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halfblood hufflepuff chapter 251 . 4/19
Yep! The proposal was cute, even when Tom matter-of-factly states the blue feather is at home lolol obviously non-trad there if they move in together before marriage XD
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 208 . 4/19
LOL Tom is meeting all the requirements to marry the canon!Harvest Goddess XD
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 102 . 4/18
WOAH YES! Wow what a way to smoothly imply Albus D x Gellert G lolol
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 32 . 4/18
Good use of foreshadowing lolol I can't believe Gellert is the carpenter lolol
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 19 . 4/18
OH MAH GAWD you totally replayed the game just to have Tom say Jack's canon phrase I am sobbing with joy thank you
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 16 . 4/18
LOLOL "he was only bothered by their daughters" of course the Goddess - I mean God - is the secret romance character XD
halfblood hufflepuff chapter 13 . 4/18
This makes me super nostalgic I actually have Friends of Mineral Town on Gameboy Advance SP so like this is almost like reliving my childhood? lolol
EpikalStorms chapter 67 . 7/12/2016
Oh my gosh XD Tom Margolo Riddle has a praise kink
Raffylores chapter 251 . 4/19/2016
This story should deserve more love. I really like your storie ya know. They're unique
Jd-dox chapter 251 . 1/29/2016
It was a truly beautiful story. Thank you.
Severus Snape chapter 3 . 7/18/2015
Really 251 chapters could have been 50. Its probably a good plot but I won't waste my time reading these sorry excuse of snippets you call chapters
the prince of fiction chapter 251 . 11/10/2014
I need to work on my romance... ._. Mine isn't as good as this, even though I wish it was TT
The ending is such a cliffhanger! Debating whether or not to continue to sequel...
Blithesome chapter 251 . 6/19/2014
This was... wow. I read everything in one go, and now I'm trying to figure out how to comment. The story evoked a lot of emotions in me, and it was really, really good. Unexpectedly so.

So first of all - a Harry Potter & Harvest Moon crossover. What the heck? :D I never figured I'd see something like THIS ever being made, and I had to do a double take when I read the summary. And making Tom Riddle the main character - pfffft, that was priceless! Tom Riddle the farmer! Oh, I practically cried with laughter during the first few chapters, I couldn't even continue reading.

Well, the whole Harry Potter aspect was pretty far removed from the story, since the characters were completely out of context and had entirely new roles... In many ways they were not the same characters at all. But still, I think that the way you wrote them was spot on - Harry felt like Harry despite being a Harvest God, and although I could never imagine Tom Riddle settling in a quiet, small town and making farming his biggest ambition, he did feel like Tom Riddle in a way (except that he wasn't evil).

Anyway, Tom was so amusing as a character. I'm not even sure how to describe him - aloof, efficient, with a nasty temper sometimes... and yet he had his soft sides too and was very easy to relate to. I loved that he quite often didn't have any idea what he was doing, either at the farm or in his relationships (though his hard work and determination pulled him through). His frustration at having thrown away the Queen of the Night flower was priceless, for example.

This story had such a wide spectrum of emotions. At first it seemed like a lighthearted, nonsense crossover, but then you went and explored the deeper themes of trying to have an impossible relationship with someone, and how emotions and dreams clash with the practical, harsh realities of life... I thought that the things that were left unsaid were very poignant, such as when Harry explained what the realm of Gods felt like, and how meaningless mortal life was in the grand scheme of things. It was just impossible to get over the fact that Harry was a God... Even though Tom tried so hard. I'm happy that they found a way, in the end! But I also liked that their story wasn't all sunshine and flowers even after that - their relationship is something that they constantly have to work on, but the prize of being together is worth the effort. I haven't been in a long-term relationship yet, but I thought that sounded very realistic.

The whole God / mortal issue also reminded me of Lord of the Rings. When I was younger, I thought that it would be awesome to pair humans with elves, and questioned why it didn't happen more often. Now that I've read some stuff in fanfiction and in Wikipedia, I've begun to realize that each and every such romance is a tragedy, in a way... I wouldn't wish that fate on any elf. But I'm not here to discuss Lord of the Rings, so I'll leave it at that. :p

For me, this story even brought forth some philosophical questions about the meaning of life, the value of putting effort into something, the importance and role of love in the grand scheme of life, etcetera... DEFINITELY more than what I expected from a flipping Harry Potter / Harvest Moon crossover, of all things.

So yeah. I think I could almost write a dissertation about all the things that went on in this fic, but to put it shortly, this story was awesome. It was so bittersweet and full of life that it totally took me by surprise. I'm definitely going to read some of your other fics too.
My Solitude chapter 251 . 6/12/2014
Lovely story! xD
Harry1675 chapter 251 . 3/12/2014
:) that was plain beautiful and oh gosh it was amazing and when Harry came I was like what? Then it made sense. In a way. My favorite part is where the Harvest God and Tom are at the beach.
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