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Kitty-chan chapter 4 . 9/9/2002
Aww, that hand holding scene was really cute. And that he got caught…um…assessing her assets…now that was hilarious! It’s interesting that he’s started comparing her with demon females he’s seen before, he might actually stop thinking of her as human and start thinking of her as a girl. Though, when she started laughing at him I thought she

Wow, I’d always thought, for some reason, that that pelt thingy belonged to his father…maybe it’s because of Shippou’s storyline with his father’s pelt. You don’t consider his family very much, only his relationship with his half-brother Inu Yasha. I do wonder why he’s carrying his mother’s pelt around that way…does he gain some power from it or is it to remind him of his vendetta? I also got the impression that he had the chance to kill Inu Yasha when he was a small child and did not. (His mother definitely had a grudge against the fact that her ‘mate’ was off seeing someone else!)

Do you think that because they are ‘dog’ demons they have more of a tendency to become attached to humans…after all even Kouga (a wolf) had become attached to Kagome. Well, Sesshoumaru may soon have reason to contemplate why his father and Inu Yasha became enamored of ‘mere’ humans.

Keep up the good writings!

(Poke poke…don’t forget your other fics too!

Not that I’m trying to force the muse…I’m just greedy for more yummy stories!)
Azurite chapter 4 . 9/9/2002
Winter-Dragon chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
Oooh...that was a gory chapter...but I loved it! In addition to your wonderful character scenes, you have *damn* good action scenes. My heart went out to Sess, not just because of the scene with his 'mother', but also because he had his arm torn off (again). *g*

But I really do love how you keep adding new layers to the characters.

Can't wait for more!
Flameraven chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
Now this was a damn good chapter. Everything that Sess' "Mom" said to him, I'm sure he has hit himself with it on more then one ocation and just pushed it into the back of his mind.

That had to have been one of the best sceens I've ever read. Sess has to let go of his guilt, and the walls he has built around his soul, at lest to himself. If he does not he will die.

And damn, did Shango kick ass! I just really wish I could get mental imagis becuse the idea of Sess pulling a Miroku... dear lord that was funny.
Stolen Valkyrie chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
Wow! I'm a pretty devoted M/S fan, but this may just work out. Sesshoumaru seems to me like a really cold person, but maybe... just maybe... hehehe Maybe he thinks of Sango as a mother figure to Rin? lol and how's poor Miroku going to take it? I don't know if you've read/seen this far, but in one episode there's a vine that if it is touched, it shows everyone their worst fear, like Kohaku killing Inu-yasha and Miroku (at least, those are the only ones it shows), Everyone leaving (Shippou) Inu-Y killing kikyo (IY) Miroku's Kazaana pulling him in (M) and IY and Kikyo kissing (kagome). Maybe something like that? And also, what about Midoriko? Would she be somewhere in there? Just some suggestions!
dark kitsune chapter 4 . 9/8/2002

HOLY SHIT! What's gonna happen to Sess? Oh that poor baby! I hope he pulls through...I hope Sango can help him. I hope you get the next chapter out SOON!
Lady Pyro chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
Ah, so _that's_ what the furry thing is. Makes sense. So is he not healing becasue he is spiritually weak? or what?
liz3386 chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
ohhhhh i get it now. why sango is so much quicker and stronger than fluffy now. she already had to deal with the loss of her loved ones in the mortal world and she gained love from her friends past her snapping point while fluffy still has to deal with those barriers of the heart...hmm InTeReStInG. oh and by the way, i love how you've been changing up how you reveal different pieces of fluffy's mind and soul. first there was that mind raping ghoul showing rin turing into a demon, then fluffy talking himself about why he hates his brother, and then the pelt possessed thing talking or rather yelling as the case might be. it certainly keeps things different and exciting ;). as for that pelt, i gots to ask, is his memory of his mother rather romantized? as in that's what he just rememebers what he owes her, or was that how she really was?

anyhoot, you certainly ended the chapter with a cliffhanger. i do hope he heals though if his heart isn't it, it does seem it might take longer than normal. I mean you did write, "Time. Maybe I just need to give it time. You'll pull through it. Your brother always does…" but inu-yasha always has the heart to heal quickly if not for kagome and his sake then to just find those shikon shards or to rescue his other pals.

wow this is getting kinda long, so i'll just add one more note about what i enjoyed of this chapter. i never realised the irony of them getting stuck together. a demon and a demon hunteress. LoL. i blinked when i read that and had to think about how silly i felt for not seeing that before. literally to bring that out in the story makes it better and not so literally it punched me in the face.

okay i hafta add another note (can u see how much i like your writing? i just hafta keep going) and i promise this will be the last. i can't believe fluffy oogled sango and she caught him at it. LOL. and then with her picturing him acting like miroku, oh now that was hilarous. those two are complete opposites when it comes to courting women. great job on the conflicting imagery. superb job. two thumbs up.

now keep writing and spit out another chapter for all your adoring fans. pwease! it just lifts up my day when i see another chapter posted by you. you really have a gift for writing (not to mention a great vocabulary, i think i'm going to use one of those words on my vocab list for school, yay! you're helping me with my homework, yahoo! okay i'm calm now)

anywayz, once again great job. update soon. have a great day.


p.s. dude i think this is one of the longest reviews i've ever done
Crystallord chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
Have I mentioned that I love this fic? Yes? No? Aggh, you should have reminded me! *tries to put the blame on someone else* This fic is so good, I might even convert to Sesshoumaru/Sango! No! Ack! Poison me not with your words, woman! Okay, back on the fic...your writing style is fantastic, and you write humorous scenes really well (e.g. Sango on the floor, heh heh)as well as serious scenes. You have great character developement. Fluffy-chan and Sango are a really hard couple to mix, but you're taking your time in developing their relationship. Which is good in a way, but we have to wait longer for juicier scenes! *wail*

Well, did I tell you it's early in the morning and if i don't get dressed for school in five minutes i'm a dead bugger? (i'm still in my pjs) Great fic! DOn't make it Miroku/Sango! As much as I love them, S/S is perfect here! _
Jamie chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
What an awesome story! I LOVE it! I've never read a sesshoumaru/sango fic before, and I think it is a wonderful and creative idea. You write very well and it's believeable and at the same time completely unpredictable. Kepp up the good work! I look forward to chapter 5!
LSR-7 chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
This time it didn't show it in italics, it must have been my computer, it was set on Japanese which would explain why some letters were in Chinese characters...

Anyways, great chapter. You gave another possibility of what the furry pelt thing on Sesshoumaru's shoulder could be and why he might want to kill Inuyasha.

If you have MSN Messenger just sign me up under my e-mail , I'd be happy to chat with you sometime.

And for the manga, I have a feeling the manga series is going to end soon, when Takahashi Rumiko did Ranma I think it ended somewhere around the 30th book, and the Inuyasha one is at about 27. I'm waiting for the next chapter. It's at the part where Naraku turned this mountain that used to have a holy barrier around it into his body so the Inuyasha gang is stuck in it while trying to battle Naraku inside the mountain/body. It's sorta strange.

Anyways, as always I will be waiting for the next chapter!

PS- I still think it would be best for Sesshoumaru to be paired with Rin and Sango to be with Miroku after their adventure in the Jewel, but if it doesn't end up that way it's okay because this is still a great story.
Prismatic chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
That was great! Poor Sesshoumaru...I think someone needs to make him some fresh chocolate chip cookies and creamy hot chocolate. ;
Demtoxin chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
hey thats totally cool, please write more! p.t
Ishi chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
Okay, Ishi the critic

You have a very nice writing style, unlike alot of authors I know and a very good plot, unlike alot of meaningless stories I know of and plus, you have a good sense of humor.

Nice story!
bakadeshi chapter 4 . 9/8/2002
*whispers back* Hehe...I suppose I am a "connection", if it comes to that _~ I was in Japan all summer for more language work (and a lot of partying with my friends in Shibuya!) Actually, I discovered that I've been to the "Wacdnalds" of Inuyasha fame - it's the one off to the left of Shibuya 109, if the crowd scenes in certain filler episodes are to be believed _

As for this chapter, I am once again wondering why I didn't start reading your stuff earlier. The descriptions were absolutely gorgeous, and I admire your courage for letting everyone's favorite bad-ass get the holy hell beaten out of him. There aren't a lot of fans with the courage to take injuries quite that far, but that really made the DANGER of this realm apparent. I'm very curious how you're going to get him fixed (or at least, not dying). It seems that either Sango will have to bust out weird powers, or she'll have to help him help himself...which could be hard if he's barely conscious. I eagerly await more!

ps. As for bakabaka, you might do well to ignore her. Sometimes, the baka that she is, she rereads and accidentally reviews twice using the wrong's unlikely you'll see more of her _~
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