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Guest chapter 31 . 8/10
Even better the second time, thank you!
Guest chapter 31 . 7/4
Excellent story! Thank you for sharing!
Guest chapter 6 . 5/15
I know this story is complete but I just wanted to say how judgmental it seem s towards BDSM. I know its not everyones thing but that doesn't give the rights to demonize it. Also, is this another "how great is Anna" story? This story tries to make her seem so great when she is possessive, nosey, intrusive, selfish, and trying to keep Christian away from his biological kid. If Carrick sides with Anna over his own sons parental rights- i'm done.
Jenniferdevonsimon chapter 31 . 4/22
Awesome and the drama with ana and Carrick was freaking awesome
truefeather77 chapter 31 . 3/28
Thank you for finishing this story. I love when an author has a commitment to do that, and from your list, you seem to. Now I'm clinging to my faith in you to finish that other story of yours, which is my favorite, and one of the few in all of this fandom (2?) that I've saved to my computer. (Did a little editing, too, in case you ever want to see that version.)
truefeather77 chapter 27 . 3/28
Was Kate also subjected to abuse? Christian thinks she was, longer than he was. But it was never directed at her.

You have certainly given us a villain to chew on - Kavanagh is vile.
truefeather77 chapter 26 . 3/28
Ch 26 Life without drama or danger? Not with Kate and/or Elliot around. They stole the thunder from C/A's wedding, created a cyclone of turmoil leading up to it, Elliot comes out of a coma to interrupt their wedding, and the news about the C/A baby was cut short by having their daughter early. Some people just have a knack for hogging attention. I still feel sad for Ana and Christian, though - I'm not one of those wedding junkies, and I very much feel (this was in a story I read lately, may have been yours) that the wedding is not what one is after - it's the marriage. That said, having a shotgun ceremony in a hospital room is really getting shortchanged.

I love the insight Christian had, that Ava will be Elliot's punishment for having been such a hound dog - he'll be tormented by the idea of guys just like him going after his daughter! Christian should be even more worried, though - he shackled his and beat and whipped them, so if his theory were true, he should be hiring an army of security right away.

I'm concerned that in so many of these stories, the women start out with convictions, then end up apologizing for them - and they're not wrong. Ana was justly afraid of Christian, because he was cold and unloving, having to tie women up, or chain them, then flog them and brutally fuck them. That's enough to give any sane person pause - it's not irrational at all. And after what she herself had been through, she had cause to know what it feels like to be overpowered and coerced. That's empirical evidence.

And Ana, at age 21 is already fixed as "cold and overly-ambitious"? Isn't it funny, because if she were male, she'd be described as "driven" and "focused" or just "ambitious". What's wrong in being Ana?
truefeather77 chapter 21 . 3/28
Loved so many things about the last few chapters I was too excited to write them all. Very encouraged that Christian tore out his red room - can't see traumatized Ana going for that being a healthy thing. And so glad that he's loving sex with true passion and feeling, not the artificial kind whipped up by fear and Stockholm Syndrome.

Loved Staci's acclimating to the new family dynamic, and the relief they all must feel when they have come clean. No wonder Elliot was so bummed - he got the news about his parents' marriage right after losing his love because of cheating, too. But I can't believe Kate will be so cold - to just give up her child, when there are loving grandparents (probably her own parents as well) who want to take it in? That is really cold.
truefeather77 chapter 18 . 3/28
LOL It is hilarious that children will be perfect, bell-toned audio mimics when it's something you don't want them to say - something that will make you drop through the floor if their grandparents hear it. Or that will make your sister skin you when she finds out something her kids picked up from you. :)
truefeather77 chapter 15 . 3/28
Dang. I don't understand why Ana just caved. I was hoping for more fireworks between them, but they suddenly went from opponents worthy of each other's Steele, LOL, but they just subsided.

And I can't believe that Ana would go away and leave Staci with Christian for two weeks. So much for keeping her safe. The target has been well and truly painted on their butts now. Why does she even like Christian? They had never met, then he was controlling, menacing, stalkerish, and crude, then - voilà! He's putting hands all over her, declaring her refusal a game, using a baby as leverage to get into her pants, and moving in. And she finds this charming.

What is there to love? And now she's going to trade in her freedom, because we know that once he has her, he'll resort to business as usual, and start treating them both like the family Schnauzer, and claim that all his obnoxiousness is "to keep them safe." All he had to to for that was to stay away.

I have faith in you, however, and trust that there's more to come.
truefeather77 chapter 13 . 3/27
ch 13 I'm still baffled why Ana is having anything to do with CG. She knows he beat and abused someone she thought of as a sister. She knows what he likes to do with women in general. He told her he'd just make sure the child was provided for, then go away and leave them alone - something as little to be relied on as any of the lies he always spews, anything that gets him his way. He threatens Ana sexually in her own home. He swore he'd leave her alone because she's a mother, and is parenting a child. He also knows that being seen with them threatens to out his secret, and both have admitted (thank you for that!) that any connection with him gets out, and her life will be in danger. Yet he not only goes there every week, but stands outside, unprotected and with no security, leaning against her car? Not like anyone would notice and tell the media, of course not.

Also what about Fallon (the nanny), or Mrs. Robinson? Both of them would notice what's going on. Fallon sees him arrive every week, and Mrs. R probably has CG followed or spied on in some way, and undoubtedly sets herself up as a confidante to any of G's slave women. "You can tell me everything," could lead to confessions of an unplanned pregnancy or someone confiding, "He goes somewhere every Friday night now - told me to report later."

So why is he doing this weekly thing, unless to use the daughter he didn't want, and would have wanted terminated, as a way to intrude on her mother's privacy and her mother's body? Worse than anything else he's done.
truefeather77 chapter 10 . 3/27
ch10 "an irrational fear of Christian"? He's an unconscionable bully with unlimited power, and you know what absolute power does…

Again, Grace and Carrick show no consideration for Ana. Grace is eager to feed this poor woman to the Minotaur. According to what Carrick told Ana, he has no legal claim.

The only thing endangering Staci is any thought of her having a connection to CG — so if she really cares about her daughter, why would she let a paternity test be done? But you know G & Cararick would sneak it, if she didn't consent, I suppose, trying to get their hooks in as well. No one is considering the child — already safe and well provided for, nor Ana, who has been through enough.

Having a "security detail" — e.g., having Ana spied on and professionally stalked — is guaranteed to attract attention to her, and make people dig and investigate, thereby endangering both Staci and Ana.

As far as Ana knows, they are not paternal grandparents — they are just family friends. And they would actually be one maternal grandparent.

How is this "the correct and proper thing" to "let Christian in"? How? He's a woman-hating abuser, who chews (or beats) women up and then throws them out like trash. (Go, Taylor!) And I love that your story is presenting him in a more realistic, less idealized light than most.
truefeather77 chapter 9 . 3/27
Ch 9 I'm puzzled as to why 1) Ana let Christian into her house, and 2) why she would agree to a paternity test. She's already told him that she neither wants nor needs his money, and she knows he wanted nothing to do with the child or with fatherhood. I can't believe she would even accept anything from him - it leaves a paper trail that will be hard to explain. So why would she leave any door open, that would force contact between her (and her daughter) and this "very dangerous man." If she doesn't need support, and wants no connection with him, then the worst thing to do would be to have a money trail, linking them.
truefeather77 chapter 8 . 3/27
Ch 8 Wow. Thumbs down to Carrick for betraying Ana's confidence like that. It's probably even unethical. I hope Ana moves to Europe - the other side of the planet - and has nothing to do with any of them.

Surely Christian knows that Ana is not "just some girl" to his parents - they love her like (cough) their own.

I'm glad, though, that Christian's behavior is proving to Carrick that Ana was right to have concerns about Christian knowing anything about what Carrick has just so unethically blurted out. And I especially can't believe it, knowing that Ana is his own biological daughter. Most fathers would want to protect their daughter from someone like Christian.

Carrick is already so proprietary over her, than I can only believe that he's trying to secure some rights as a grandparent. If this comes to a legal battle, it will destroy Ana - and Ray, who deserves nothing of this s-storm.
truefeather77 chapter 6 . 3/27
Ch 6 is as far as I've gotten so far - excited that there are other chapters as yet to be discovered.

The thing about Carrick and Grace coming over to Ana's home in the middle of the night was too much, methinks. As of this chapter, we know that Carla and Carrick must have tango'ed, but Ana is a grown woman and a mother. She had already called Ray, and was already asleep! We know she much have been traumatized - the impetus for her nightmares - but she fell right back asleep, and then had someone waking her suddenly in the dark! Why wake someone to tell them to relax and go to sleep? They could have phoned, or called the next day, or Carrick would see her at the office.
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