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Guest chapter 155 . 4/29
I'm wondering what ichika is going to be like in the future in this fic,him being conflicted between his fake life and his true life with his 'family' makes me think of him being pressured so much he might as well kill himself
(This is just what I feel about the ichika in this story)

Overall the the chapter and the whole story is good, keep it up
Apex85 chapter 155 . 4/30
Damn it, why do those two have to suffer so much?! They were the most interesting of Ichika's harem, why couldn't it be someone else.

Also hope that Daniel kid gets his just sees just how wrong he is to fight Ichika.

Also, how is it that you've made the scenes with the Matriarchs spoiling Ichika as a kid the sweetest moments of the story? None of the haremettes or prodigies have had any scenes with him that are just as endearing so far.

Also, competent Ichika was as a kid compared to how he is now, I'm starting to hope his family actually converts him so that we'll have a legitimately badass protag. Or am hoping to see an AU fic where he never left the family.
Renu chapter 155 . 4/29
I don't know if I've said this yet but it's just something I've wanted to keep saying. Ichika is dense as ****. And he's kinda dumb as well like does he not sense that something's wrong. If I were all them warning lights would be beeping in my head.
OshiroNai chapter 155 . 4/29
Ara? 'Azure eyed boy'? Ah... It was Ichika, wasn't it? It's actually pretty obvious. Huehuehue... Good luck Bastar-Daniel... Oh, and please... GO GET KILLED BY THE GIRLS IN IS ACADEMY. If you ever make it... Huehuehue... Sorry, I just hate other male OCs goin after the conquest of the Protagonist. Ehe... Now go die Daniel. I-I should go now...
xHalcyon chapter 155 . 4/29
Hmm, so is Minazuki going to implant some kind of suggestion into their minds, or is she just experimenting on their bodies? Curious to see where you go with this.

Looks like Ichika is getting another power up... soon Madoka's going to get left behind :(

Must be tough being the weakest Orimura.
enigma95 chapter 155 . 4/28
...allow me to go full retard on this one

ahhhh that feels better well time to do a review
so those soldiers killed were actually this guy's men?! and he is that mentor you speak about back then izanagi's friend or something. and holy crap that gore! i might not survive this if this thing had an image there... snap... but wait so when clueless his eyes are blue when pissed of it turns red okay... still this skills of this erilyy reminds me of the tvtrope born winnder alongside negi oh well i wonder what sort of crystal and tweaks this people have planned. also since minazuki's IS is kitsune does that mean her daughters are too? so what else to comment about... oh well that'll just have to come by later in the PM awesome chapter!
DarkManta chapter 155 . 4/28
poor tatenashi and yuuna. i just hope whatever minazuki does to them, she doesn't destroy their beauty or at least doesn't leave scar on their body. become ugly are taboo in ichika's harem ha ha
i wonder what kind of power they will get after minazuki operating them. may be they could even beat chifuyu in her insanity overload ha ha
so ichika is now able to use his reiki freely and he remember old technique teached by shizuka. i wouldn't surprised if he could beat all his friends at once in İS battle. i want to see their face when they see that especially his teacher ha ha but does learning reiki have effect in İS battle.
poor madoka ha ha
GenryuBlack94 chapter 155 . 4/28
great update.

the moment when minazuki's experiment may increase the strength of her enemy is one aspect that I do not understand to any kind of villain. to upgrade your own enemy... (if the end result become a total controlled puppet then perhaps it is okay...)

for ichika and shizuka, well I guess the right training is mostly combat but to be able to survive against shizuka more than several minutes, feel a bit too much unless a member of prodigies can do much better...

also izanami, since you seems care to your own sibling why do not you warm up a bit to madoka since she did not resemble you like chigusa...

for the US soldier, no comment so far.

Hope You Update Soon.
jagi9x3 chapter 155 . 4/28
hell yeah new chapter.

so Minazuki will turn them into mindless puppets and damn she is cruel but still like her plus they see a video Ichika kill before?

the next part of Ichika training was funny and interesting part with the help of his aunt and i find the hotspring part was funny also and he is lucky to be with her mediation together i wonder if he will focus. XD

i wonder what is that crystal that Izanami gave to Madoka well better find out.

so that guy did fight against Izanagi before and lost huh and Ichika will soon have a annoying self proclaimed rival. XD
tomy98 chapter 155 . 4/28
Eeewwww, tatenashis and yu nas IS are going to be pooped out of the woman who ate them, gross. Also ichika lasted as long as he did because shizuka wasnt using her real streangh and power, otherwise ichikas bones would have been broken with a single tap so i dont see the reason why shizuka would praise him for lasting that long. Also i hope for the best for tatenashi and yu na, maybe the changes they will see will be like wolwarines, antiminium skeleton XD
ValinNight chapter 155 . 4/28
The training has begun! The hype, and Noo! The torture part has begun as well! :3 can't wait to see Ichika's next training, looks like it might be a bit sexy..

frosts chapter 155 . 4/28
What!? So you had Minazuki turn Tatenashi & Yu Na into some sort of mindless time-bomb puppets!? Set to detonate/made to kill their mothers/clan from the insides!? And with the IS being modifications by [Kitsune] it the sure recipe for doomsday for whomever Minazuki choose to targeted; I suspect the target is Ichika during the IS meets where she will commend Tatenashi & Yu Na to betray/ back stabs Ichika in order for his usage of his power to increase.
And who is going to save Tatenashi & Yu Na when the time come? Will the harm & damage done to them both physical & mental will be undone/healed? I really don't like Tatenashi & Yu Na being held as a controlled puppets forever.
I believe that the price for the answer they seek is really not worth the price that they are still paying for.
Ichika is still very dense; while he is being trained by Shizuka, he could at least try to call the girls, he would be suspicion if there is no reply from them.
What is that crystal that Izanami wanted Madoka to passed to Shiori & Tabane? Is it something to hamper Shiori & Tabane's plans or somethings much worse. And will Madoka be able to inform/warn Shiori that Tatenashi & Yu Na are being held and experimented upon by Minazuki?
For the last part I did not know that Gerald meet Ichika more so that Ichika manage to defeated Gerald. How did Gerald cross path with Ichika? What causes the fights? And now Daniel want to fight Ichika? Not sure if you wanted to fight with Ichika(Saki) or with an upgraded Ichika? It a very Bad Idea Daniel to try to fight either one of them it will resulted in mostly likely in a body bags if Ichika unable to control his new found power or being bed-ridden for over a year, what is your problem with Ichika & his IS?
Oslight chapter 155 . 4/28
That kid wants to fight someone who just took a few blows from one of Orimura's hardest-hitters like a champ... Hah, good luck with that.
Wolfx chapter 154 . 4/22
Ill Be Pissed if their memories are sealed
KMF-G chapter 154 . 4/23
How long Minazuki is going "play" with "weaklings"? Until she will remember to whom they belongs?
Never expected for Tatenashi be so hothead.
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