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des chapter 46 . 3/27
I love when fanfic writers do that. I love when the ending leaves me breathless and happy and sad all at the same time because they got the best ending they could've possibly ever had. I loved how you weaved finnick's appearances over and over again in this story for it to finally end with prim finally coming through and having katniss promise her to live well. It was beautiful. Katniss and peetas relationship in this story was a rollercoaster, up down and all around. But that's exactly who they are. I loved every aspect of this depiction of their love story and how they found each other again. I loved the toasting at the end, and the promise of hope and to live well for those they lost. It left a beautiful message of hope and love. Of course I was sad because it ended and I just wanna keep on reading about them and what their post-mj lives are like, but really, there couldn't have been a better way to end such a beautiful and touching story. Thank you.
GAFan chapter 4 . 3/24
Peeta starting a garden. Peeta is the force of life and hope and he is bringing Katniss along on his journey towards healing. Wonderful chapter again!
GAFan chapter 3 . 3/24
The imagery in this chapter is breathtaking! I love how you tied Peeta's orange color into this scene. So well done!
GAFan chapter 2 . 3/24
It's really nice of you to promote other fics. I've truly enjoyed reading these stories. Thank you! As for this wonderful story, I really like having Haymitch involved. I felt he left me with a very sad note at the end of MJ. Thanks for that!
GAFan chapter 1 . 3/24
My heavens, this is one of the best opening chapters I have ever read! Thank you so much for this! I am really looking forward to reading this fic :D.
singingsiren101 chapter 15 . 3/24
This story is SO GOOD! I love your writing style. It's my favorite kind to read. I love all of your thoughts/explanations regarding her depression and self-hatred and how she's told to cope with that. I'm interested in what personal experience you have with stuff like that or if you've just done good research. The way you speak to it in the story is helpful to me, and I really love what you've put together here.
Echo752 chapter 46 . 3/23
This is the most beautiful piece of art I've ever read about Everlark! Thank you so much for writing it, it was a bliss from the first to the last chapter :)
spring70 chapter 48 . 3/7
I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I have been reading fanfiction for years and I have never been so deeply moved by a story then by this one, It was simple amazing. In all the years I've been reading I have never left a review, but this story was so captivating and so touching a had to express my thanks to you for giving us all such a wonderful journey of pain, fear, hope, and LOVE. THank you
IloveavatardsthatloveHG chapter 48 . 2/14
That was, unbelievably, utter perfection. I love you.
shadowphantomnes chapter 22 . 1/29
Wow, just... wow. I skimmed a little and got to this chapter, which was absolutely amazing! I really liked the Haymitch and Effie interaction and I admit I skipped some of the lemon scenes.
shadowphantomnes chapter 11 . 1/29
I loved the ceremony from district 4, with the flowers being thrown into the sea, and the ever-burning flame of district 12, and Katniss going to the ceremony with Peeta.
shadowphantomnes chapter 9 . 1/29
So this is how they came up with the idea of the memory book! I think it was good for Katniss to remember Gale as he was, and also to bid him goodbye. And she will go to the memorial with Peeta...
shadowphantomnes chapter 8 . 1/29
Another beautiful chapter. Now Katniss is doing things for Peeta and things are improving a little.
shadowphantomnes chapter 7 . 1/29
The baking scene was really sweet, but I especially liked the part at the end where Katniss is watching Peeta and kissing him and helping him through his night terrors and being responsible for his well-being. And having been through CBT myself, it could really help the them!
shadowphantomnes chapter 6 . 1/29
Well, Katniss did need time alone, to come to grips with her selfishness, but it wasn't because of Peeta not being perfect that she went and hid. I'm glad Haymitch told Peeta to give her time to recover!
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