Reviews for Infinite Stratos: Truth Be Told
loveanimation4life chapter 192 . 7/18
absolutely love it. wish you come back to writing soon.
TheUniverseCrosser chapter 50 . 7/3
I really want to read this story.. I do.. However, you're writing style regarding the many girls is extremely irritating and I'm afraid I can't continue with it.
ScarlettWolf000 chapter 194 . 6/30
Your a really good author and I love reading your Infinite Stratos fanfics. Make sure to get a good rest, and I hope you get well soon. Take your time, your health is more important. Good luck, you hard worker! :)
OshiroNai chapter 194 . 7/1
Just caught up, and I must say, it was really good. But from what I'm hearing, you should really really rest. If you feel good enough to write, feel free. I'll be waiting. Man, it's been a while since I've reviewed, eh? Oh well, just have a good rest, hope you get well soon. Don't stress yourself out too much. Ciao!
Mr. Mrs. MDF chapter 193 . 6/15
Take a good rest.
Generation Zero chapter 194 . 6/13
Get well soon bro, take your time off a bit ;)
Mr. Mrs. MDF chapter 194 . 6/13
Great news, get well soon. Take your time to recover.
YinYang1902 chapter 194 . 6/13
happy you'll be back to writing soon
xHalcyon chapter 194 . 6/13
Get better soon! Don't feel pressured to write before you're recovered :)
Apex85 chapter 194 . 6/13
Take your time. Considering the work you've already done you deserve a short rest.
Kan-kunIt chapter 194 . 6/13
Its okay just rest up and recover who knows, you might even recover earlier so just rest & enjoy you might even get new ideas for the following chapters after your return.
Percy jacksons double186 chapter 194 . 6/13
It's alright. take your time until your back up to speed
Kerlongsj Evert Orlejov chapter 194 . 6/13
Well, take care of your health and I hope you'll recover soon. You will make it up to us when you're back, I just know that.
Take good care of yourself.
enigma95 chapter 194 . 6/13
well lets hope your rest have also given you tons of ideas
Draaxe12 chapter 194 . 6/13
Well, try to rest up as best you can. I'll ve rooting for you to get better
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