Reviews for A Single Step, A Thousand Miles
Toorinh chapter 7 . 7/10
Tbh you're probably my fav knb writer ;-; I love this fic and hopefully one day you'll return and update it...cause you're really good.
Guest chapter 7 . 7/8
Haha kuroko threatening others. Nice
epicly weird chapter 1 . 6/1
this ones super good and all feely too!
Full Moon Howl chapter 7 . 5/26
I love these! Keep up the awesome work!
tsukiimaru chapter 7 . 5/22
Do you know what? That's the biggest cartload of feels ever put into seven chapters. How do you switch between happy/sad/lonely/fluffy/angst so quickly?!

Please update! The way you portray all the characters (even Hanamiya) are perfect! I can't wait to see what you come up with next ;)
Kaynx chapter 7 . 5/9
XD So calming yet interesting~ Kuroko life is never boring with Seirin... Please update soon!
Mayaku no Yuki chapter 7 . 5/3
Wow. I loved this chapter, and really, this entire fic. Mostly though, I admire what you do to the characters. For all of your stories I've read, the characters seem to have this perfect personality and perfect friends and just plain perfection. At the same time, they are completely in character (when they're supposed to be) and not at all Mary Sue. I don't think I quite described it properly, but the overall effect is astounding. You are honestly my favorite author, along with cywsaphyre. Speaking of, is there any connection? Aside from the name, s/he also makes the characters perfect, even though your formats are vastly different.

To get back to the point though, this chapter was amazing. I can never really find good fanfictions about Hanamiya and Kuroko, but like always, you have them completely in character and their interactions are just, again, picture perfect. I love how Hanamiya stayed so prideful, and how Kuroko dealt with it all. This chapter is also a prime example for what I meant about your writing. Despite being much more likable than in the anime, Hanamiya was extremely in character. His constant glowering and threats while attacked made the fact that he was being ganged up on way more realistic.

Kuroko's solution was also on point, although I was a bit incredulous that he needed to think to defend Hanamiya. I'm probably not the best judge, as I haven't experience his injustices myself, but I felt that Kuroko's sense of morality, even in this story, would be more like "act now, worry about who I'm defending later." Or maybe just an immediate, no pondering needed "the fact that he ruined someone's basketball doesn't mean his should be ruined." Also, in episode five of the anime, Kuroko confronts thugs knowing that they would have beat him up, and didn't seem to have changed his way of thinking when Kagami and Kise chastised him. Wouldn't he have done the same here? Was this change in thinking for the sake of the story, or was it for another reason? Either way, you've made it so two characters I thought would clash really strongly meshed thoroughly and perfectly, another great product of your... thing with making characters picture perfect.

By the way, will your Hanamiya/Kuroko fic be coming along anytime soon? I'm really excited to read it. And while I'm addressing your author's note, may I ask what the story line is? I was under the impression that this was just a series of connected drabbles, what with the sections. Additionally, if you happen to have anything else "sitting around on your laptop," I would be very delighted to see it posted. I spend countless hours looking for good fics to read, and seeing that you have a new one makes my day.

Sorry for the abnormally long review, and again, I love your writing!
Anonymous Person chapter 7 . 4/17
Well, I had a stomach ache after laughing so hard during Chapter 6. You've got a knack for writing extremely humorous situations and conversations all the while making it seem in character!
MieraK1 chapter 7 . 4/11
XD :)
MieraK1 chapter 6 . 4/11
:D :D
MieraK1 chapter 5 . 4/11
MieraK1 chapter 4 . 4/11
_ XD
MieraK1 chapter 3 . 4/11
MieraK1 chapter 2 . 4/11
brnkofeternity06 chapter 7 . 3/30
I like it :) I don't know where you're taking this story but I'm okay with that haha
I'll just go along with the ride. Btw I love the Alice in Wonderland quote up top :D Can't wait to read more :D
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