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accio argents chapter 1 . 12/30/2015
i sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and sobbed and am still sobbing.
TomXHarry Love Child chapter 1 . 5/24/2015
Do you think you could write like a prequel you know featuring around Aria and Mike? Just a suggestion.
sheriff stilinski chapter 1 . 10/3/2014
MAJOR LOVE for this. everything was so lovely - from the monologues to the little details and the LAST LINE. you portray ariawesley exactly how i could imagine them and it makes me so happy. please please write more of them because there's such a lack of their loveliness ugh.
and also, i just wanted to say WOW concerning the ariamike dynamic. i adored how they were fleshed out as much as ariawesley and the flashback of allison and the continuous mentions of people being observant. i honestly think you did the brother sister possibly in love angle justice (a really hard task because incest is a taboo subject and people usually like to use it to gain some weird street cred or something).
overall, i adored this piece and would FOR REAL love to see you write more of these couples.
IllegitimatePrincess chapter 1 . 9/20/2014
It got a little confusing at times, but overall i really liked it. Good job!
Letters To Her chapter 1 . 1/5/2014
I love this story. It's my daily dose of Wesria. Well written, and well plotted. A
fitz's aria chapter 1 . 12/23/2013
lovely. incredibly lovely :)
BlackLyr chapter 1 . 10/20/2013
Very enjoyable read. Nicely done.
pearl again chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
I'M SCREAMING IT FUCKING CUT THAT REVIEW OFF TOO at least i got to the end that time jesus christ what is WRONG with this stupid website anyway this time i did copy/paste it onto quick notes so here have that last paragraph again and in full!

just thank you sooo much oh my god i cannot even begin to express how much i love you for this just THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU this is legitimately one of the best presents i have ever gotten i love it beyond measure and i love you beyond measure too and just wow you're the greatest and i love you (and i will definitely get to reviewing your other fics soon i promise! klaus/elena is up next!) and just agfjdijgidjsih thank you SO MUCH you're the absolute best!
pearl chapter 1 . 7/1/2013
HI HELLO THIS IS PEARL NO WORRIES I AM THE REAL DEAL AND I AM GONNA FINISH MY REVIEW BECAUSE FFN IS STUPID ugh this'll probably be shorter than the original would have been i'm sorry but i promise i will somehow get all my feelings across! i'm just gonna pick up from the sentence that got cut off:

IT GETS EVEN BETTER omg mike had "the talk" with wes i'm screaming that is amazing i need that on the show like i literally physically need gregg sulkin and cody christian to have this conversation like it would just be so great? wow i am so sad for all the potential this show could have if it just utilized its super-talented cast and super-interesting characters better. also wes and aria flirting just makes my life complete ugh they're sooo cute i can't stand it and then mike interrupting omg that was great i love how you managed to capture all the awkwardness even though you're using words instead of the actual actors in a scene because like, in a tv show you can literally feel the awkwardness but in a fic you have to write it out and YOU'RE JUST REALLY GOOD AT IT OKAY also afterwards that "my brother is the most important person in the world to me" oh god miKE AND ARIA ARIA AND MIKE i'm so upset and also just aria not being selfish around wes because she just wants him to be happy oh man that's just so cute ahhhh and then wes's little speech to her gOD he is the most adorable thing on the planet like he's so worried about her and he just cares about her so much ugh what a stupid ship also i'm so glad aria recognized his utter selflessness so quickly and then the pre-kiss flirting and then THE KISS ITSELF IT ALL JUST MAKES ME FEEL SO WARM AND FUZZY INSIDE I'M SO IN LOVE

"It gives her more time to delude herself into believing her brother hasn't read her like an open book since the minute he was born." god this line these two your writing i don't know how to handle it i just have so many feelings about mike and aria and it's all your fault like? HE LOVES HER SO MUCH HE KNOWS HER SO WELL AND SHE LOVES HIM BEYOND EVERYTHING and goddd he just wants her to be happy i'm just so saD like first of all why don't we get beautiful moments like this in the show and second of all mike is the cutest thing in the world (maybe tied with wes) and I'M JUST SAD I JUST WANT THE WORLD FOR THESE KIDS :(

laijfdjjgdks jASON'S DEAD JASON'S DEAD JASON'S DEAD I'M EVEN SADDER NOW THANKS HOPE :( but even in the midst of all the sadness i still did catch lines like these - "There was a time when someone tried and she dealt with it. She can deal with anyone to keep her own brother safe." - AND THEY JUST MAKE ME SQUEAL like oh god i'm sad for jason and i'm sad for spencer but also aria/mike dynamic makes up for almost anything with me whoops... aLSO wes is just such a little sweetheart cutie pie ANGEL i love him so much he's just so unequivocally (probably not the right word forgive me it's 3:30 am here) /there/ for aria and like as much as she's done so much shit (in this aria-is-a canon ofc) that she probably doesn' t objectively deserve a guy that amazing BUT I'M JUST REALLY HAPPY THAT SHE HAS HIM BECAUSE I LOVE ARIA AND I LOVE WES and ughh and then also the mention of mike/jason lik because the show has forgotten? of course the show likes to pretend that mike doesn't exist lol whatEVER. also this line: "because his last words are likely ones that Jason would have said, too, if she had given him a chance." ugHHH now i'm sad again oh god jason was so lovely he was so amazing and he's? dead? aND ARIA NEVER EVEN TALKED TO HIM ABOUT EVERYTHING THEY NEEDED TO TALK ABOUT OR APOLOGIZED OR ANYTHING ugh ugh oh but ALSO aria throwing away her phone is A wow i wasn't expecting that when i read it but i love it and i love that it's just something she needs to do

siiiiigh aria not wanting mike exposed to all the tragedy/drama/craziness of dilaurentis funerals aria actively caring about and trying to protect mike aRIA ACTIVELY LOVING MIKE AND BEING A GREAT BIG SISTER I SWEAR I DON'T ASK FOR MUCH WHY WON'T THE SHOW GIVE IT TO ME? at least i have your lovely writing to keep me sane like what would i even do without you? alSO I'M STILL LAUGHING ABOUT ARIA GETTING MIKE A BLACK HOODIE FOR CHRISTMAS like that's literally so perfect how do you come up with these things like it's just brilliant on so many different levels (also i didn't miss this line either: "It's over. She broke Jason's heart, and now Jason's dead. That's all there is to it." wOW NO THANK YOU jaria is such a stupid ship i swear)

oh god those two paragraphs where aria is thinking about jason just kill me everytime i read them like i have died multiple deaths just looking at them oh man like? " All she can recall is Jason's vulnerability when he kissed her and was rejected, how Mike was a total wreck when she told him Jason's body was found, and how Wesley has dropped his entire life – his city, his school, his friends – just to be with her." ARIA AND JASON ARIA AND MIKE ARIA AND WES I'M SO DONE W/ ALL MY FEELINGS FOR THIS SHOW IT DOES NOT EVEN DESERVE SUCH BEAUTIFUL SHIPS and also "She shuts out everything and thinks about Spencer's grief more openly, about how much she loved her brother and fought for him on each turn their lives came to. She thinks about how selflessly Jason saved Emily's life although he didn't owe her anything. She thinks about what a tragedy it is that Hanna never got to know Jason at all." ugH STUPID SHOW i'm so mad just thinking about this like i'm imagining it actually playing out on screen, spencer sitting there crying because he was her brother and she LOVED HIM ugh and emily trying to be brave and later having a quiet moment alone w/ his casket to thank him for saving her and hanna just trying to be there for her friends bc she didn't really know jason but she's still sad bc he meant so much to her best friend and aria just trying to be strong even though she wants to break down ohhhh no

and then mike being there for her ahhhh what a little cutie patootie literally the cutest little brother this side of jeremy gilbert and he just KNOWS HER SO WELL ugh this breaks my heart everytime because mike and aria are literally soulmates even if the show never really bothers to show us that like they just know each other so well and love each other despite everything like uGH sibling relationships will be the death of me also him unintentionally echoing wes's words from earlier was just great oh man also their discussion on life and THEN I LOVE YOU and "More than I could ever love anyone else, she contemplates but doesn't say. There's a lot of things she's come across lately that she can't say to him." GOD I LOVE THEM SO MUCH I CAN'T BREATHE? aria's feelings for mike and how they trump literally everything else in her life is my favorite of all the things and mike just quietly /knows/ and he's just /there/ and oh he's such an angel he gets up so she can talk to wes alone ahhh what would i give for a little brother like that god you just write him and aria and their entire relationship so beautifully and elegantly hope like i don't even know what to say!

oh man and then wes and aria's talk is just so WOW like i think i am running out of adjectives? just aria spilling her guts out to him in a way that she never has with anyone and can't afford to with her brother like there's just something so heartwrenchingly beautiful about it especially given the way your words evoke so much emotion even though it's all just very simple it's two kids talking about their feelings but it's just so lovely and not at all sappy or anything somehow and god wes's reply to her he's just being so honest and sincere with her because he loves her so much it'S JUST SO BEAUTIFUL I LOVE THEM SO MUCH ahh and then that metaphor about people being books and wes just fitting into all 3 categories because he's just special and his place in her life is so unique and then she finally fINALLY properly accepts him and admits that she wants him, wants /them/ and then just - "Their fingers intertwine as she meets his gaze, and at eighteen she is holding hands with a boy for the first time." god this line was just so gorgeous it takes my breath away every time i read it and i've read this story multiple times by now it's just so so so pretty like it's a great callback to the earlier sections of the fic but it's not even just a callback like it just encompasses aria so well like? am i even making sense probably not sigh but god this line was beautiful is what you should get out of this and also i want your writing talent like omg

BASICALLY AFTER ALL THESE DAYS OF RAMBLING AND FFN BEING STUPID I JUST WANT TO SAY oh my /god/ hope this story is beyond gorgeous like i am in love with every single aspect of it, from aria to mike to wes to jason, i just love every little bit of it, i love aria and i love all of her varied and dynamic relationships (which was amazing how you managed to pull that off like none of her relationships, between ezra, wes, mike, and jason, were similar at all, they all had their different dynamics and you just captured it all perfectly despite the fact that ezra and jason were barely even in the fic) and i love the background details and background characters like the liars and i love aria's slow-and-steady development of her feelings for wes (SO refreshing compared to the insta-true-love we-made-out-once-so-we're-soulmates bs we got from ezria) and also just wes and mike in general like they were literally so adorable and i love them so much and you wrote them SO well and just yes god everything about this fic is perfection and i would favorite it again if i could.

just thank you sooo much oh my god i cannot even begin to express how much i love you for this just THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU this is legitimately one of the best presents i have ever gotten i love it beyond measure and i love you beyond measure too and just wow you're the greates
lydiamaartin chapter 1 . 6/25/2013
HELLO OKAY I'M SORRY I KNOW THIS LIKE SEVERAL WEEKS LATE OR SOMETHING STUPID BECAUSE I'M AWFUL AT THIS AND I SUCK and also because ohhhhh my god this story is SO amazing i don't even know what to do with myself and obviously such an amazing fic deserves an equally amazing review and well that's a lot of pressure! so i am going to try my best to give it the review this deserves especially since i've been working on it for days at this point haha whoops

so first i just wanna say that those lyrics you chose are beyond breathtaking like i think i've mentioned before but i usually skip over the lyrics in my first read-through because i'm so excited to get to the fic but now that i'm rereading it for this review i was just struck by how pretty they are ughh you listen to so much good music and i literally just listen to the pop stations on the radio lmao but also those lyrics fit sooo well like i've read the whole thing through and just wow yes good job!

okay so obviously i have to mention the overaching theme of aria growing up and having her various firsts that stretches through the story because it was just so gorgeous and well-done like i had no real idea what to expect when i first started reading this and then the first thing there is MIKE/ARIA AS BABIES oh god they're SO CUTE i can't breathe little!aria being overprotective of little!mike is just the cutest thing ever omggg and then how she grew up in these little segments over the course of the story but it all started with her love for mike just amazing how do you even come up with this?

and then that first mike/aria scene where oh my god he doesn't want to let her in because he doesn't want her to worry about him so he tries to convince her he's fine but she realizes the truth and she's still worried about him because he's her brother and she loves him and OH MY GOD shipping mike and aria was the worst decision of my lifeeee and also: "when she was the ocean and he was the shoreline – touching, always touching, sometimes too little and sometimes too much but never not at all because the waves of water would follow the sand onto the shore even if the rest of the world was set aflame." i'm literally going to scream this is gorgeous beyond gorgeous hope omfg

then WES APPEARS ohhh my god i always forget how much i love him because well he's so minor and the show screwed him over and he doesn't get nearly the appreciation he deserves in fandom but oh my gOD HE'S SO LOVELY AND ADORABLE AND PERFECT AND YOU GET HIS CHARACTERIZATION SO RIGHT like when he's just quietly resigned to aria being in love with ezra and he can see through her so easily and god he's so perfect i want to scream aRIA YOU NEED TO APPRECIATE HIM EVEN MORE

"she doesn't create walls that hide her true image, she creates images that hide her true self which even she isn't sure of." THI SI S LITERALYL DOS PERFECT I CAN'T BREAHTE like omg everyone and their mother likes to do that cliche ice queen "she has walls around her heart" schtick but ARIA'S NOT A STEREOTYPICAL ICE QUEEN she's sooo much better like she doesn't just wall everyone off she's a manipulative princess who understands people better than the usual ice queen and you just captured that in one line like she has all these facades (going from pink-streaked rebel to edgy fashionista in a year hELLO) and even her best friends don't really know how she really is and even SHE doesn't know and i'd wager that only mike really knows at least at this point and wow it's just so brilliant how do you

oh my god and then the alison/aria scene with her taunting her about mike was so beyond perfect like omg i had honestly never really considered aria having such a specific motivation for becoming a because even in the show it's hard to get a grasp on her real personality (like you said in the section before) so it's hard to figure out WHY she would be a even when there's so many hints that she IS but you just came up with one that's so brilliant like omfg i never thought of alison going after mike like that (probably because i never ever ever want to imagine her taunting mike he's such a precious little angel) and doing it in front of aria like what th alison and also "Aria stood up, a goddess in ruins on the brink of humiliation. Suddenly there was ice where her heart should have been." perfect perfect perfect and then that a message made me scream out loud when i first read it especially how alison didn't take it seriously at first but aria always did and it all just spiraled eventually and just wow WOW this would be such a good show if they had half your imagination and creativity i s2g

and in the next section i just: "Referring to it as a loss of virginity would be detrimental considering she gained so much from it – power, specifically, and an incredible knack for recalling not–so distant bitter memories and engaging in the necessary politics with the people involved in them to get her revenge." holy crap this was just such a good sentence and such a good IDEA like i'm soooo used to it being a "loss of virginity" bc of media culture you know and just automatically her first time having sex would have been thought of as her losing her virginity if you hadn't said anything BUT YOU TURNED THAT ON ITS HEAD BECAUSE ARIA IS SO MUCH MORE AMAZING THAN JUST A GIRL WHO LOSES HER VIRGINITY TO SOME GUY IN ICELAND and it also highlighted just how, i guess, different she is from normal girls? i mean obviously because normal girls don't become a but like in the show how the other girls' having sex for the first time was such a big deal for them bc virginity and sex omg! but aria just has sex and instead of thinking of it as a loss she considers it a gain and she starts her grand master plan afterwards and it just fits her sooo well like omg i am in awe of you

also MIKE READS BANNED BOOKS FOR FUN i am shrieking i am so in love with this kid it's not even funny like he's barely on the show? but he's so cute and troubled and the show gives you these hints into who he really is but aside from that one storyline and a few moments w/ aria it never really delves into mike BUT YOU DO AND IT'S SO BRILLIANT like he doesn't understand lolita i just want to hug him HE'S SO CUTE and also aria's apology was ajgkldfsgjdfsgid oh my god and then he starts crying and she breaks too and i just ohhh man HOW DO YOU DO THIS i'm so emotional over these two and then of course the "She had her first love - " I WANT TO SCREAM THAT WAS BRILLIANT

that next little section is just full of so many beautiful pieces of prose even though it's so short like it's just this little ezra/aria scene bUT I MEAN "because when it comes down to it her world is Mike" (the rest of the sentence is super pretty too but i just wanted to focus on this because it makes me want to sCREAM IT'S SO LOVELY AND SAD AND OH MAN MIKE AS ARIA'S NUMBER-ONE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD IS JUST THE SWEETEST SADDEST MOST PERFECT THING ) and then also "Then she casually recounts all her firsts until there's nothing left to count. She can't get much older than she already is." i just wow i don't even know what to do with you and your stupid talent like oh man "she can't get much older than she already is" just hit me so hard because like aria is so young she's only seventeen or whatever but she's seen so much and done so much but she's still just a girl and just wow i still don't know how you do it man

WES AND ARIA TALKING okay i think i may have mentioned this earlier (bear with me it's taking me multiple days to write this review so i've already forgotten most of the earlier paragraphs lmao) BUT SOMETIMES I JUST FORGET HOW MUCH I SHIP THEM AND THEN THEY INTERACT EITHER IN CANON OR THIS STORY AND I JUST FALL IN LOVE WITH THEM ALL OVER AGAIN LIKE IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE like god their conversation was sixty shades of perfection with aria angry and hurt and wes just hopelessly in love and the way aria just steamrollers him in their argument because you can tell she has a lot of practice but you can also tell that she actually cares about wes because she's so mad that he left and also because she forgives him so quickly and wants him back in her life eeep and then wes's little speech to her was so heartwrenchingly adorable i want to cry

okay i'm gonna skip over a scene or two in this review partly bc a paragraph for each scene would be insane and partly because i want to get to the good stuff aka mike/aria/wes obviously BUT JUST KNOW THAT I READ AND ADORED EVERY SINGLE WORD OKAY

so the fact that aria WANTS mike to be aware of and involved with wesley makes me squeal every time i read it because oh man it's just the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD and also it's really refreshing after all that stupid secrecy surrounding ezria ("secrecy" lmao they literally made out in the school parking lot i honestly think all of rosewood knows about them and just doesn't care because they're so boring) even the show let us see that mike felt a little left-out around aria during her relationship with ezra like he kept asking her questions and stuff about them so the fact that now she wants to include mike when it comes to wesley is so touching and i'm so glad you put it in because it just adds an extra wonderful layer to their sibling dynamic AND THEN WES JUST STROLLS IN AND WINS OVER MIKE I AM SCREAMING THAT'S SO CUTE THEY'RE SO CUTE and then the three of them just chill for an afternoon oh god i mean you know for how much i write (or used to write) fluff i honestly don't enjoy reading it a lot just because it's boring but this was so not boring IT WAS JUST REALLY CUTE AND ADORABLE AND I JUST WANTED TO HUG THEM ALL especially when they got into a food fight and aria and wes were flirting and mike pretended not to notice and oh man this is just the greatest

IT GETS EVEN BETTER omg mike had "the talk" with wes i'm screaming that is amazing i need that on the show like i literally physically need gregg sulkin and cody c
Myriddin chapter 1 . 6/24/2013
Nicely done.
Fee-Sha16 chapter 1 . 6/18/2013
I really loved your story! It was great! You did a fantastic job!(:
squeakyswings chapter 1 . 5/27/2013
God, Hope, this was eons beyond perfection. I am in unashamed love with it.
all these ghost towns chapter 1 . 5/24/2013

I can't quite function properly enough to leave you something that actually conveys how I feel about this fic, but I'm going to try?

Firstly, I love love love love Wes/Aria and I feel like it's such an overshadowed pairing and it eats me up because just look at all that gorgeous potential that exists between the two of then that you've just explored. God, this was done SO perfectly. And organically. And guhghhhh I love every period, comma, and syllable of this.

Secondly, the use of the juxtaposition of Mike and the mess of emotion there thrown against the canvas of who Aria is and how she ticks is just wonderful.

And I'm dropping back from my attempt at properly reviewing because I'm getting stuck in my feelings and admiration.

But yes, this was just cosmic. Love love love.

Thank you for sharing, you.
thesilentspy chapter 1 . 5/23/2013
This will probably be short since it's like 3 am here but I have to review this story. First off, thank you for making an Aria fic that wasn't Aria/Ezra or Aria/one of the Liars. I like that, although they're pairings in here, it still focuses more on Aria herself rather Aria in a relationship. I feel like Aria had a really cool personality in the books, then kinda lost of it in the show, and when I searched fanfiction for a remedy, I just got more of the same thing. So kudos for being different.

I also really like the dialogue. It flows and feels natural.

It's getting late now, so I'll end this review here, but nice woek.
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