Reviews for Stargate: The Twelve Colonies
Guest chapter 25 . 3/23
Please Update Soon
Kyle Razor chapter 1 . 3/18
This one was really funny! I loved it.
Guest chapter 25 . 3/7
I hope you update soon!
Ivy Gort chapter 25 . 3/3
I really, really like Nagala! You have developed a great character! I love how he can feel stupid one minute and figure out how handle people the next. (Is his assit. Terran? Though, I wonder about Aschen with the lack of expressions.)

I simply love this story.

Oh, and your explanations about the way things work are right on. You give me enough information to understand why things work and how they work, without the over load.

I hope you get back to it soon!

Thank you for all your hard work writing this story!
Guest chapter 20 . 2/28
Chapter 20: You know the Damocles of this chapter is a new Titanic. A ship good on paper but not enough small craft or life boats to evacuate in time of emergency.
Guest chapter 17 . 2/28
Chapter 17: This chapter used the word gecko when it should have been get go.
Ivy Gort chapter 6 . 2/28
Sorry about the no login review. I don't feel like digging up my password again. Besides, I like idea that you are writing the next chapter instead of answering my reviews.

I admit that I tried to read this story before and got lost in this section because I didn't quite understand where in SG-1 this story was based. Now that I've read the first two "books" of the trilogy, this chapter, and the one before it makes a lot more sense.

As Jack mentioned the terrans are now in the middle of (3?4?) wars in three different galaxies. They have their hands full and the small ship that Colonial One scaned was just a small scout ship to support the operation on going in the colonial fleet. I am rather shocked they could even spare that ship at this point.

I can also see why Daniel had to tell half-truths because they are terrified of the cylon's jump tech and if the they can jump between shields on ships but also jump into planet's orbit and unleash a few nukes before the defenses can react. Or even jump between the planetary shield and the planet. Or could they even do what the Minbari do and use the jump as a weapon.

Or not.

I also understand that the colonials are at war and everything they hear will be through the lens of fear and paranoia. While Daniel said they don't know which side to choose, all the colonials heard was, they may side with the cylons, or they may invade when the cylons and colonials are the weakest.

end Spoilers

BTW: I am writing this with four hungry cats trying to help, so typos are not my fault.g

My personal opinion is that I like it when fanfiction writers veer off from the actual story and create their own worlds and their own rules to the universe they are writing. I think that's why I like your stories so much. If I wanted a re-cap of the series with a self-insertion then I wouldn't be reading fanfiction.

I really like how (most of the time) you create rules in your universe that the characters can't break-until they figure out a way to do it. Plus, after reading nearly a million words, I can say you have kept the basics to each character. Jack is Jack, Daniel is Daniel, and down the line.

Anyway, on to chapter 7.

Again, thank you so much for writing these stories, and for giving my mind a safe place to play.

Guest chapter 24 . 2/27
went shit
anja.quickert.9 chapter 25 . 2/23
:-) :-) :-)
Guest chapter 25 . 2/14
I love it
Stalyon chapter 25 . 2/12
Great chapter! Loved it!
EvilTheLast chapter 25 . 2/12
Good update. When the 13th Tribe (1st Tribe) left Kobal, they said "Oh, we be naming whatever land mass that supports life Earth. Not Dirt, Mud, Mudland, Rainland, Greenland, Zombieland, Iceland, or Sandland. Nope. We are stuck with that name...even though Eden, Avalon,...or a bunch of other names sound so much cooler!" Their 'religious book' is extremely vague. One would think the Colonists would of sent out hundreds of long range fleets looking for Kobal to see what kind of condition that world was in over the last 2,000 years. I would of assumed not everyone would of left after 'the disaster' that forced the '12 Tribes' to leave the planet.
tonygestaple chapter 25 . 2/11
Nice to see this story has been updated. I like the way you have paced the interactions between Earth and The Colonies, leading up to the meeting in this chapter. Great stuff!
ferduran chapter 25 . 2/11
It is great to see that the next update come so fast
Norjc chapter 25 . 2/10
Well, of course the scrolls are inconsistent! Many holy books, including the Bible, are inconsistent. In the Bible, some books were written at various times by various authors separated in time by centuries. Tha Bible also underwent several translations that could change the context of certain words. Clearly, someone who did not travel with the Thirteenth Tribe had to have written the scroll. However, believers will say the writer was divinely inspired to write what they had written so it must be true. All I am saying is that Jack didn't really disprove anything. He simply raised questions.
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