CaraLee934 chapter 4 . 4/27
Can I just say how much I love you! I really think you nailed Fury's characterization. He's paranoid (but they really are out to get him and the people he protects so...) and a b******, but he isn't evil. Which is how he gets portrayed most of the time.

Now my feet are cold in sympathy.
Well it doesn't really matter who's in the right when robots are attacking you does it?
*sighs* Of course he did. Because anything else would not be exciting enough for a Bat. Of course, by this point Jason would have blown up part of the helicarrier and Dick would have probably just jumped out of the hole without the assist from the robot.
CaraLee934 chapter 3 . 4/27
Which isn't exactly how teleporters are supposed to work. The general idea is to get to your destination, not an alternate universe. (I think this is an alternate universe?)
Poor Steve *pats him on the head* Ra's didn't give him the title of Detective for nothing!
Technically, he was nine I think. *shrugs* Oh well. Does it really matter? He was a baby-Timmy either way.
"tendency to overwork" Yeah, just a little.
"Where the crazies go. And then break out again." Seriously, someone needs to do something about the security on that place. Someone like, I don't know, a local billionaire philanthropist?
Oh Tim. *hugs*

And I wouldn't say OOC. More like all the inhibitions and walls he's built up over his years as a vigilante are a little shaky under the stress and drugs.
That, and Steve tends to have that effect on people.

Is there such a thing as "normal Gotham life"?
CaraLee934 chapter 2 . 4/27
The lack of Coulson makes me sad, but I can live with it. Your story, your rules.

Four days without hydration would kill him though. The longest the human body can survive without hydration is in the area of three days. I'm pretty sure these rules still apply to Bats, though if anyone could toss them by the wayside, it would be Tim.

They feed him! Finally! (Though admittedly, feeding him while he was meditating would have been rather difficult. And they weren't exactly expecting him to check out for three days.)
*snickers* Clint wants a teleporter.
CaraLee934 chapter 1 . 4/27
Personally, I'm a little on the fence about the Swan Queen uniform. I think Dick had to be the one to design it, or was at least involved in the process.

*blinks* They stuck Tim in the god-pod? Yay! A crossover story where SHIELD isn't completely stupid.
And they took as much of his gear as they could.
*winces* He got dropped on the bridge didn't he. Or the Tower.
*sighs* Tim, you are supposed to be the one with...I hesitate to say people skills because it mostly consists of you being extremely successful at manipulation.
Tower then.
And people think Tim is the nice one.

Nice. Kinda scary, but a nice way to...disconnect.

Again, I am very much enjoying this, particularly the fact that SHIELD and Fury are actually competent! There are so many stories where one or more Bats drop in and they blunder around like a bunch of newbies. It's not like they are the premier secret agency in the world or anything.
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