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Madison Hatter chapter 61 . 1h
OMG This is an amazing story!
Guest chapter 61 . 10/15
Continue the story
ahopelesswriter chapter 16 . 10/10
Honestly, I love this story! I do love the original Luffy (how can you not?), but this Luffy is pretty awesome too! I like how you just don't make him so *overwhelmingly* powerful and have him just defeat everyone in a second. His mood swings are also very much expected, considering what he went through, so I love that you make him more emotional. Awesome story! Can't wait to read the rest!
hsbharic22 chapter 1 . 10/7
Why did you stop writing man..yours story is the only one which covers more event of one piece and actually the best story so far...
Superbi Squalo chapter 61 . 9/28
Guest chapter 1 . 9/25

This very nice story might be abandon since issuing dated 2013 as last chapter 61 with CP9
Wandering if it will be updated during 2017 maybe

Good luck in all future
Guest chapter 61 . 9/22
Damn, damn, damn.
Why must such a good story be abandoned?! If you are still alive, please continue writing or try to find someone worthy to continue writing it for you.

I think your Luffy is 100 times more cool than the original. The only downside of your Luffy is that he has nightmares, he would probably turn to stone when Hancock fires her beam at him and he hasn't told his Crew yet that he is from the future.

Seeing a OP Luffy so friendly with Shanks, Whitebeard, etc., having so much fun, still acting so childish, but at the same time being so badass, cool, intelligent and mature... he even knows that Robin is hot.. and he trains his crew seriouly in Haki, spars and holds just 1 instead of 1000 secrets... a perfect Luffy if you ask me *sob*

The pace was very good, not many fictions go over the Alabasta arc, but yours made it to Enies Lobby in just 3 months. I am impressed and sad.

I was so eager to see Enies Lobby burn, peoples reaction, their new ship, new bounties, Brook, the complete crew, Rayleigh, his revealing everything to his friends, Impel Down and the war... their training...

I could kind of picture it myself (but I can't write) how it all could play out, with your old writing speed a matter of 6-12 months: Luffy trashing Lucci, relaxed esape on Merry, teary eyed goodbye for Merry, Franky joining the crew (blackmailed with Adam Wood and Seastone), a more dreamlike Sunny, funny Brook meeting, blitzdefeat of Moria (all their shadows being stolen was kind of pathetic... and Oars was kind of a pain in the ass), don't forget the epic treasure of Moria, then a private conversation with Kuma, meeting with Rayleigh without the whole Camie slavery thing, not bowing to the World Nobles, maybe finding another 'reason' *caugh* any reason at all *caugh* to punsh one in the Auction house (maybe a World Noble demands Robin as his wife number 13?), telling his crew and Rayleigh (his future sensei) all about his time travel and where Kuma will send them, promising to meet in 2 years time, storming Impel Down without causing such a total ruckus, if Marineford has to be in the story then Luffy must have somehow been poinoned again to fail to free him there (but I refuse to accept that the perfect Luffy loses 10 years... Chopper should have been building up his poison resistance since Water 7... and Chopper should somehow, after medicial checking Bonneys fruit power, been able to give back Luffys lost years, but maybe not just the lost ones...), then flying from the sky as previously into the war; then telling Whitebeard about all their enemies plans for the war; then with Conquerers Hakis, Gear Seconds, Sorus and Mister 3s help practically teleporting to Ace and freeing him; then killing Blackbeard and maybe Akainu; going back to Amazon Lily where Rayleigh trains him again somewhat and he may hopefully has his first time with Hancock... then after a year he may be visited by Dragon and be brought to Robin where Dragon trains both, bonds with his son and where Luffy and Robin get together (harem, lemon); then they meet all again where he can add Nami to his harem (she was just 17 before, now 19); they kick Hodys ass again and add Jimbei to their crew (and maybe Poseidon in Luffys harem xD, with Gear 3/4 it is possible for them to mate on equal size ); after that I am not so sure, with Akainu dead Punk Hazard can't be the same but maybe everyone is there regardless so they have to go; after that Dressrosa where they kick Flamingos ass; I haven't read the manga further so I hope they can finally rest for a few months to bond and train together (and many lemons a la Luffy x Nami and Robin); then either taking down Kaido or Big Mom and steal their spot; after that fighting many noobs; then they may meet up with Shanks and Whitebeard up or something to bond and form alliances with both; then, before they all go dying again, sailing through the Calm Belt before visiting all 4 Bluse and Paradise Islands for Nami to map, the overall adventures, putting more Islands under their protection, visiting old ones and leaving his Den Den Mushi number everywhere, then destroying and killing everyone who ignored his warnings (there must be plenty of them, so it doesn't make sense to stay in the New World without checking up once to his charges in 3 years); hopefully finding some fitting OCs for his crew along the way; if he didn't meet and rescure Bonney by chance then breaking into Impel Down again to free her (new harem member!) for Chopper to examinate and then cure Luffy and give them all 'eternal' youth without dying of old age; a few more months practice and then taking the One Piece in storm (because Luffy should be at Whitebeards level or above around now); destroying the World Government, killing all World Nobles and revealing the true history, a few years worth of bonding with his crew and allies later after becoming king ending the story. *daydream*

Ah, don't forget your fiction syle: yelling with shark teeth and Luffy impersonating people ("hey Akainu/Shanks/Crocodile you brat, muhahahaha")... ah, and more badass interviews and peoples reactions please

That would be perfect storyline for me.
It annoys me in canon that they are nonstop in contact with adventures and dangerous enemies without bonding, training time or checking up on Vivi etc., it is no wonder Luffys crew died in your fiction in his first attempt, he should chill out like Shanks did in his hometown some time and train more, he hasn't the strenght to become king overnight, that is bound to fail. After the 2 years worth of training they were on the run, chased by enemies and seperated again for felt weeks without saying anything to each other how their last 2 years were, thats just stupid and gets them killed for real.
TaekiAnahazu chapter 1 . 9/24
A smarter Luffy is impossible, as Luffy himself is not necessarily dumb, but rather very simple minded, like Forrest Gump. An OOC Luffy is basically Luffy with a different attitude. Both at the same time, however, is simply not Luffy. I'm actually pretty interested in seeing what the story is, though again, you've lost a few marks on the characterisation parts, though at least you get a few more points on skipping the unnecessary training arcs that really should be glossed over most of the time, unlike most Naruto fanfics...
Though, this story seems to be dead. Sad. Very sad.
Insertname chapter 61 . 9/19
I absolutely love this fanfic I really hope u continue it in the future
OmegaNerd152 chapter 60 . 9/21
NNNNNNNOOOOOO! I'm almost caught up, please, PLEASE, continue this!
CrimsonFox4002 chapter 61 . 9/18
LOVE IT! This is the only fan fiction that I have ever read that didn't bore me midway. Most of the times, if I read a chapter that is longer than 30-35 chapters, I get bored of the concept or just don't agree with what the author did because it was too predictable. But your fan fiction was the best!
Windmill chapter 2 . 9/10
5stars best always look for one like these thank you for writing
Pandaman100 chapter 61 . 9/10
I Know It Been 3 Years But I Hope You Continue "Once Again" It's A Great Fanfiction
Ngaihte chapter 61 . 9/4
I like it,ur one hell of a writer,so which of the straw hats will be able to use conquerors haki? Cant wait for the update... U rock man...
Ashcandy07 chapter 61 . 9/4
skipped from ch30 to the last chapter to see how far it goes. and it doesn't go very far. another abandoned story with potential... these really should be deleted...
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