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Summer007 chapter 13 . 5/2/2016
Omg the movie came out already LOL and now they're making fast eight you have to finish the story I need more Dottie scenes stat LOL
Raggedydollz chapter 1 . 8/27/2015
People-if you don't like my version, go write your own, but please stop whining about it in these long ass paragraphs. It's MY story. go find something to do! I really wish I knew how to suspend reviews for this story- i get one every other day and it's just insane how fanatic some people are about the characters! Jeesh! IT'S NOT THAT SERIOUS!

AND ON THAT NOTE-thanks for the reviews!
Guest chapter 13 . 8/14/2015
How can this be the end. D:
summerpoint chapter 13 . 7/21/2015
This is one of my favorite Dom and Letty stories! I love how passionate and complex the characters are and I love how you describe what's going on in their lives a quarter mile at a time.
Lll chapter 13 . 6/26/2015
Glad you don't let people stop you from writing. Hope you actually do have a good opinion of women even if it doesn't come thru in your stories.

Love the complex relationship between Dom and Letty. But it is super interesting that you think that it's obvious that they both love each other and that it's a lot of work.

All I see in your story is Letty doing all the work. Dom doesn't have to treat her well or work for her or anything. And whether they are lovey dovey out in the open, the sign of true love is how they treat each other particularly when they are alone together. And you have shown us very little of Dom treating Letty like a woman he loves. While Letty gives Dom her everything. Her heart. Her love. Her loyalty. Dom gives her very little in response.

When you deviate from the movies why not improve on dom and lettys relationship?instaed of making it more and more painful for Letty?

Write what you want but realize what your story says about you and how you view the world. And your view of the world seems pretty down on women. Dom basically grate Letty like some sort of possession of sex you or pet. She's not lower to make decisions for herself or them as a couple. Only HE gets to decide what is right for them both. The fact that you have Letty accept that type of behavior is what I mean by your negative d opinion on women. Again. Maybe you grew up in an environment where the best a woman can expect is for w man to throw her a bone once in a while. Where Mia is excited about being scouted for a strip club instead of medical school of nursing school. Somehow I doubt Letty would have been excited if she had been scouted for a strip club...

Letty is verbally abused and has her heart broken by Dom, then she is violently raped. Then Dom comes back and is a total asshole to her and treats her like he doesn't love her and sleeps around. Then we are suddenly supposed to understand that she is back together with him. Then we know she stays by his side in the truck robberies, even when she and Vince both didn't want to do that last heist; she does it because she is loyal to Dom. She gets injured. They are on the run for years with Dom leaving her behind over and over only to make her track him down, usually cheating on her by kissing other women (if not more). And then when we find out that he was lying to her face when he said he'll loved her and they'd be forever "ride or die". Because be didn't ride or die for her. She kept her promise to ride or die but Dom never did.

And at the end we are supposed to be so happy for Letty that she got her memory back and ten seconds later Dom proposed. Like she didn't deserve to be treated better like she didn't deserve to feel angry or betrayed when she remembered him abandoning her. Like she didn't deserve for him to actually tell her he was wrong or ackowlecge that he hurt her and that him leaving is what put her in the situation where she was hurt (again) and lost her memories.

You know that it is ok for Letty to stand up for herself like a real woman would. Like the tough hard woman she was in the movies. It doesn't make it any less alive story if she island to be mad and betrayed and hurt by Dom. It so doesn't make Dom less of a man if he apologizes. On the contrary.

Good luck with your future writing! May you find your way to a story where Letty isn't everyone's punching bag and stands up for herself like the strong woman she is!

Letty rules!
Guest chapter 12 . 6/26/2015
What does being a tomboy or girly girl have to do with being a slut? You way that you made Letty not a slut but rather a tomboy, Not a girly girl.

You seem to be confusing two different things.

A slut is a woman who does not have self respect and sleeps around with people she isn't in love with, often with no regard for whether that person is already in a relationship.

A girly girl may wear dresses and makeup and not like beer and get her nails done. But that doesn't make her a slut. MIA is a girly girl but not a slut!

A tomboy is a woman who may wear pants more than skirts, and be involved in jobs or activities like sports, cars, etc. Letty is a tough tomboy, but she is every bit a woman! And also not a slut!

Please don't reinforce stereotypes about women! What a woman wears does not necessarily reflect he actions (being a slut is about your actions more than your outer appearance).

I am assuming that based on your response that being asked to be a stripper is a presidio is calling that you don't consider Mia to be a slut if she decides to strip. So why imply that women can be sluts or tomboys?

Ps when Dom sleeps around HE is a slut.
Lll chapter 11 . 6/26/2015
But it's all ok. All of Dom's mistakes are washed clean because he proposed to Letty. Because marrying her will fix everything. All the hurt and betrayal he caused her.

Cause marriage is some Magical thing that will finally make him loyal to her? He said he loved her when he was treating her like shit after lompock. He said he loved her before he left her in DR. If he can't even be bothered to apologize to her for his past sins I can't see their marriage lasting. If he doesn't respect her as a person marriage means nothing.
LLl chapter 11 . 6/26/2015
What does Letty mean that she betrayed Dom?

Dom is the one who betrayed her, repeatedly, not the other way around. Letty may have shot him, but she had no memory of him.

Dom on the other hand betrayed Letty right to her face and with full knowledge.

I hate seeing Letty feeling more guilty than Dom. Seems unbalanced!

And are you joking that dominos still using the pitiful excuse that life has a way of changing ones plans AND it still works?!

She looks at Dom with "loyalty and trust" why exactly? Did he ever (EVER?) apologize to her or tell he he was wrong for leaving her? Here she is remembering waking up alone after he promised to stay with her and all he has to offer her is his lame "change of plans"?

Sigh. Dom doesn't deserve Letty's loyalty. And the sad part is that Letty doesn't even get a chance to be pissed off at him.

It's like the story is about how much Letty can be hurt by Dom and STILL take him back. He breaks her heart, over and over, leaves her,
Over and over, promises forever and then tells her she isn't his family, returns the symbol of her love, and then she is lucky enough to take him back without even a simple I'm sorry.

But thank God DOM gets everything he wants! I was worried for a sec that Dom would have to show a tiny ounce of maturity and change. But thank goodness you didn't have him, I don't know, acknowledge the pain he must have put Letty thru when he left her in the middle of the night or apologize or let her know that he knows he was wrong. Hat would be be rather the great and arrogant Dominic Toretto!

Actually now that I think about it, I don't think Dom has ever apologized to Letty in this whole story. Not after lompock and not after DR.

I guess he just doesn't think Letty is worth it.
Lll chapter 10 . 6/26/2015
Dom and Letty are already fucking?!
She has no memory and he is having sex with her? Seems a bit rushed. Unless she's the type of woman who always has sex with men she doesn't know, Dom is a stranger to her!

All she knows is that he saved her life (which is awesome but not reason to start sleeping with someone). And it's unclear if she knows that the reason she is hurt and with no memory of her past and was with Owen is because she nearly got herself killed trying to get Dom back after he left her and told her they weren't family.

If they are fucking (cause they aren't making love if Letty doesn't remember Dom) and Dom hasn't told her then he sure is taking advantage of her!
Guest chapter 9 . 6/26/2015
I know you are following the storyline from the movie but it's so exhausting seeing Letty work and work and work to get Dom back and him reject her, saying she's not family. She literally followed him and supported him no matter what for years and he just tossed her aside because he says its too dangerous. Like she has no say in the matter. Like her choice and opinions do not count. Just like he did when he went to jail. He returned her necklace and rejected her love and loyalty and she goes out and gets herself killed (almost) trying to get him back.

I hope that Dom's heart is crushed even half as much as he crushed Letty's heart!

That way they can both be on even footing if/when they get back together.
Guest chapter 6 . 6/26/2015
Dom loves Letty? Really? Cause he sure treated her like she when he got out of jail.

Really? He LOVES her?

How do you explain his behavior then?
krisle chapter 13 . 3/29/2015
hope there is more soon.
bammbamm28 chapter 13 . 2/17/2015
Loved those story. Dunno why so many haters out there! It's great that there are so many creative writing and pieces for us to enjoy!
Hope you do continue after the new movie comes out! :)
AEM chapter 13 . 1/18/2015
I truly enjoyed your rendition beginning to the end. Kudos to you for an awesome story!
Dramamomma19 chapter 13 . 12/24/2014
NOOOOOoooooo are you mad I have to wait. Just don't let any of them did please.
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