Reviews for Life Cycle
Lili chapter 29 . 9/17
Oh please work on the next chapter! I need this in my life! You are an amazing writer! Fantastic job! :)
Loca8892 chapter 17 . 8/28
Well then, I guess we sort of know what 'Rose' is. Kinda upset that that isn't Rose and just some other thing that stole her body. Still don't know what species 'Rose' is and I kinda want to know especially since it called itself bad wolf who is technically Rose...this is hurting my head .
Loca8892 chapter 16 . 8/28
Yup still hate Rinette -_- and not happy with the Doctor either. So glad Jack punched the ass in the face XD
This Rose wouldn't just ignore it so her shutting down was the perfect response. Now to see what the Doctor will do...
Loca8892 chapter 15 . 8/28
Sarah Jane was a bit petty in the episode so it worked out. And now on to one of the worst episodes in the history of Doctor who, I fricken hate Rinette! Lets see how this will play out XD
Loca8892 chapter 14 . 8/28
Oh I've been interested in how you would handle doomsday but I have to say, there aren't many options that could happen, unless Rose gets stuck in the void and then that would be different. I wonder what Rose ment by 'this body'? So many questions and no answers :(
Loca8892 chapter 13 . 8/27
Haha oh Ten ever the flirt XD
Which is interesting since this Rose doesn't quite understand love or lust... but Ten was literally made for her so this season should be fun ;)
Loca8892 chapter 12 . 8/27
So clearly Rose didn't have a body before and she was created to kill, wonder what she was before then...And if she was named after herself just like River was XD
Loca8892 chapter 11 . 8/26
That was awesome and I love the changes you made to it. I wonder how exactly Rose's life depends on the Doctor...I literally got no ideas XD
Loca8892 chapter 10 . 8/23
I'm glad that even though he shouldn't trust Rose he still does cuz she's still Rose :)
Getting everything in the Doctors point of view is hilarious, especially when he realizes that's he's becoming possessive of Rose XD
Loca8892 chapter 9 . 8/23
Damn I was hoping you would let us in on the convo but yeah guess that would have too easy XD
I'm loving dark Rose! Whatever it is that happened to her she is clearly still not recovered And it and looks like its the Doctor the one to help her. Really great chapter :D
Loca8892 chapter 8 . 8/23
Haha oh i do love a jealous Nine, it makes for good writing. And Jack is on board! Doesn't get better than those three in the TARDIS :3
Loca8892 chapter 7 . 8/23
Oh you're right, the Doctor just has a million thoughts on everything and that is very entertaining. Even though Jack started out a con man, he's the best now. And the banter between the Doctor and Jack just makes my day :)
Loca8892 chapter 6 . 8/23
Aww I was kinda hoping Rose and Jack would have their dance on his ship, with their song. Ah well maybe next chapter. And we finally know that her Doctor is 11! But then how did she meet him? I really hope that she doesn't turn out to be one of River's regenerations cuz I have read those and I'm not a fan of it, Rose is Rose and River is River
Loca8892 chapter 5 . 8/23
Seriously? Just friends? Ha, what a lie XD
But if that is their relationship then she couldn't have known him for that long... Geez this is both confusing and annoying. However I'm in it to figure it out :p
Loca8892 chapter 4 . 8/23
Damn that was different. So I'm guessing Rose isn't human nor a time she a different type of alien? I'm just as confused as the Doctor haha XD
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