Reviews for Wonderwall
Hiway202 chapter 40 . 2/28
Gosh, Vlad is so violent. I wonder why he doesn't want Danny to help ghosts cross over to the other side. I can't wait for Invincible and I can't wait until I have time to read Heart of a Child!
The Writers Notebook chapter 2 . 2/28
you promised to post Heart of a child yesterday, I can't wait any longer! aaaagh! (no, I'm not angry or anything, lol. But when will it be coming out?)
chocolatecake1 chapter 40 . 2/27
Sooo, I finally got around to writing a review (I've been postponing this since you've posted "Better Than Me" which got me all excited for the sequel by the way)
As in Reflections, I'm totally in love with your way of writing; it's just really nice to read and well written.
One might argue that reading the same story twice but from a different POV might get boring but I think it was good to have the whole thing from Danny's point of view. It made his actions more... traceable (though I still think he's an idiot)
With every update I felt more and more foolish when I found myself hoping Danny would come to his senses even though, having read Reflections, I knew how it was all gonna end.
And now with this last chapter, with Vlad threatening Danny and his parents worrying about their son... Let's just say, you got me really excited for whatever's going to come next.
Jai Rose chapter 40 . 2/23
Awesome story!
Phantom Ice chapter 40 . 2/18
Aww, wow. All done here... I would say I'm going to miss it, but I'm so excited for 'Invincible'... Can't wait!
What does Vlad want with the ghosts is a very good question, Danny, a good one indeed O.o
Well, can't wait to figure that one out either! ;-)
Good Luck!
Lily Fenton Phantom chapter 40 . 2/18
Aahhhhhhhhhhh I need more! I cant wait for the n ew stories!
The Writers Notebook chapter 40 . 2/18
Write more!
KuriMaster13 chapter 40 . 2/18
Ooooo, that's one way to hook someone on the sequel.
jim89 chapter 40 . 2/17
Okay, this is quite interesting,
now that it's done, I'll probably start to the beginning and reread it all. So I can catch the subtext.
Also ghost it can cross over and explains why some of the regulars not around. A bit surprised at ember
first go always thought you'd have the most businesses stay. Wonder why Vlad has an issue with it?

As for paullina the fact that using at school anymore makes me think that after outburst and are open threat
against jazz her parents had actually do something about her behavior.

think about it dash,sam, Valerie now. Danny are all gone

paullina has successfully wiped out her own support network. Also that cover for her crap our gone.

The parents might've gone along with the whole exile and imprisoned Valerie thing
notice on the way she acted the party to jazz the probably eating crow now.
Thinking did you do something to the Valerie girl to make the fight happened.
That mean Valerie was defending ourselves and a ruin her life. That also was
directly responsible for death of another human being. paullina parents might be dense social climbers
but that much crap comes out publicly and viciously they have to do something about it.
Especially the daughters narcissistic psychopath in training.

either way and thinking she's been exiled by her parents to get her stuff in order. Also, it's like the
floodgates opened after her actions. paullina Parents might now be knee-deep in it

Still wondering how to solve to play out. I guess we'll see in the next story
wow, I never fought paullina would give that much in depth thought maybe I'm reading in that this is her
final paybacksort of karma coming back at her.

I guess it's where my mind went with this
avidreaded chapter 40 . 2/17
So is this the last chapter or what because I really want to know what Vlad is up to and if Sam will come back because I'm getting a distinct feeling of incompleteness from the Sam relationship and what the hell happened to Paulina and will danny and tucker become friends again
DannySamLover20 chapter 40 . 2/17
Nice! Keep going!
DFDPGZ14 chapter 40 . 2/17
How are you going to leave me like this! Please tell me there's a sequel!
ShadowDragon357 chapter 40 . 2/17
Gah one week updates are going to be hard. But whatever. I am really looking forward to Heart of a "child" and "Invisible"
I wonder why Vlad has such an issue with Danny helping the ghosts move one. I know it is going to be a huge issue in the next one. I am curious as to what happened to Paulina. I hope she got her just deserts. Maybe she was taken to a mental hospital.
I'm so curious as to whoes POV Invisible will be in, I'm thinking either by both Danny and Sam or 3rd person.
So Paulina's daddy is mayor. So she is basically untouchable. Typical.
Guest chapter 8 . 2/17
Ummmm hello? He can duplicate himself.
SandraStar66 chapter 40 . 2/17
... Why would Vlad care about Fanny getting rid or ghosts. Hmmm
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