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Gamma-X chapter 2 . 6/12
Good chap. I wonder if Haku will be female here too. NaruHaku ftw. Or NaruFuu. *Shrug*
Is there a pairing, btw?
7legends chapter 31 . 6/12
Awesome as always pimpin. Keep killin it.
Raeger chapter 31 . 6/1
The creative vision for this story is quite staggering in its breadth. What you've done with the plot is quite excellent, really enjoyed how you've worked in the different characters into a different reality where the clan wars hadn't ended.

Constructive criticism wise, a few quick things. (1) Sometimes characters tend to use phrases that they shouldn't really know anything about (e.g. Bizzaro world) which feels a bit disjointing. On a similar point, good job with the characters, quite a wide spread of them too, but occasionally your voice cuts through more prominently in the delivery and syntax of their dialogue than their own.

(2) Using onomatopoeia is gets your message across (e.g. 'BOOM', 'KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK'), but there's sometimes more potential to affect and contribute to the atmosphere/tone of the scene by substituting it entirely with a description of what's happening, or mixing and matching it together with more words, like describing the terrain tossed about by the explosions, black smoke filling the air, ears ringing etc etc.

Anyway, looking forward to your future updates. Great stuff all around, enjoying the ride.
Gold Testament chapter 5 . 5/27
Wonder how the big three clans will react learning it was Obiti who made Naruto into a jinchuriki, originally intending him to be a Trojan Horse bomb to destroy the Uzumaki?
Guest chapter 31 . 5/19
Understand are you trying to introduce a powerful Clan. But keep in mind There are many One Man Armies in Naruto. .

Though i understand how Large the Alpha Clan is. it would probably take the Unification of the Remaining Clan to Defeat The Alpha Clan..

Or maybe it would take someone reforming the Alpha Clan.. Maybe.. even if the leadership of the House of Clan cannot be reasoned with.. Naruto can still sowing the seeds of rebellion within The Alpha Clan.

Also what about the tailed beasts..
Guest chapter 31 . 5/19
Remarrying Would Be Kushina Betraying minato. Nagato only had himself to blame for losing a Shot because I'm pretty sure she picked up on Him resenting Naruto...There is no way a responsible mother would hook up with a Man that Resent their Child... if nagato wasn't so petty and was Loving to Naruto and help him

Then Kushina Might acually see him in a romantic light. Lol.

With nagato's resentment made it impossible for her to trust him
. But now his murder attempt on her destroyed what trust she had for him.
Kwmixer chapter 31 . 5/19
One of the best fics I have read can’t wait for the next chapter
Asomatous chapter 3 . 5/16
Nagato: *Gets ready to kill Naruto who is ten years old and Kushina's sone*
Kushina: *Tries to save her son and get him out of the clan territory*
Konan, somehow surprised: Traitor!

Nagato is LITERALLY a professional liar. Like, lying IS his profession. And he, for some unknowable reason, thinks that deceit is just the true or false statement of fact.

Tsunade: *Is considered the strongest kunoichi in history*
Kaguya: *Laughs in Bunny Goddess*

I do honestly love Naruto's zeal for the violence of the mainland. He probably won't keep it after he sees corpses or watches someone die, but until then it's going to be him fanboying over mass-murder sites.

Naruto: *Wants to be a super dangerous shinobi*
Ayame: *Laughs in Onee-san*

Admittedly Tsunade does make a good point about the potential power-play. I hadn't considered how suspicious it might look. That said, it's kind of nullified by how fast rumors had spread. But then, I guess the other clans don't know *when* he became a jinchuriki for sure, so for all they know the rumor's been spreading for a while.

Konan: I'm going to find Naruto for Nagato, bring him back, and have him killed.
Konan: *Laughs in Paper*
Kurama: *Laughs in Biju*
Naruto: *Laughs in Corrosive Chakra*
Kakashi: *Laughs in Way-Too-Many Fire Jutsu*
Obito: *Laughs in Sharingan*
Minato: *Laughs in Teleportation*

Naruto: *Relaxes*
Tenten: *Laughs in Attacking a random ninja in the Warring Clans Era*

Tenten: So, what clan are you from?
Naruto: *Laughs in Secrets*

Kin, Zaku, and Dosu: *Laugh in Bandit*
Naruto: *Laughs in Shadow Clone Army*

Tenten: Wait, he hit you with his air wave thing! How'd you get up?!
Naruto: With my legs.

Naruto: Wow congratulations you can beat up a ten year old. Nobody's ever done THAT before.
Asomatous chapter 2 . 5/16
Eh... I was thinking something similar in the first chapter and the thought resurfaced here. Nagato had made the point that a lot of the dismissal that Naruto is the target of could have been waved away if she'd divorced Minato and remarried into the clan. Yes, he made the point with his own interest in mind, but the point was there nonetheless.

Saying she "Couldn't" protect him from ostracization is wrong, as she made the choice not to. She "Could" have, but the price of the perceived betrayal against Minato was, I assume, too high for her. I'm not saying that her loyalty to Minato was bad, but it definitely didn't do Naruto any favors until Kakashi showed up; but that was only because things had finally gone to shit anyway.

And I guess she had her own reasoning, but at the end of the day she knowingly kept Naruto from doing any meaningful combat training by insisting he learn a clone jutsu that she already knew he couldn't. That, by her own design, meant he never learned any other jutsu. Then for god knows what reason decided that she wouldn't teach him fuinjutsu either because of it.

And THEN she left Nagato to decipher Naruto's seal, except she had already altered the seal and for one reason or another didn't inform him of what she knew about it. Whether she'd completed it or not, it'd at least give him a head start.

Taking a break from ripping on Kushina for a second to rip on Nagato, he took like zero precautions in stemming the flow of information on Naruto's condition. Like, the day OF the fact, everyone already knew. Even assuming that Karin *isn't* the only person with the Mind's Eye technique, he's still respected and feared enough to be obeyed if he puts a gag order on the topic. I get that he has the whiskers and some kids like Karin can be sensors, but he's literally their military leader who they hail as god with a big G, so...

Obito what the fuck dude just kidnap the child and make him evil it's not even hard smh

Kushina, a professional assassin and agent of espionage: Nobody's going to do anything to you in our village baby.
The human psyche: Okay so are you a clairvoyant or do you just expect terrified soldiers to not cut down your demon-infested kid?

Kushina: Give him these strands of red hair, he'll somehow know that THESE strands are willingly given and also mine and not cut off of some OTHER Uzumaki with long hair. It's red, there's no one else in this village with red hair.
Kakashi: Sounds reasonable.
Naruto: Makes sense.

Naruto: *Is miserable on the clan side of the village*
Naruto: *Is better-received on the civilian side of the village*
Naruto: *Spends all his time being miserable with the clan, or in a giant cavern that's apparently four hours out*

Naruto: I'm gonna show them I'm great, no matter who my dad is or what I have sealed inside me!
Nagato: Bold of you to assume you're going to survive that long.

Nagato, a seasoned shinobi: *Explicitly states that he's going to murder Kushina's child*
Naruto: *Gets abducted*
Nagato, with zero understanding of cause and effect: Wow that's weird. One of my best kunoichi was somehow silently taken down in the MIDDLE of my village and then our super secret jinchuriki went missing. Guys I just don't know how this happened.

Kurama, the worst negotiator ever: Kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself kill yourself-
Naruto, squinting: ... Maybe...
Kurama: Nice.

Naruto: *Knows what a peacock is but not the Sharingan*
Peacocks: *Makes their natural habitat in various forests and flatlands*
Naruto: *Lives in the middle of the ocean*
Nagato, proudly: We like to trade.

I don't quite see why Kushina didn't leave with him anyway. Just knowing that he's missing is enough for Nagato to send out search parties (if he's even going to). If she went, then yes she'd be labeled a missing-nin and bounty hunters might search for her, but if Nagato labels her a missing nin then A) she'd potentially be killed and B) there's the risk of the bounty hunter being able to recognize a jinchuriki. Wanting neither outcome, I can't imagine Nagato would do anything of the sort. And as the leader of the village, he can't hunt her down himself. And although he doesn't know about their involvement, if he DID leave to hunt her he'd have to fight her and Kakashi and maybe even Minato. If he takes too long to find them (and with a five day head start to run and hide because of the Senju meeting it absolutely could take too long), he'd even have to fight a jinchuriki-in-training. Being that jinchuriki are near-impossible to make and a taboo anyway, it's not likely people know how to fight them anyway aside from "Throw seals at it, then hope god is listening and is merciful."

Anyway, my griping about Kushina's shitty parenting aside, I'm amused.
Yes chapter 31 . 5/15
This shit is crack. I just powered through the whole batch in 3 days
Oh hell yeah chapter 30 . 5/15
That shit was tight
Therealreal chapter 31 . 5/12
10/10 story, can’t wait for more!
Ralfa16 chapter 18 . 5/12
ironic to this virus is being spoken of in a time like this
Guest chapter 31 . 5/3
When Are we Going To Get Steamy Naruto x Tayua Lemon Scene.. It Would Be Nice If The Romance Was A Slowburn .. Even if They Become A Couple They Should still Be independent individuals
Hellsong99 chapter 31 . 4/27
Pleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeee continue the story! Damn writing is perfect and I love the story!
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