Reviews for How The Mighty Have Fallen
silver dragon SD chapter 32 . 7/1
Nice chapter dudette! Sorry for not showing up lately! But i just got so hooked up and forgot to review!
Kaitlyn chapter 44 . 3/26
I have no words I can find to express my graduate for your hard work in wrighting this story. I absolutely LOVE your story! This has to be one of the best stories I have read in a REALLY long time. You are a GREAT writer and have amazing talent in how you bring the story to life and how you make us feel the emotion. I have read this very eagerly and am devastated that it is now over. I usually read other thing like romances and usually avoide anguish stories. But now that I have read this I WILL expand my reading list into more stories like this. And remember that I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!
(Seriously, I can't get over how good this story was)
Treeni chapter 44 . 1/12
Thank you.
Treeni chapter 43 . 1/12
I just... need to hug someone and cry ok?
Treeni chapter 42 . 1/12
Then he opened his eyes and said "Just kidding!"
And they went home an lived happily ever after!
Treeni chapter 41 . 1/12
I just... want a happy end so much... ugh need to get to chapter 44 stat!
Treeni chapter 40 . 1/12 don't make me leave the chapter with hope...
Treeni chapter 39 . 1/12
It's almost over, it's almost over, I can make it to the happy end, it's almost over...
Treeni chapter 38 . 1/12
*bites on fist nervously until blood draws* Noooo no no no no no!
Do not want!
Do not like!
Can we kill Hanson?
Please oh please oh please?!
Treeni chapter 37 . 1/10
Can I just scoop Leo and Grace and Anna up in my arms and protect them from the world and everything?
Cause that's all I want to do.
Treeni chapter 34 . 1/9
I'm almost certain there's going to be a happy end, but I'm so anxious!
Treeni chapter 31 . 1/9
I'm so happy Anna finally gets to meet the guys, but the thought that she finally gets to see Leo again has my blood racing! o.o
How's he going to react? Could he even believe it's real without a breakdown?
Treeni chapter 30 . 1/9
I'm in tears... you don't understand how close parts of this are hitting home.
Treeni chapter 28 . 1/9
This still hurts so much to read, but I gotta know, ya know?
Treeni chapter 25 . 1/4
I can't handle this chapter... it took me three days and several times stopping and going to be able to get through it because EMOTIONS ugh.
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