Reviews for Infinite Stratos: Truth Be Told
martin.mahendra2301 chapter 197 . 9/21
Hey dude I know your probably busy but can you at least give us another update on your current status please? I'm starting to worry about you're current condition
martin.mahendra2301 chapter 198 . 8/20
Hope you have a nice break and i also hope you update the story soon, your story's are great and i hope you finishe them. PS have a nice day
martin.mahendra2301 chapter 1 . 8/20
Hope your having a nice break and i also hope that you update the story soon. PS love your stories, you have talent, and try to fix your typos
Khavix chapter 198 . 8/15
I hope you update soon
Bismarck Alexander chapter 197 . 7/21
I want to see Ichika end up with anyone who wants him. Houki, Tatenashi, Charlotte etc. Do that please I mean Houki confessed he feelings.
DailyRodgers chapter 198 . 7/19
You are great writer. I am still waiting you continue these story, you make Infinite Stratos fiction entertaining. Every time i open first thing I do is open and check how the story will goes, so took your time but write the story until it finish ok, I will happily wait for this magnificient story continue.

I really love how you write ichika with his sister,
please write Ichika and hs mother if you don't mind (lol)
its hootttt
Mr. Mrs. MDF chapter 159 . 7/19
Hi there, it's been a while. I hope for the best for your health. Get better and stronger than ever.
Bclagg19 chapter 132 . 7/16
To bad,you can give the writers of the Ln. This story the way to have it set up with in depth back stories and a great family set and a great plot
Joshua412 chapter 198 . 7/10
I really really want this to keep going! I love this story man! I love the whole idea and I even compared Dragon ball super Characters and at this point in the story SSB Vegito in my opinion can wipe the floor with testament and her sisters at his full power with the Kaioken x 10 but ssb goku/Vegeta on their own can beat the Harem of Izangi easily no doubt bt it's my opinion man But I really want this story to keep going!
themaximus chapter 196 . 7/9
Hey bro,it is me again.
Please,at least answer if you will continue this Infinite Stratos story or not.
Already do a very long time since you updated a true chapter of this fanfic.
Then,please,at least answer if you are still here and will continue to write this story,because,sincerelly,this is by FAR my favorite fanfic of Infinite Stratos in the entire site.
AND,also saying sincerelly,to me this fanfic also is among the BEST fanfics of ALL categories in this site.
I think that all the other readers of this story also are worried about if you will continue this story or not.
Then,please,at least confirm if you still will continue to write this story.

(OBS!)-Also,please,try to answer the new questions/suggestions that I have sent to you in the PM.
I'm really anxious for read the answers of those new suggestions/questions that I sent to you.
Then,please,also answer those new questions/suggestions.
Guahanboy98 chapter 198 . 6/26
Please tell me your alive, we lost 10-15 authors already since Dec 2016 to either health issues or violence?!
martin.mahendra2301 chapter 196 . 6/19
Aside from a few grammer errors this story is really good if i was told that this was the canon story i would 100% belive it, anyway please take you're time, rest up and get back to this awsome storie. Hope you post an update soon peace
yoshistar11 chapter 97 . 6/8
On YouTube, the Anime you mentioned Nisekoi is on there in an English Dub Version, but is half the time it should be. So if I were to watch it completely, I would miss a lot of what I need to see. If you know of a place where I can watch the English Dubs of Nisekoi without having to pay money to obtain an account, then I would be greatly appreciated.
Kan-kunIt chapter 198 . 5/27
Hey man it's been a while, hope you're doing well on recovery. Guess life's taken a turn for u still relax and have things go well and hopefully update this story.

Many of us are eager for your update and for you who have been pumping out such quality chapters weekly or even less and double at times the last 4 years a long wait for you to get back to tell how far our dense idiot can reach is something we can easily wait a year for.
Guest chapter 198 . 5/20
Pleas come back and continue this awesome story. Honestly, this is the best and the looongest fan fiction I've ever read.
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