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Worldmaker chapter 7 . 10/25
Stephen King, who knows a few things about writing, says that the first law of writing is "Thou shalt not waste the reader's time."

Starting your story by getting butthurt because someone was mean to you in a review is wasting the reader's time. You're going to get negative reviews. Who gives a fuck. They are just opinions. If you want nothing but cookies and rainbows and everyone to like you, stop writing. Believe me, we - the professional writers who actually make money doing this - don't bother with negative reviews at all. Big deal.

Stop wasting the reader's time. Its annoying as hell.
Worldmaker chapter 5 . 10/25
You wasted half a page responding to one person.

Don't do that. Its horrible. Or if your ego is so fragile that you absolutely must correct some douchebag who criticizes you, do it at the *end* of the story, please.
Kris chapter 32 . 8/6
The historical perspective is interesting.
abraxas01 chapter 5 . 8/5
Your explanation as to why it was the Colonials that initiated hostilities first is a little weak. Adama's admission to breaching the armistice line being the reason why the Cylons attacked is not really taking into account all the other issues involved and shows a lack of understanding of the armistice in general. Again, Cylons were the ones that never showed to the agreed upon meetings at Armistice Station, thus they would be in breach. In fact, the fact there was no sign of the Cylons AT ALL made the Admiralty wonder if the Cylons were even there anymore. The reason it was a black op had more to do with the fact that the military wanted to keep it out of the public and political eye. They did it without permission from anyone in the government. Dumb idea but when your gov is pushing for disarmament and/or cutbacks to the military when you have a potential hostile force sitting next door, I can kinda understand. If they could obtain evidence that the Cylons were militarily building up, then that would probably be enough to get things turned around and it wouldn't matter HOW they got that evidence as long as they weren't caught. Better to beg forgiveness than ask permission. And the force they showed up with was considerably more than I would expect for a military buildup lasting a few years add to that the infiltration units that had been in place for a good bit longer than a few years means this plan was in the works for quite awhile. One further nail in their coffin is that with the agents they had in place, it would have been childs play to see that the Colonies were in fact downsizing their military, not building up. You don't downsize just before initiating hostilities, in fact one of the things intel looks for is an increase in defense spending of foreign nations to see if they are planning an attack. So the Cylons attacked when the Colonial military was arguably at its weakest in 4 decades. Again, this argues that they did this with malicious and calculated intent to commit genocide, not in self defense as was claimed.
abraxas01 chapter 4 . 8/5
I need to point out a few things that are heavily glossed over in the lore and also a few things that try to make the Colonials out to be the bad guy here. While they are not blameless in the conflict, that is not the same thing as saying they are the aggressor.
First, the 'border incursion' was a scouting mission made due to the Cylons NOT abiding by the armistice. One of the agreements of the armistice was for a regular meeting at ARMISTICE STATION. A meeting the cylons never showed up to in over 40 years. That is a violation of the armistice and thus, if the colonies wanted to push it, leaves the two sides in a defacto state of war. The Colonial military buildup was due to the belief that the Cylons were ALSO building up in preparation for continuing the war, something that could have been avoided had the cylons bothered to show up at the meetings layed out in the armistice agreement. Those meetings also could have resulted in an actual treaty that would have ended the war.
The next accusation, that the Colonials created a sentient and sapient race then enslaved them is just... I can't even begin to say how wrong. The cylons were never designed to be self aware. There is a huge difference between an autonomous robot and an actual AI. I'm not entirely clear on what caused that evolution into full sentience but what IS clear is that they didn't start that way, thus the Colonials did not set out to enslave a sentient race. I also don't recall a cylon or a group of cylons approaching the Colonial to explain they had developed sentience and attempting to open a dialogue to gain freedom, they simply struck out in violence. Doesn't paint them in too great a light there. Also, while there were boundaries setup during the armistice, are you telling me that, with the entire galaxy at their disposal, with the massive amount of time and resources the cylons expended on a military buildup and R&D, they couldn't have developed an alternate fuel source to leave that sector of space? In BSG the galaxy is shown as practically empty of other life but the cylons stayed right next door, building up a military force to strike at their supposed oppressors. Cylons are not limited to a single lifespan as humans are so the time it would take to explore and search out other systems FAR away would be miniscule, but no, they CHOSE to build up in the immediate area around the colonies. The war was not a reaction to aggression from the Colonials, this was premeditated genocide using the FLIMSIEST of excuses, that being the Colonials violated their borders.
Guest chapter 32 . 5/23
Please update soon
Hi-Fionn chapter 7 . 4/16
It’s weird that the Asgard name the first Daniel Jackson class ship Daniel Jackson that’s a very human thing to do. I think they’ve been around us pink skins for far too long. (I know that wasn’t your choice it was in the show I’m attempting to jest)
Blaze1992 chapter 32 . 3/12
So eternal flu huh wonder if that was inspired by certain news stories lately.
Arekanderu chapter 32 . 3/12
I love it. This is such a great explanation for the Cylon history
Devilking1994 chapter 22 . 2/29
Not sure why they wouldn’t colonise the city and Kobol given the many benefits of having a pre built city would provide for any colony
ekarza5032e chapter 32 . 2/29
Outstanding story. PLEASE COMPLETE IT
RDDash chapter 30 . 2/26
Are they for real? So, they revived the man several hours after his death and then put the name of the killer in the report. They might as well tell them the truth that no one is going to bother burry a fake dead man with honors.
RDDash chapter 18 . 2/23
The same idiots who reelected the most hated president, now made military coup against him. Have they not heard about impeachment?
RDDash chapter 32 . 2/22
No one is retarded. Nobody else had a convenient access to ancient technology that the terrans practically stole it for their own use.
RDDash chapter 3 . 2/21
Feels like a lazy copying canon events so far.
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