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DarkShipsSailHere chapter 42 . 10/21
I really hope you update! Damon needs to get his witch back and then they need to travel the world before settling down in Charm City so Bonnie can be part of Melissa's coven and go to college and go to raves with her vampire and Roman!
BPetrila chapter 42 . 9/20
Girl. This story gives me life?! Where u at?!
Autumn-Hime chapter 42 . 9/16
Stop making me wait a whole year just to read one of your amazing chapters... The torture is kkkkkiiiiillllllllllllllllllliiiiinnnnngggg me :'(
StilesSmiles2.0 chapter 42 . 9/12
pls update
Nidange chapter 25 . 8/28
Nyel chapter 42 . 7/30
I was so hang up in the story and i almost screamed when there was no next chapter T_T
StilesSmiles2.0 chapter 11 . 7/24
pls update. I really enjoy reading this
SINA chapter 42 . 7/11
One of the only few fics I always come back to read. Its well written & the character development is great. I did not see Bonnie disguising herself as Elena but you know its such a Bonnie thing to do. To save her friends. I love the love Bonnie & Damon have for each other. This story is soooo much better than the tv show. Please Update soon.
DeStelena15 chapter 42 . 7/12
What happend to two weeks? Please update this Story. PLEASE
StilesSmiles2.0 chapter 31 . 7/9
pls update
Noobles chapter 41 . 7/3
skb13 chapter 42 . 7/1
I love love this story. Bonnie and Damon's relationship is so beautiful. I really like how Damon is written. There was no back and forth with Elena, once he determined that he loved Bonnie that was it. Major feels.
I know it's almost been a year but I really hope you finish this story. You've dedicated so much time and effort into it, it would be great to see your conclusion. Not to mention you've done such an Amazing jobs with the fight scenes that I am anxious to read the upcoming battle with Klaus.
Guest chapter 42 . 6/16
I miss this story so much please continue to write it's a real masterpiece
Guest chapter 42 . 5/24
Lmao " see you in two weeks " said in july 2015
SweetVennum64 chapter 33 . 5/15
I'm not sure if you're still watching TVD but I read this story way before Damon and Bonnie got trapped on the other side and became closer. I read your story at a time where they still hated each other's guts on the show so I never once thought of them in a romantic way...until I came across this little gem. I never imagined them as a couple until I read your story. I can honestly say your story is what made me a Bamon fan. You made it so realistic and so believable. I liked how they hated each other at the beginning and they ended up being forced to work together for their only common goal at the time: save Elena. I like the slow burn and the internal struggles from them both. Bonnie realizing that she's slowly falling for him and realizing there is nothing she can do to stop it but at the same time she's trying her hardest to keep a few walls up because she's convinced Damon can't possibly feel the same way. Then you have Damon realizing he's falling for Bonnie but in true Damon fashion he gets angry about it and tries to keep her at a distance physically and emotionally by being an asshole. He hates that Bonnie can see through him but at the same time he's mesmirized at the fact that she's taken the time to pull back his layers. I love jealous Damon in Charm City when Bonnie and the other witch are channeling on the dance floor. That shows how possessive he really is. "Mine" is what he's saying without actually speaking the words when he bares his fangs at the other witch. And again when he finds out Jeremy painted a picture for her. But this time when Bonnie called him on it he gets mad and hurts her. I like that it took him losing her to realize how much he really needs her and that he's wasting time. I have a soft spot for bad boys who will only show their soft side to a select amount of people and I love that Bonnie ended up being one of those people. He begged for her forgiveness and he finally said the words he'd been fighting since the moment they started working together. "Be with me" ... "I'm asking you to be mine, I'm asking to be yours" Omg I squealed when I read that. But anyway, I'm getting long winded. I just wanted you to know this story is extremely well written and it goes down as one of my favorites... No scratch that... It goes down as my all time favorite Bamon fic. I'm not sure if you've already started because I haven't been on this site for months but I hope you're writing an AU fic of their time on the other side or an AU fic of their season 7relationship. I could really use a pick me up after watching the finale.
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