Reviews for Naruto: Destiny's Worst Nightmare
ob1292 chapter 8 . 4/1/2014
Naruto should have killed the Root ninja and then sent them back to Konoha instead of just knocking them out. Good job so far though I don't really care much for Danzo being given the Hokage position.
AJrax chapter 8 . 3/31/2014
Okay... er... I... I... I admit, this looks really cool. Even if you're pretty much repeating almost everything you did in WoT... asdfghjkl, whatever! XD

I'm enjoying this, I really am. People are saying that this story is turning into a typical "Naruto becomes missing nin" story, but since I haven't really read too many of those, I can't say the same. Stilll, like I said, I'm enjoying this, I really am. My advice: PLEASE work on your dialouge (you said the phrase "bring him back in pieces" too many damn times XD), try to keep the story original as it can be, because that only helps, and overall, try to keep it Naruto-y. As much as you can. Because that's just the way it should be. Yeah, people's heads are getting cut off and junk, but still, don't turn Naruto into something its not. Please. lol

Chapterwise: Good story, engaging OC in Kisuke. I usually don't like OCs that much in fanfics, but considering the, heh, possible backstory of Kisuke, I can let this slide. Also, try to let the Hidden Leaf crew talk more. You just love giving the side cast more abilites and more stuff to do, right? Then show it. :D With all that, you're golden.
LordXeenTheGreat chapter 8 . 3/31/2014
Awesome battle!
Yana5 chapter 8 . 3/31/2014
please kill danzo. loved it
Kunoichi of the Moonlit Night chapter 8 . 3/31/2014
Is Kisuke really Naruto? I hope at some point the leaf revolts against Danzo
Cerulean Knight chapter 8 . 3/31/2014
Does Naruto's moniker of storm relate only to natural disaster type storms? If so would that include the fire storm that a volcano creates when it goes nuclear? Or just storm elements like water, wind and lightning?
roboguy45 chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
Wonder if that red hair is dye or is it Naruto's Uzumaki blood. If that guy is Naruto in disguise I mean.
Aiten Kaito chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
hm I feel like I read the first part of this chapter before but don't remember the second looking forward to see more soon tho
Cainsanity2016 chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
I'm guessing we can all assume that Kisuke is Naruto lol
mundanebeast chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
Danzo really needs to die
frytrix chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
Didnt you allready kill of sai last chapter?

Another typical naruto returns to konoha story after going missing nin...getting tired of those really..

idea for the contract: If konoha hires him, make it 40-60 milion paid up front each week, and should they faill to pay upfront at the end of the week will he leave instantly, and they may not rehire him, he could work for them 2-3 weeks before leaving.

i just dont see naruto working under danzo for long...
pensuka chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
i hope danzo rots in hell
SerenaTheHedgehog chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
That was one amazing battle!
thor94 chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
So kisuke must be naruto.
Why he would help danzo?
Naruto Sakura Uzumaki chapter 8 . 3/30/2014
It was a good chapter. The wait was a little longer than I liked, but it was worth the wait.
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