Reviews for Effervescent
To turn this around chapter 41 . 6/12
ummm are you going to continue with this story? just finished rereading it for the 100th time and just wanted to know if you had plans to complete it or not
Guest chapter 42 . 6/5
Can you like come out of hibernation and update this please.
Guest chapter 42 . 4/26
That was the one of the most engrossing reads I have read on fanfiction. Thank you so much for this. I did feel a little unhappy at parts when I thought Bonnie forgave Damon too easily for his crap but overall a great story. Loved harass Bonnie at the end. I can totally understand life getting in the way but I do hope you won't give up on this. A question though...Do you maybe not like Stefan very much?
Hazel chapter 42 . 4/16
This was an incredible great story. I want to see how the rescue went and how bonnie uses her magic to get out of it...did she accumulate more powers.. Did she get did touch a little bit about future and children. Did Elena breakup with Stefan. .and did bamon move to charm city or did they end staying in MF to protect their home town. Also how does Damon feel about Bonnie joining Melissa's coven when she does tell him...sorry you didn't get the chance to finish it...its been 2 yrs don't know what the chances are...I know life happens and it goes the story though and I see some elements in here where TVD might have used ya ideas... I see that a lot in some of these fanfics...and if you look at the timeline of when some of the fics were posted and the show episodes aired...makes you wonder how much the show writers borrowed... Just saying. Am a late reader but I love these fics...way better than the show. Anyways...I wish you the best
Hazel chapter 17 . 4/12
Very intelligently written..loving this. I love the dynamic BTW Roman and Bonnie..we all need a friend like Roman.
Hazel chapter 12 . 4/12
I hope she looses her vurginity with Jeremy and then Damon gets mad...great story by the way. Very intriguing
Hazel chapter 9 . 4/12
I love the Damon POV that way you know exactly what he is thinking.. I hope its included more
Hazel chapter 8 . 4/12
This is way late cuz am just now reading so it don't matter but Bamon is too soon. Bonnie needed to be selfish a little..after the fight with Elena and Damon that would have been the perfect time for her to be selfish and live a little.. Her and Damon kissing just feels like him using her and you have her catching feelings for him...naw too soon.. Bonnie doest need to be some rebound...this is years too late now
Guest chapter 42 . 3/29
This ond of my favorite bamon fan-fiction it was sooooo goood
ValidescopeWest chapter 41 . 3/24
I only see one chapter left and I know it's not finished. I count myself lucky to have found this story when it was almost finished. I had lots to read and I'm a firm believer in rereading a great story. I am now stalking your Tumblr a good way. I'm so relieved to see that you have mentioned finishing this story but Life just got in the way. Take care of you. I'm going to read chapter 42 and wait for you to finish the story. It's worth the wait.
ValidescopeWest chapter 37 . 3/23
Oh snap. I like this plan!
ValidescopeWest chapter 32 . 3/23
I loved this real and honest conversation between Damon and Bonnie
ValidescopeWest chapter 28 . 3/22
That chapter was amazing and I listened to Blood on repeat as I read the rescue scene.

I'm so happy!
ValidescopeWest chapter 20 . 3/22
I am enjoying this story so much. I think I inadvertently noticed in the reviews that it isn't finished. I don't care. I'll read all you have and just follow and favorite this story and hope you come back to finish one day.

Thanks for the great story.

ValidescopeWest chapter 5 . 3/21
I totally agree with what you said in the Author's Note. Bonnie has to not only learn to protect herself, she has to learn to trust herself. I approve Damon's tactics here. I do understand Bonnie's feelings here but she also has to learn. Had it been, not even an Original or Katherine, but just another vampire that was a baby vamp, she'd be dead now.
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