Reviews for Unclaimed Daughter
coolwording chapter 20 . 5/25
I knew it! I had a feeling! pls update!
ElvenOwl chapter 20 . 5/10
I know your last update was more than a year ago but please update! I really like your story. TT
AnnieAC chapter 20 . 5/5
Holy shit. I knew it hahaha
I hope this story isn't abandoned. Please, update!
AnnieAC chapter 6 . 5/5
She is a Targaryen, right? Well, her mother surely was a Targaryen. The lilac eyes, hell, I didn't realise sooner lol
ToshimiOkami chapter 20 . 4/30
This is absolutely wonderful and has so much potential! Looking forward to more!
FAndomlifeCRazy101 chapter 20 . 4/26
Well at least she knows!
FAndomlifeCRazy101 chapter 16 . 4/26
This chapter was amazing! I love it!
FAndomlifeCRazy101 chapter 9 . 4/26
This story is great and is getting so good!
Orihime-San chapter 20 . 4/24
So she is a dragon wearing wolf skin hidden amongs lions.
guest chapter 20 . 4/18
Hope you update soon! :)
fire and flam chapter 20 . 4/18
Really liking your story. Please continue it! You left your readers on a cliff here
Guest chapter 20 . 4/15
I long for your update of this story. It's so far so good
ShipsThatFly chapter 20 . 4/2
Love it, love it, love it. Thanks for a great chapter, looking forward to the next.
elhi chapter 20 . 3/29
I WANT JAIME AND LYANNA TO FALL IN LOVE SO BAD! and bruh I totally saw that coming I definitely think Jon Snow in the show is the son of rhaegar and lyanna. Love this story more than anything ever.
Guest chapter 20 . 3/6
This is my favorite fic to date, and I eagerly look forward to reading more of it!

Wishing you the best, Ashe.
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