Reviews for Eros Magna
azab chapter 11 . 4/13
loved it a lot
Shirohige No Musume chapter 11 . 4/13
Thank you for ending your 'unofficial' hiatus! I found and read this fic today, and really like it! Eren and Levi's relationship seems to be progressing in a way that, to me at least, seems pretty natural (not OOC). Will be waiting excitedly for the next update! :3
allthefandoms19 chapter 11 . 4/12
This story is addictive congratulations, i love how you portrayed all the characters and can't wait for the next update!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/9
I really really enjoyed your story and would appreciate continued chapters when you have the chance! :3
Delta Hartleen Christafella Rivaille chapter 11 . 3/25
wwoooaaahhhh it's amazinggg!
i really like your RiRen or EreRi so much much much!
i hope nothing bad happends :(

please update the next chap quickly
Destinies Entwined chapter 11 . 3/24
Still a good and informative chapter! Despite what you make think we think of it, hehe...

Enjoyed it. we see the corporal,in his own way, warming up a little more to Eren. But wht my curiosity is piqued by is the last conversation, between Erwin and the other people. Hmmmm...

Looking forward to the next chapter!

And welcome back!
AnimeCujo chapter 11 . 3/24
I just want to those two to cut through the sexual tension and jump each other! Lol
sparklybutterfly42 chapter 11 . 3/22
thanks for the chapter! were those levi's parents? i guess i assumed they were dead...
passionateartist chapter 10 . 3/20
Holy crap I really liked this! Your characterization for Levi is amazing! The best I've ever seen!
CrystalVixen93 chapter 10 . 3/18
Love ur story and can't wait to see what happens next so I hope u update again soon plz.
mamita chapter 10 . 3/15
Hello, I liked your fic, hopefully upload more chapters, I do not like Eren of seme, uke like me, I love to dominate Levi a Eren, I love the couple LevixEren, hopefully do more fics of them is well, thank you and kisses.
Silivrenelya chapter 10 . 3/10
I love, love love love LOVE your story. Yes, it's a Story because it's so much more than a mere fiction. You mixed everything I love and look for when i read. Overall the slow changes in the minds of the two characters. It's really something that i look for, the mental and physical development in the protagonists. And you're doing It SO well ! I didn't think that your story would please me This much but i must admit that, now, i am totally into It. You're a fantastic writer. Don't be afraid to express This talent and hide/choke It under your other works or studies, even if I am sure that you really want and love what you do of course ! (:
Anyway, that's It, i just wanted to honestly congratulate you for this amazing story, This atmosphere, these real feelings and emotions (i admit that i am not a big fan of inherent pov, but here, you just rocked it), and i reassure you : you didn't write any OOC at. All. It is perfect.
I am sure that you are gonna pass your exams and you will be fabulous in your job, because you show a huge invest in all you do and that's admirable.
I hope that there will be a next, take your time, just don't drop it, It would be such a waist..!
I wish you a beautiful day or night, and congrats again and thank you for making us evade ourselves and think a little more about feelings and connections between people thanks to your story.
Oh and, sorry for the few mistakes if there are (i know there are!), i am French (oui madame) ! Mouah !

- Sili
sparklybutterfly42 chapter 10 . 3/5
looking forward to more! this is great!
Freez-DeathLiver chapter 8 . 3/2
XD "This ditch just got deeper than six feet."
Freez-DeathLiver chapter 7 . 3/2
In your story, the Military Police are willing to sacrifice innocent people, and the lives of other solders, just to what? Get Eren under their fingernails? WOW, what assholes. Oh wait… They do that in the manga/anime too right?
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