Reviews for How The Mighty Have Fallen
MARSHMELLOWTOASTIE chapter 19 . 10/9
Oh so that explains why he was so skinny and low on muscle. I thought it was just because he was starving himself but your explanation makes more sense. Great job. Can't wait to read more.
MARSHMELLOWTOASTIE chapter 10 . 10/9
Wow. This chapter was intense. It made me shiver. great job on this story.
This is one of the most interesting ideas I've read in a while. I'm going to enjoy reading this story.
Joanne N.Grey chapter 44 . 9/23
Well well well Hannah, this story is awesome! The plot, emotions, characters are pretty great. Well executed and all. The whole thing was very well thought out. The OCs were not MarySue-ish. Quite likeable. And the waterbending feature was pretty cool. :)

However, this story has a ton of mistakes, spelling, grammar. Some of them are funny. Like using "gate" instead of "gait", "soldiers" instead of "shoulders", "bronze" instead of "brawns". They were so many, so, so many. Again, a mistake in your Biology: in the last chapter you wrote that Leo took in a deep breath and let out oxygen. Biology dictates that creatures breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Plants are the only organisms that breathe out oxygen and only when they are photosynthesizing. So you were wrong.
If you could edit this work it would be a definite 10/10.
ishadatey chapter 44 . 7/21
Man! your writing is amazing...i try very hard to write something as good as this but i always gail to find the perfect phrasings and word. i feel so damn jealous of u. my heart is being filled with a pure fire of envy... (just kidding...i love ur work.)
flainower chapter 44 . 4/30
Wow. I absolutely loved this! It was incredible, amazing, and heart wrenching for your first story. You have a talent for writing and you must continue. Once a writer, always a writer! Sorry that I don't review throughout the entire story, I like to feel the entire thing first before I can muster anything worth saying. Once again, incredible story. I love authors who can create enough emotion in a story to make the reader feel it, pain, fear, anger, happiness, and sadness. Beautiful!
xMidnight Spiritx chapter 44 . 4/14
This is seriously one of the most amazing books I have ever read! I love it so much and the writing is so amazing that I can't even express how awesome it is!
hi09 chapter 33 . 3/20
So good! Thank you! Sorry I just noticed this amazing story!
Dead Hero chapter 3 . 3/14
Natalie Ryan chapter 44 . 3/11
WOW! This was just wow. It was one hell of a roller coaster. I love every word of this story. Leo is my favorite and although I thought this story would be what I looked for, it exceeded my expectation. I felt every tear, every fit, every seizure, every second of pain and self-doubt.
It was an emotional journey and you are writing very, very well, so keep up the good work.
In normal circumstances I would write a mile long review, but being in tears and shaking from a loud laugh makes it difficult.
Natalie Ryan chapter 26 . 3/3
This is seriously one of the best things that I've read so far here on fan fiction. I love hurt/comfort, and drama, and angst, and fluffiness and everything and I think that I bit my lip harder on the inside when Raphael exclaimed that he "f*****g loved Leonardo" in hopes not to scream out loud, because my mom is here in the living room with me, and she would want answers if I scream. But I couldn't stop the tears.
Sorry that's at chapter 26 that I get the first ched.
Poor Leo... this is so heartbreaking. I can't wait to ance to review, but I was too caught up to get to the point where Leo tells them everything that I couldn't stop, I just couldn't. I will definitely continue with reading tomorrow, now I really gotta go to bsee what happens to him and if he'll meet Grace and Anna again and if they will finally just smash Hanson in the wall and let him die slowly, in his own body fluids. Sorry if this was too much, but this is the second time I hate a villain so much after one in an ncisla story I read last year. He had a twisted mind, just like Hanson.
I always knew Raph was a big softy ans I'm happy h finally showed that.
Can you hear me crying? This is bloody amazing story... You are a good writer and I like your style of writing. Powerful and with a message.
TheRedScreech chapter 44 . 3/1
Absolutely superb! Thank you for the ride!
Yami560 chapter 44 . 11/19/2015
Omfg! Im really love this! Sorry for not write in the last chapters i really bad english only speak spanish but not think what you read good this review jajajaja only wanted say the good your writing
Ya0iLover chapter 14 . 10/31/2015
This is the best story every!
Most bestest,angst story ever...
If the most funniest is the "Turtles Gone Wild by Ryan Phelan"
Ya0iLover chapter 4 . 10/31/2015
My thoughts? I feel sad for Leo... This story is angst, indeed...
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