Reviews for Iryo-nin Kasa (医療忍傘)
Chuck Norris420 chapter 1 . 8/10
Ignore the comments of the flamers.
The story is great
Emi2468 chapter 65 . 7/26
How can you be this much of a pice of shit of a person having the princes die from hypothermia under her care are you stupid or what. At this point she is so emotionally crippled that it would make more sense that she just kills herself before they get back to konoha
Emi2468 chapter 33 . 7/26
Is she really never going to be able to make seals. I mean she just needs calligraphy lessons
Emi2468 chapter 20 . 7/23
I think failing her would have insta killed the story.
lol chapter 1 . 7/12
Terry chapter 5 . 6/22
Hiruzen is a piece of shit... confirmed. Seriously, wth?
Benw8888 chapter 69 . 6/12
What makes me mad isnt the deaths, but her iryojutsu once again. Her cancerous chakra was caused by too much chakra, but once she lowers the amount it goes to “barely affected me”. This is clearly a nerf making her iryojutsu useless.
Benw8888 chapter 66 . 6/12
Can’t even heal herself from alcohol poisoning… is she really an iryo-nin? Getting a little frustrated at the lack of tangible results from all her medical specialization
Benw8888 chapter 65 . 6/12
This chapter is pure BS; an iryonin that can’t stop hypothermia, what a joke. The only iryo jutsu she tried was a defibrillation, she didnt even try the mystical palm! Unreasonable and forced plot.
Benw8888 chapter 21 . 6/11
I hate Tokuma with a passion
Benw8888 chapter 17 . 6/10
Really annoyed at Kasa here for arriving so late. Regardless of her excuses she had options; she just chose not to take them.
Benw8888 chapter 16 . 6/10
She didnt warn them about danzo… fricking idiot, Hanzo even gave her an excuse.
Benw8888 chapter 14 . 6/10
Ok the “enhancer” thing is kinda bs but im liking the rest. She and her father should really be mad at Konoha for not notifying Kasa that her father was alive.
Flaumjaze JZ chapter 115 . 4/26
Sighing...bc my romance and adventure with Kakashi never came true...

Still, I loved it. I loved this. I have some squalms about how crazy everything is, but overall I am really satisfied with the character of Kasa Mon, Rayne, and Ella Gates.

I have hoped you would continue the fic with Ella Gates and Kasa Mon mix of Naruto x Fairytail.

Like, a lost konoha shinobi in the foreign country had recognize Crimson Terror amongst the crowd, mingling with wizards, making it back to the village and report the news of the said oracle intermingling with foreigners.
Then, a mission request from the Godaime, or a possible adventure of Kakashi and team going to the wizard world to visit Kasa in th Fairy Tail guild, only to be seen as a suspicious person by the members of the said guild, because why would some ninjas look for a valuable member of theirs?
They proceed to fight it out because of impulse, then Ella-Kasa appeared, stopping them with her killing intent and batshit irritation causing her chakra to flare about. Then comes the explanation and compromise.
When discussion's over, Kasa latch on Kakashi's arm the teases him of how he missed her or how her undying love for Kakashi never perished, then proceed to lick/kiss his cheek/lips, making him stunned and the audience shocked.
Someone then asked if they're in a relationship and Kasa spouted some nonsense of how ambiguous their relationship is to the point where Kakashi had to clamp his hand to cover Kasa's mouth and with a poor reason of talking privately, excused themselves and locked themselves in a room.
Everyone then shared their wildest ideas of what the two are doing behind closed doors with Naruto and Sasuke going on full panic and banging the door to get Kasa and Kakashi out, Kasa proceeds to make matters worse by shouting back in a seductive tone to not disturb the moments of long distanced lovers, then moaning of what's kakashi's doing, why is he manhandling her, then comes the sound of things tumbling around and bodies slamming and many more ambiguous sounds, causing the two protective brothers to pale and collapse in front of the door.
At this point, Kakashi is desperate to get out of Kasa's hold on him just to shut her up, making things worst to the audience's imagination outside the door. After communicating in handsigns Kasa asking why they're here, they come out of the room, hair disheveled, clothes disarray, and Kasa fixing her yukata/kimono's neck sleeves to cover the skin that got exposed and Kakashi fixing his mask into place and donning his cape back to his body which the woman used to tie him up.
Everyone then proceed to think that something really happened, and news got out that Ella's lover chased her back from another country just to be with her.

Yep, something like that, or any writer please, write that up, and email me if you do. Cause even if the plot I somehow made up interests you, proceeding to make it into a story is hard job not anyone can take.
getalife1000 chapter 11 . 4/21
naw. IDC if she becomes a Jinchuriki. I want Rin to live tho
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