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Guest chapter 13 . 11/25
It's so rare that I come across a story that is truly enthralling. I hope you finish this story.
ThatPageantGirl chapter 12 . 11/24
ThatPageantGirl chapter 11 . 11/24
ThatPageantGirl chapter 10 . 11/23
What an amazing chapter. Sasuke's becoming quite the creeper, isn't he? And I love the part about the spider and the insect. I sense foreshadowing. Shisui is such a sweetheart and Sakura is lucky to have him on her side. And Itachi is always yummy. That is all
KHB123 chapter 13 . 11/23
This is a fantastic story! I was seriously addicted the whole week I was reading this and An Unlikely Seduction put together. I seriously hope that you plan on continuing this soon because it looks like it's been too long since the last update.
This story and the last had filled me with so many emotions throughout it all, both good and bad. There are times when I want to smile at the characters and other times when I seriously want to slap them. I've personally never been in the middle of real life romance drama, but even though there were many moments in this story that made me feel happy or vindictive toward the characters, I could not help but feel angry in the middle of it because EVERYONE is an idiot! Well, more specifically, Itachi, Sakura, and Sasuke are idiots. Itachi is an idiot for screwing Sakura when JUST meeting her to begin with without having any regard to Sasuke's feelings or the consequences behind it all, Sakura is an idiot for having her perspectives and feelings change easily through sex and at the same time had the need to lie about it until it naturally exodes in her face, and Sasuke is an idiot for not realizing what he lost sooner when seeing his brother and teammate together and then chose to take out all his anger on Sakura (although a part of me thinks she deserves it a little) when it should have been directed at Itachi. I didn't agree with Sasuke's choice of action, but I can totally understand why he's like this and, to be honest, can share a little of what kind of hell he's feeling. I think there had always been a part of him that had been considering to return Sakura's feelings because he had been touched by her devotion, but then to suddenly see her and his brother screwing each other just like that, I can understand why he would feel totally betrayed, hence the idiocy of this three, and I feel that it doesn't mean he should have no right to feel some anger and bitterness. After he beat up Sakura, I even half-expected him, after apologizing for his actions, to tell Itachi that he wanted to move out and never want to speak to him or Sakura again, just to prove his point. That, and because Itachi was being too damn ignorant and Sakura too clueless. I just want to clunk all three of their skulls together, and maybe Shisui can join me.
*Heavy sigh* Well, after reading the last couple of chapters, everything has calmed down and even made me shed a few tears, so hopefully the three of them can start mending their relationships, slowly and surely. Itachi and Sakura can start dating for real, Sakura and Sasuke can start talking for real and try to fix what's broken between them by both starting with an apology and heart-to-heart confession (no more bullshit), and Itachi and Sasuke are going to have to be more open and compassionate toward each other's feelings from now on, like they had before.
Now I'm just curious about the coming storm Itachi is referring to while he and Sakura are having this tender moment. I wonder what he thinks it is that Fugaku is regarding toward Sakura and what he could possibly be planning. Whatever it is, it looks like it'll reveal itself just when things are starting to look up and it doesn't spell a good vibe.
Please update soon! I'm dying to know what happens next! This is a really good story! Are you an author? Because you definitely have the makings of one:)
ThatPageantGirl chapter 8 . 11/20
OMG...the beast is unleashed!
ThatPageantGirl chapter 6 . 11/19
Oh, Itachi! And Sasuke, really? TWICE? I freakin' love this story!
Random Peep chapter 13 . 11/15
...Okay, well, that served as a good enough to call ending, I guess... Well, nicely done!
Elle Blessingway chapter 13 . 11/14
Just re-read this all again. SO good. I love the emotional complexity of all the characters. The various relationships between all the different characters is compelling enough, but I'm excited to see the underlying plot concerning ANBU, papa Uchiha, and their supposed interest in Sakura.

Am looking forward to seeing how Itachi and Sakura's relationship plays out since it's becoming a more out in the open kind of thing. It's so shocking to see Itachi show affection, openly or otherwise. He's at the point of no return in a lot of ways. Don't think Sakura fully realizes the depth of his feelings (because she doesn't know him well enough to know how rare it is for him to show affection), and doesn't fully realize what she's getting into with him. (Though I think the emotions run just as deep on her side; she's already proven she's the constant, devoted type, and having her feelings returned on any level is only going to amplify that. All that said, I think she's too naive to realize the depth her own feelings. But, I also don't think she'll need age/more years to understand. Her life is probably about to get traumatic and crazy, as far as her career is concerned, and that'll force her to grow up pretty fast. She seems like the kind of person who will retain a certain kind of innocence and faith in humanity as a whole despite what happens though.)

Anyway... Wanted to share how much I love this story! It's better after every re-read :D Can't wait to see where you go next with it!
skylarriot chapter 13 . 11/14
Awesome story, loved the character development in this chapter. Can't wait for your next update!
LilxMissxLovesxYa chapter 13 . 11/3
Hi! I noticed this hasn't been updated in years. I'd just like to say that this is- or was...- a fantastic story. I couldn't stop reading. I hope you return back to writing this, as I hate to see such a good story go unfinished...Take care!
forever a fan chapter 13 . 11/2
Hello, this isn't to force you to update or anything. I just wanted to thank you for providing a fanfic of this caliber. I haven't read anything that has made my heart skip a beat like the way you have done. It's not just the steamy lemons, but the way you wrote the entire thing. I love how you were able to convey the complexities of all the characters, including Sasuke, who can be very difficult at times. I also enjoyed how you made Shisui so close to the way one would expect it from the manga. A lot of people like the exaggerate or completely make up things, but you were able to display his playfulness along with his cunning personality at the same time. I'm constantly amazed with each chapter you've written.

I don't mind if you don't update because I'm able to re-read the chapters and I know what it's like to be constantly stressed with your life, but I just really wanted to thank you for this fanfic! I hope things are getting better now for you. Again, not trying to pressure, but I'll wait as long as possible if this does ends up being updated. I noticed over the years that I'm pretty patient and am willing to wait for those rare, but awesome fanfics. And yours is definitely one worth waiting for. :) So don't think there won't be anyone interested if you ever get the chance to return to this.

Thanks again.
Sunshinejules873 chapter 1 . 10/31
I am stunned yet again ! I love your work , please please please continue .
Lady Shiari chapter 13 . 10/21
Oh wow this is amazing! I can't wait to read more, yeah! There is so much that you've set up for the plot that you can pursue... like the whole no protection thing and Fugako's interest in Sakura's talent. Oh man I can't wait to see what you make of it. I only have one question, of you will indulge me that is. How old is Itachi, I cannot remember if that was mentioned or not. It's not really an important question, so don't worry about hurting my cynical feelings if you don't answer, yeah? You portray Itachi and Sakura so well, even Sasuke, because a part of me believes that is exactly how he would react to that situation.
I love this story! You're amazing, yeah!
Happy Writing! _
Lady Shiari loves you!
loveitasakuxx chapter 13 . 10/20
I don't really know what to say..
Whether to appreciate u abt ur fiction, to ask so many queries regarding coming doom, or to ask about what all change now.. I really don't have words to express.. :)
M feeling so blank yet a smile is on my face.. N I don't know why.. :)
Nyhow.. Update soon.. [_]
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