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Tatiana Bayless chapter 13 . 2/27
This is so beautiful I would like for Sakura to get pregnant and have a baby girl
Pikas chapter 13 . 2/26
Why haven't I read this before?! ;A;
I guess the good thing is that I have many chapters to read ahaha.

It's been a while I've read any ItaSaku fic, and this one hasn't disappointed me to far.
I really love the dynamics between Itachi and Sakura.
Sasuke's a prick. Shisui is a cutie.
Really hoping to have more interactions between Sakura and the Uchiha family.
About that secret ANBU stuff that Shisui mentioned ages ago... I believe it was a decision that was taken after Sakura saved Itachi's life. And the way Fugaku was asking her questions... it would seem probable that they are considering recruiting Sakura for ANBU, possibly as a medic.
It does seem like the calm before the storm. I anticipate what's to come! More Konoha drama!

Thank you for writing such a fantastic piece (plus An Unlikely Seduction too)!
Keep up the good work!
NtheRuF chapter 2 . 2/24
OMG! Speechless This is by leaps and bounds... HEAD AND SHOULDERS...the best chapter of any story I've ever read! It has forever sealed my #1 choice of who I ultimately want Sakura to end up with! And over ruling her and Sasuke is almost sac religious for me! I am truly hoping he remembers this experience!
You are am AMAZING WRITER! And I am so addicted to fanfiction and fanimation that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS And I'm taking a full load of college classes! YIKES! I hope to glean some of Sakura's work ethic soon! lol Not likely with stories this AWESOME!
Yokaigurl chapter 10 . 2/18
I have to stop here and just tell you what an amazing job you're doing and the image of Itachi literally choking, spitting and the whole thing with the sake is amazing. Like the kind of imagery you'll remember on a rainy day that's has too much melancholy. Shisui is amazing. I would like to order one of him please. I also love how you brought back a Itachi that is closer to character before the Mass. Thank you and off I go! 3 - yokaigurl
Sorta Spooky chapter 13 . 2/16
Lovely chapter as always. The slow, somber air truly made what transpired two chapters ago feel like a blur. Itachi reveals some of his ever elusive, unreadable thoughts and emotions. And usually nervous, bumbling sakura who, given the recent circumstances, has transformed into a more mature someone with a considerably stronger mental fortitude.
I really hope Sasuke and Sakura talk soon, and we get some actual POSITIVE progress with the two. Although I honestly doubt such a thing is feasible.
"-I wanted to trust him. Shisui didn't." *sigh* ..Thank goodness for Shisui, lol. Poor guy just doesn't deserve to be caught up in this mess. But then again, Itachi did have a point, with helping Sasuke in the start 'n all. But at least his intentions with Sakura aren't anything less than considerate and helpful. But I'm also glad he didn't sugar coat his concerns to Sakura on the matter.
Whew. I'm seriously scared of what is to come, with Itachi's foreboding feeling at the end of this chapter. What could possibly happen that is WORSE than what literally was just resolved? *SIGH* We all gon' need to say some prayers for our poor characters, lol.
lady chapter 13 . 2/15
Will sakura get pregnant?PLEASE
kandii chapter 13 . 2/15
what if fugaku found out about sakuras relationship with itachi?
nickle28 chapter 13 . 2/13
This story is awesome as is the progress of the story, definitely looking forward for more. Keep up the great work!
gagagi chapter 13 . 2/13
You are such a good writer. So. Good. The expression of thoughts. The control with what to reveal and not. The thought process. Itachi's dominating preferences with sex. Argh. Im not very articulate so i cant express my appreciation. But really. And since i wont lose anything, id go ahead and dare requesting a hinataxitachi fanfic from you. again, i love ur writing.
SultrySam chapter 13 . 2/12
Very good chapter :) I like the way their relationship is developing. Can't wait to see what happens next :) good work
Polaris chapter 13 . 2/9
This chapter was certainly thought provoking for me. I love how you remain faithful to the real story of Itachi while creating your own. Itachi is so revered in the Naruto fandom but in the end all of his good and noble intentions ultimately resulted in catastrophic failure. It never really secured peace for his village. And instead of saving his little brother, Itachi's actions perverted the course of Sasuke's life and caused him to be the ultimate threat against the village. If that isn't failure, I don't know what is.

In this chapter, it's like you gave expression to Itachi's (here and in the manga) remorse and guilt. And you made him more human. It also made me want to know about the bitterness you hinted at, how he feels about his family, about the village, and about his responsibilities. Your Itachi is still recognizably the Itachi of the manga. Trying to balance his loyalties, trying to achieve noble objectives through less than noble actions. And fucking up. And trying to make amends and so on.

But the difference here is Sakura. I feel like she is the thing that Itachi finally gets to have for himself. Something wonderful and something just for him. A present, if you will.

The only thing that concerns me is that they don't seem to understand each other at this point. I must admit to being a little frustrated with Sakura. I was thinking, can you just stop sounding a teenage girl! And then, oh yeah, she is just a teenage girl. There is 5 years and a world of experience between them. And then of course, their relationship started out as a purely physical one and now they are just getting to know one another. Itachi seems skeptical when she says she loves him and I don't blame him. If she could be in love with Sasuke for 10 years without him giving her the time of day and realizing she wasn't actually in love with him, then how could he know that this isn't another one of her obsessions.

But love isn't quantifiable and it defies logic. How can she love him after he has raped her? Some times there are no answers. But she does and of course he didn't see her in the operating room. I am sure all the people in that room could attest to the fact that yes, Sakura Haruno is in love with Itachi Uchiha. (You see how much life you bring into this story? I am even imagining the thoughts of characters you didn't even write about!)

This is getting long. I know you said you don't mind long reviews but I am pretty sure I should be wrapping this up now. Last words. Worried about impending doom. Excited about new character involvement. Happy for update!
Quimberly chapter 13 . 2/9
That was a very satisfying chapter. I think i kind of feel like Itachi and Sakura, i'm very happy to at least put some fears to rest, cause i have been as stressed out as they have been in the past couple of chapters! I'm glad that Itachi finally shared some feeling with her and the Sakura seems to understand where he's coming from. I think you handled everything well and managed to have them maturely deal with their issues and not continue to drag out the drama. Some people don't know where to end things, like you could have had Itachi angry at Sakura, or Sakura not understand Itachi and it could have dragged on. But you very skillfully put everything into place. And i very much like how everything was handled. They are adorable together! I also love Shisui the silent white knight watching from afar.

I read your author's note just now and i'm excited that you're excited to continue on with your story because and excited author means for a fun ride! I want to see what's brewing in the distance! and i'm strangely excited to see more of Fugaku. As for the supporting character that we haven't seen. Kakashi? could it be he? Either way. I'm excited, you're excited, lets be excited together when chapter 14 pops up! hopefully soon, but i respect that you have a life. I don't have much of one outside this story, so i'll continue to reread chapters until then!
Tarani Bosatsu chapter 13 . 2/9
This was a great update. I love how you write Sakura, but mostly how you write Itachi... he's such a mystery and each time you write him is a discovery, we're getting to know something new about him that would have been impossible otherwise, the same with Shisui. There's nothing black and white in life, and you're exceptional in rightfully exploring the infinite aspects in between like the rape for example. Great characterizations, perspectives and work. Thank you for sharing :)
Daydreamer chapter 13 . 2/9
Hi, thanks for another awesome chappy!
Sorry i cldn't review chp 11&12, was waiting for the closing scene. As my real interest lies betwn Saku &Ita interactions.
I'm not sure u need any more praises on ur writing.. Since everyone knws its bordering on perfection.
Anywayz, since this is a fanfic. I sure can tell you, U totally satisfied my craving for Ita&Saku fantasy. I seriously stop lookin for other fics to read!

SaSu is how I imagine him to be, Bat-Shite crazy. This shit is bound to happened since he bottled everything he feels inside. Hilarious when he resorted to calling SaKu names, not sure if its frm a plc of hurt or to hurt her. Either way, happy to see he get smashed for it :)
Still, i feel kinda sad for the guy. He obviously got the hots for SaKu, but was unavailable frm all the clan stuff to accept her sexiness. And now, its too late..

Saku. it rape if u liked it halfway through.. Will it make a difference if, lets say deep dwn shes the type that likes it rough, a man whos in control and not shy to takes what he wants? Refused at first coz its new and sudden, naive to her own sexual interest for certain dark situations? Or, mayb it wld of been more helpful for her to fight Itachi off if he wasnt THE sexy Uchiha, but sumone more lets say..Ugly?

Now, the man who started this whole fiasco. Surprised he changed his tune so early in the game. Thot he wld of hv sumthin in mind as Saku; try making it up for the past treatment, but giving her up wld not hv bn an option. Coz his a go getter!
However, i do see another point. Maybe he has fallen deeper than expected, and to love is to do wats best for the beloved..

All in all, scenes of Saku&SaSu is how I fantasised it to played out. Shisui to the rescue was a nice surprise as i wld of expect Ita instead.
But, my fantasy of seeing Ita looses his cool is sumwhat dashed. Was holping to see ur portrayal of an insecure and jealous lost control Itachi. I guess so far it played out as it shld. Makes more sense.
Nothing wrong with keep on hoping tho :D

Thumbs up for another great chappy!
So glad i found such a gem :)
Update soon xo
SomebodyLost chapter 13 . 2/8
Oh finally!

I must confess - I never liked the premise of the fic "An Unlikely Seduction" at all. It was titillating, I'll give you that, but it was also basically rape. I didn't like how Sakura was just... pliant to that, but her naivety and youth made it somewhat believable. I suppose what I didn't like most was another predator!Itachi, who couldn't control his other head. A personal preference (I dislike dubcon things), but it just peeved me that a lot of peeps liked that. I suppose reading about an attack on the news made that fact disheartening. Yes, it's just fiction, but still...

But then chapter three came out and everything was rationalized well.

Then this fic came out, and hoo boy.

Then finally, after a sea of confusion, we got this chapter. Just like very needed harbor after a storm of frustration.

Anyhoo, storytelling: I think that's your strongest point. The words all weave some sort of beautifully complicated tapestry that in some days bring awe, and some days bring headache. Half of the work is trying to interpret your words; they leave me getting a sense of accomplishment sometimes, but more often than not, it just makes me think that if the words weren't too complicated, then maybe the characters' lives would reflect that, lol. It was kinda reminiscent of pawsbells' work, but times ten.

The reveal of certain things after the storm is also well done. You did a very well job of making me rage and scratching my head with all the chaos that happened before this chapter, but still make me morbidly curious to what will happen next, enough to prevent me from dropping this fic.

Your characters are the star of your fic:

Sasuke is complicated. His stability of his reality - Itachi as the immovable, strong badass shinobi that he looked up to died, his teammate was suddenly a woman who was in a wanton relationship with his brother. But really, did he have to fall to sex (attempted rape) to... fix things? I suppose he wasn't really thinking well; stability shaken and some male pride kinda threatened, but still - why did the Uchiha brothers fall into lust as some sort of answer? :O

I await your 'redemption' of him in the next chapters. It really looked like he didn't have a high opinion of Sakura, not just as a teammate, but also as a woman. And basically, Sakura is Itachi's woman now; was he conscious what sort of statement that he was sending with that?

Shisui; it was partly his fault for putting strange thoughts into Sasuke's mind, lol. But at least he made it up by helping Sakura a lot of times, especially when he rescued her before she was taken advantage of (again). I really can't judge your Shisui well enough, I suppose, because his character in canon wasn't much.

Sakura: a kindhearted girl whose heart is too large for her. Very optimistic, frustrating and refreshing at the same time. Her growth to having a backbone while retaining this compassion was... Full of headaches, but fascinating. I hope everything goes well for her.

Itachi - hooboy. Personal bias aside, I'm starting to warm up to him. I like his different postures throughout, from relaxed to sprawled undignifyingly in front of Sakura. It was subtle, but the fact that he didn't look perfect and rigid in front of Sakura all the time was endearing. His dark nature... I suppose that that's where he places his misgivings, etc. from his life of deceit, murder, etc. A hidden thing no one knew but himself (and unknowingly, if that made sense, Sakura). Reasonable that keeping it to himself made it erupt in some unpleasant way, but arrrgh, did it have to be in a sexual way?

Still, it was enlightening to read his thoughts on this matter. That he was actually very guilty, and he's... Confused as well.

Yay Sakura! Go tell him that he's not going anywhere after what he did!

Anyhoo, your characters' interactions are nicely done, I have half a mind to rip off their tongues just to make them say things. It's like a dozen cats got their tongues while their minds run a mile a second.

But thanks for writing. This fic is frustrating in a lot of ways, but very thought-provoking in others.
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