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Eidolon02 chapter 34 . 7/23
Awesome, action-packed update!

I really like the first scene, with Bo for a wild moment thinking her Dyson has been sent back as well, and then the disappointment at the realization this is his past self. I love the line about how she could always count on Dyson to be there for her, even without his love; very accurate to their relationship on the show even after the breakup. Like she says later on, this Dyson has a whole millennium less life lived than the one she knows, and may as well be a stranger to her. I imagine this will get her ruminating more over the life she lost in her own time, and the people there, compared to the connections she's forming in the here and now.

Dyson's POV was really interesting, and I think you captured his personality very well in his narration- self-assured with just a hint of Casanova. I wouldn't be surprised if past Dyson makes a pass at Bo later, after she's herself again, considering the tales of his exploits in his younger days. That's gonna be WEIRD for her, somebody you used to love hitting on you without knowing you, especially now that she's committed to Morgana and Merlin. I also loved Dyson's baffled ruminations on human treatment of women compared to the Fae; it makes perfect sense that sexism wouldn't be much of a problem in societies where muscle size just isn't that big a deal. And I like how he immediately saw that Bo was dangerous, showing his perception.

Dyson and Lancelot was definitely an unexpected bromance, but I love it! Lance seems to be destined to become the secret-keeper for magical friends of his, huh? First Merlin, now Dyson. There's a lot of trust there, with Dyson being so open about his faeness, and I'm intrigued to know how it came about. Lancelot is on point here, of course, ever chivalrous; the pairing between him and the more realistic/cynical Dyson is a really interesting dynamic.

Finally; that was an awesome prison break! You're clearly getting more comfortable with your action scenes, because this was a really cool one. Love the description of Hengist grabbing Bo's face to make her watch, and how Dyson dispatched that guard and the rat with brutal efficiency. Bo's dark side rearing its head again was a big surprise, and I thought it was awesome; a fitting end for Hengist and his gang. Dark Bo's protectiveness of her "allies", and not giving her a choice to be her right-hand enforcers in her new regime, was ominous and cool as heck. The wordless communication between wolf Dyson and Lancelot on how to knock her out was a fantastic moment, and another hint at their friendship.

Can't wait for the romantic reunion, and to explore the fallout of this experience. Great chapter!
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 34 . 7/17
Good job keep it up
tabularasa98 chapter 33 . 5/31
I love the story 3 I never thought I needed a Merlin x Lost Girl story but I want more. You got the cahracters so right without compromising both worlds! I love that they communicate and characters push on ahead instead of stalling and allowing certain plot points to stop story progression. I can't wait to see Bo and Morgana's reunion.
Tudorica Mihaela chapter 11 . 5/8
I knew that the sorcerer that send Bo and Kenzi here is Merlin!
Eidolon02 chapter 33 . 5/9
Y'know, I expected a lot of things from this chapter, but I didn't expect to laugh as hard as I did! Uther being "tolerant" and fair for his day is one of the funniest scenes I never knew I needed to see! It adds a nice layer to him, trying to be magnanimous and understanding about Morgana's "unnatural urges"... hahaha! Of course, he needs it all to be kept on the down low, but otherwise he's willing to pretend it isn't happening... and even finds convenient ways that its safer for her virtue than any other dalliance! How very progressive of you, Uther! Course, it's not nearly as understanding as it looks; Uther's only fine with this because it happens to leave Morgana's prospects intact, and it's easier than fighting tooth-and-nail with her over it. As long as she gets married like a good ward, he'll look the other way. Uther's hilarious misreading of Arthur and Merlin is absolutely a scream, especially Morgana's reaction to it; you can see her mind getting increasingly blown over the course of the scene, until she just literally runs out of the room! Truly, Uther is a wise and gracious king, whose vision knows no bound! XD

On more serious notes, I liked the way you used Bo's injuries to justify why she can't yet break out of captivity on her own. Even she might have trouble with that many guys, and like you said, the mass feeding trick is one she hasn't perfected yet. I also liked Merlin walking in on an Arwen moment that is so obvious, without a single tease about it. That's how you know he's worried about Bo and Morgana! It's very nice to see Gwen backing up Merlin's concerns when Arthur tries to dismiss them, and then next scene for Arthur to actually tell him he was right after all. It's the little bits of character interaction with Arthur that really make him, and I continue to appreciate the development you're giving him vis-a-vis Merlin. The show almost never allowed Arthur to admit Merlin had been right, and if they did he forgot the very next episode; even Bradley James pointed that out!

Love the action scene of Arthur racing to catch up with Morgana's horse to get her, showing that she's not even paying attention to what's around her after what she's been through. I wouldn't be surprised if Arwen don't start to wonder about Mergana's relationship considering the way he rushed to put his arms around her, and how she reciprocated. Of course, she's also visibly horrified and traumatized by Bo's fate, so they could just chalk it up to that. Love Morgana's speechless sobbing at being asked about Bo, as well as her complete disregard for her appearance when they get back to Camelot, which is very in character. It seems she's starting to realize at last how much she does care for Bo "in that way", if her line about showing how much is anything to go by. Man, if only Bo knew all she had to do was sacrifice herself, right? :P

Finally, DYSON?! Oh wow, I was wondering if any of the Lost Girl characters who were alive in medieval times would show up! I honestly wasn't expecting this... he seems to be replacing Lancelot in this version, which will make for an interesting retelling of the "old flames in captivity together" story. Course, Dyson has never met her before and doesn't have any old feelings to stir up, which is going to be both very strange, and very familiar for Bo. After all, by the time she was sent back to the past, Dyson had already sacrificed his love, and so she's been dealing with a Dyson who feels nothing for her before. Thankfully this version is actually capable of emotion, but I think this is going to be a very interesting interaction for Bo. She could, in theory, have a second chance with this past Dyson, but not only is he a different person now, but she's moving on to new commitments. I see this being a pretty painful set of circumstances for Bo, and I can't wait to see how it plays out!

Great update!
mex2girl chapter 33 . 5/6

Unless this was after that time when he defected after what that king did boi did have a lot of pent up rage when he went lone wolf

Oh god it must be so awkward meeting you Ex when he doesn't even know you existed before

Bo's gotta deal with the fact that he doesn't know their history oml

WAIT DOES THAT MEAN THEIRS GONNA BE A LOT OF UNSPOKEN SEXUAL TENSION WITH HIM NOW? Oh god a clean slate with an Ex is the weirdest thing to think about. I wonder if he'll be like so confused why a fae/succubus is in Camelot, the anti-fae faction of all kingdoms, like guurrrlll don't you know ppl get killed living there? LMAO I can't wait to see how Bo is gonna take all this in OMG AND KENZIE Jesus this'll be a funeral, but for who? idk

Also major awkward dad vibes is peak social death for any queer person BUT LIKE UTHERS SUPPORT FOR ARTHUR AND MERLIN CRACKS ME THE FUCK UP Like yes I understand how you may have come to that conclusion. You did all the necessary calculation but man is Uther bad at math XD

Like I don't mind if at some point Arthur and Merlin go "huh" at the thought, make out, and then go "naw" and then never speak of it again LIKE ITS SO THEM But I'm assuming the established ship of Gwen and Arthur will prevail in the end. . . . . . After Uther confronts his son to stop getting his manservant all hot and bothered at the table Bo and Morgan are here! Not in front of their salad! The absolute tomfoolery of these chucklefucks will be the death of me.

My Lord and Savior Kenzie will either stop it or make it so much worse and I would thank her for it either way.

Thank you for updating and finishing one of your works! Always good to accomplish things in this wacky time we're living in ️️️
Stevonnie-U chapter 33 . 5/3
Well...that was unexpected.
Dbzfan45 chapter 33 . 4/28
Thanks for the update while it has been since you posted . I watched Lost girl the first few seasons before it turned into succubus pinball of relationships that made no sense most time. I am glad you are getting back writing this fic again. Bo is still favorite succubus ,though adding Dyson is a twist. I in love to see where you take this in the next chapter cheers!
Kingofclubs8129 chapter 33 . 4/28
Meh, I never liked Dyson much anyway. Seeing them some alternate version of him should be theraputic.
LaMario chapter 33 . 4/28

Uther truly is a wise and keen man to so valiantly keep magic and creatures out his kingdom
Michael Weyer chapter 33 . 4/28
Oh Lord, Uther thinking Arthur and Merlin are a couple is hilarious...
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 33 . 4/28
Good job keep it up
mex2girl chapter 32 . 9/29/2019
Holy shit has it been a long time since I read this. I'm so glad I came back to this site cuz I would get beauties like this fully updated for binging!

But now I have to wait again rip
I'm still so glad I found this on a random excursion on TV tropes cuz its been a hot minute since I had crossovers in my searches. Especially since I jumped ship to Ao3 . . . . but the dark light feature is really hand here soooooo lol

I can't wait to see how Bo fiends for herself. Like will it be a cool battle sequence or our head succubus sucking the life force out of everyone in the camp in .3 seconds like when she did to save the Doc lol

Imagine if Bo's ex came up? Even tho this take place a few decades or maybe even a century before he would actually be born, but imagine?

"Hey you don't know me but I /knew/ you quiet well" god that would have been so funny to see them interact with him as a confused Scotsman who unknowingly has beef with a succubus.

Actually now that I think about it where is her grandpa tricks in this time frame? He's old enough to be alive and wreck unknown havoc that has future consequences to the fae society at large. But probably not anywhere near camelot with its no fae and magic policy.
darkpegasuzz chapter 32 . 9/23/2019
Like your story, I also like that you go slow with Morgana/Bo.
Eidolon02 chapter 32 . 9/12/2019
No, don't worry, I think you made the right decision to slow things down on the Bogana front. As much fun as it would be to go straight to eleven, it's much more realistic this way, and much more dramatic and interesting. It's hard enough, I imagine, for somebody in this day and age to have romantic feelings that conflict with their sexual ones. Navigating that confusing minefield back in ye olden times, even a fantasy world like Merlin's, would be an even bigger nightmare. Morgana just has no frame of reference for this in the slightest, and as patient as Bo's being, there's a big cultural disconnect there that's hard to overcome. It's even harder, in a way, since she's also with someone that she has matching orientation as well as love; she's beating herself up because she knows now exactly what she should feel and how, but she just can't bridge that gap. The explanation she gave comparing it to learning magic was an inspired comparison, especially coming off the magic lesson, that really encapsulates that.

Speaking of, that was a hot Mergana training session! This is why so many pre-evil Mergana shippers are so attached to the idea of sexy magic lessons; it's just so dang fun, isn't it? Practically writes itself! Also really sweet as well, seeing how comfortable they've gotten with each other, and how much trust she puts in him. Seeing Merlin being such a great teacher makes me again think that he's not compromising her education as much as he worries about, and that Morgana will be able to forgive him for keeping his own magic a secret; he certainly hasn't abandoned her here, and that's the big issues. Of course, she'll still be plenty angry, LOL! Can I say it's also really interesting to see such a confident, take-charge, "romantic lead" type Merlin? It really shows how much Bo has helped him come out of his shell. Again, props on the hotness of the scene, it was very well done, heheh!

It serves as the perfect contrast to her scenes with Bo, and the whole Bogana dynamic, showing how tense and faltering their relationship is compared to the breezy ease of her other one. I'm very proud of Bo for pulling back and accepting what seems inescapable, even at personal cost to herself; she loves Morgana too much to keep putting her in this awful position. I feel awful for her, because she took a big gamble on Morgana hoping it would work out like Kenzi said and everybody could be happy, only to realize some things (seemingly) can't be overcome by love. The line she gave admonishing herself for maybe thinking she was irrestible was a great one too, very in-character; Bo's very confident until she thinks she's done something wrong, I think, but then is quick to blame herself, a reflection of her abusive and traumatic past.

I love that Morgana goes to Merlin and tells him everything (more and more secrets are being spilled, heee!), and that he comes up with the perfect solution... he really does seem more wise and mature than he would be in canon, and I'm liking it a lot! He doesn't let his own pessimism about his fears coming true come through, and gives Morgana hope this can still work. (Also, the image of her sitting across from him at Gaius' table while he prepares herbs, their heads pressed together, is adorable.) I love the way Morgana "declines" Bo's decision, and lays out that no matter how hard this is for her, she does genuinely feel something like romantic love for Bo and wants to try to get things to work. I broke out in a huge grin at the same time Bo did!

Of course, best laid plans and all that. As soon as I realized they were going alone out there to her father's grave, I realized where we might be headed. I like this remix of the Lancelot episode a lot, and like you said, it plays perfectly off the roiling emotions between Bogana that you set up. I love that Morgana was able to use her magic to such an impressive degree here, largely out of her feelings for Bo; another moment I grinned like the Cheshire cat! And of course, Bo's sacrifice for Morgana was very on point, and her last words to her were beautiful... now, Morgana's going to be feeling even more guilty, and desperate to get to her so they can clear the air and figure out what they could be. Plus, it will probably serve as a catalyst for Morgana to fully realize she's in love with Bo, as well.

You've done a great job this chapter giving us about equal time between Mergana and Bogana, and comparing and contrasting the two relationships and where they are right now! I feel like both of them are really taking off as romances, in different ways, with Mergana being much fuzzier and heartwarming, while Bogana's is heavier and hearwrenching instead. Obviously, that won't always be the case, as there's gonna be some major Mergana drama coming up when you-know-what comes out, but still, it's a nice contrast. It also helps since Bolin has already been so well established, and the OT3 itself just launched, to spend a chapter focusing more on Morgana's interactions with the other two and establishing her properly. Anyway, I loved it, and I'm eagerly looking forward to seeing the next three "episodes"... though judging by how long you've made just a handful of episodes, I don't see anticipate having to say goodbye to this story anytime soon!

Great update!
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