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Trogdor19 chapter 2 . 6/5/2013
I so adore the idea of Damon being in a happily noisy house. I'm pretty sure he needs a decade or two of that to balance him back out after all that bachelor living.

It’s common practice for me to have a To Do list a mile long. There are always people to hunt down and interrogate, assholes to kill, Elena to protect and try to convince that suicide is not the answer for whatever catastrophe the Supernatural Firing Squad has lined up for her.
-grin! You know how much I love Damon's to do lists, and this is so accurate, especially the Elena-specific firing squad. That boy has his work cut out for him.

-I like the irony that Damon is musing about how good things are and how they won, and he has to take a break from basking to clean the blood off Elena. Oh Mystic Falls.

I could use a good hour of relaxing in one of my favorite chairs, sipping top quality blood and listening to her laugh from the other room. It feels comforting, serene, and surprisingly normal
-Damon's version of listening to soothing music. Awwwww
My hand slides under paper and turns the page gently, and as my fingertip absently runs down the text it hits me. This is their home now. Just the three of us, four whenever Stefan decides to return, but that very well may be years. Part of me wants to panic at the thought of being responsible for a family I never asked for and immediately go tear into some midnight hiker to prove that I’m still me, but I picture Elena’s smile and relax.
-this is like HEA in a paragraph. You give me more confidence in my character assessments! And WHY is Damon reading so sexy?
Girls like that come complete with siblings and friends that hate you, memories and ridiculous traditions and a whole world that’s wrapped up in them.
-this is a fun assessment of Elena. The friends that hate you part brings their relationship right down to earth. Now all they need is a terrifying mother in law.
“There’s a room upstairs all ready for you, it’s the second door on the left,” she tells Jeremy and my pulse spikes.
-Damon's cue that he's about to get laid-ha!
“Tell him he’s welcome to stay alive as long as he doesn’t touch my liquor,” I tell Elena and she snickers.
- is there such a thing as enough Deremy? Come on Season 5!
She relays my message and I can practically hear Jeremy wrinkle his nose. “It’s still so weird that you guys talk through walls.”
-love the symbolism of this.
We sit silently as she finishes her glass and I savor the glorious burn of the nightcap she brought me. The only sound in the room is the scratching of old paper as I turn page after page and the whisper of her nails as she twirls the hair at the base of my neck
-shivers. Great sound imagery. And demonstration of their ability to be quiet with one another. You don't often see this in books.
She called all my biggest fears, and I told myself over and over that she didn’t mean it, but it’s hard to deny the ache when the person you would sell your soul for says she never loved you. That it was all a lie.
-poor Damon. Glad you don't brush all that switch less Elena under the rug like the show is going to.
Elena saunters into the bathroom wearing nothing but miles of long legs and smooth skin
-I haven't yet figured out why you want to use your descriptive powers to make me have a crush on Nina Dobrev, but frankly I think you should try to turn your powers to good, not evil.
I uncork it easily, snatching the tan missile out of the air after letting it jump off the bottle a foot and she giggles.
-So. Damn. Sexy.
I am squirming with glee over all the things they have to toast. And then this...
“To three little words…”
“Hot as fuck?” I supply and she blushes from cheeks to stomach.
“Right there, Damon…” I moan theatrically.
-ahahahahahaha! EVEN better!
“Oh my God!”
“That works too,” I tell her with a flare of my eyes.
-how long can you keep this rolling and keep making it wittier?
“You’re an ass.”
-apparently a long damn time.
nipples hard and slick with soap and every brush of skin feels amazing.
Whatever else happens, it’s my blood that turned her and now that the bond is broken, I can revel in the knowledge that I’m her sire. She will always be mine.
- so fucking HOT!
Every instinct she has is telling her to drain me while she fucks me, to ride the high until she’s satisfied and I’m nothing.
-ruthlessly fantastic description.
Her lips press to mine and it’s the beginning and the end, the point of the circle where your line overlaps as you make your way back around.
I say but it comes out slurred. “Maybe two.”
-there is something very atavistically satisfying about a sexually exhausted man, especially a supernaturally strong one.
This chapter is so satisfying. Like bacon dark chocolate: sweet, but savory enough to make it last, with salt to set off the sweet and a touch of hearty uniqueness to make the contentment both meaningful and memorable. Thanks for writing!
** Thanks for the awesome A/N compliment too ;) You're the one who made me fall in love with messy buns, after all.
tgjluvsbadboys chapter 4 . 6/5/2013
God I luv your fics! This was such an epic way of really ending the season finale. Thank you! Still can't believe they gave us that, but I'm sure they'll mess it up pretty quick, so thanks for this memory in my head.
tukct81 chapter 4 . 6/4/2013
Well you managed to combine all of my favorite things together in one chapter. You have DE, DE in a shower, DE having sex, DE cooking, and DE acting like a little family. So basically this chapter was perfect.
Trogdor19 chapter 3 . 6/4/2013
I WILL REVIEW! INTERNET OR NO INTERNET, IT WILL HAPPEN! Take that, technology. And yes, I know this is out of order. Randomness is kissing cousins to creativity. That's my argument and I'm sticking to it. Possibly 4 hours of sleep, one half a cheap beer and some Mac and Cheese are not the best brain food. On to review before I incriminate myself:

This is absolutely one of my new favorite Happy Goldnox chapters, which is a rare and distinguished group, for sure, though growing as of late.
I stir to stillness and silence. My hand searches across the span of silky laced threads, finding only emptiness the farther I reach.
-this first line is smoothly lovely, with lots of nice s-words. It starts the chapter off gently but beautifully.
My mind tumbles over images of toned calves propped against my shoulders, the wave that rolled up her spine as she held to the headboard, of fingers knitted together and pressed into the mattress.
-You do so many things here. First, there's unique imagery with use of the word tumbles (creates an interesting sense of movement in reference to his thoughts), wave (sensual, visual descriptor), held on to the headboard (makes this sexy without being explicit), and then the image of them holding hands to bring back a sense of romance fraught with required sexual tension. So well-done.
It’s the best kind of extension, tendons and joints locking at their fullest, vibrating at being awoken until the apex hits and everything unfolds.
-this is a phenomenal description of stretching. Familiar in feel, because you immediately recognize the accuracy, but not in wording, which is quite free of cliche. I'm adding this to my teacher's handbook for an example to show people of how to write a description.
I am so glad you included the conversation between Elena and Jeremy about burning the house down. cause yeah, if I were him, I'd be pissed. I wonder if since his physical body was created from magic, if he'll be weirdly healthy now?
Punk has no idea how close he came to being reacquainted with Death-by-Damon. I gave him the ring when his sister wasn’t looking but if the kid thinks he’s gonna start passing out judgment over Elena fumbling her grief, he is sorely mistaken.
I roll my eyes. Fucking brothers. Can’t live with them, can’t kill them without the presence of jewelry.
-Grins. I love the rhythm of this section and the reworking of the old saying about can't live with em. And the fact that Damon is so blasé about killing Jeremy and letting him come back to life again.
“Got hungry,” I shrug and lean forward to whisper in her ear. “I say we eat him.”
“That’s not funny, Damon.”
“Who’s joking? Gilberts are tasty.”
-bwhahahahaha! Damon's irreverence is exactly what Elena needs to lighten up her drama fest of a life.
“See? Happy as a Peeping Tom at Mardi Gras.”
-now that's a phrase that needs to be added to our cultural lexicon, immediately.
Two more steps and her feet only touch the hardwood enough to steady her as she launches with full speed, jumping onto my back with the grace only an ex-cheerleader slash immortal predator could pull off. A laugh bubbles up out of my chest but my steps never falter, helping to secure her legs around my waist and arms around my neck.
-awww! Epic amounts of playful cuteness with vampire speed and balance to make it fun.
“Lose the battle?” I taunt.
- how much do I love that they can tease each other about how whipped they both are?
“I need better pillows,” I sigh and shift, stretching out so she’s fully pinned. “This one’s all lumpy.”
-do you have a damn Book of Cute somewhere that you quote from? Mind sharing the wealth here?
“Elena, I hate to break this to you but you did not steal my virtue.”
“No, I know,” she smiles.
“Good. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I saw we defile what’s left of yours.”
- yeah! Do it ! Do it with your penis!
“And there’s more to you than a body count and notches on what I’m sure is a very long belt of conquests.”
-Are you listening, Julie? And also very well phrased.
“Like what?” I chuckle, intrigued. “My tax records?”
-tee hee! Great exchange here
“Exactly,” she nods.
“Like I pay taxes,” I scoff.
- grins. I love that he tries to pretend he's not an adult when he's actually the most responsible one on the show.
For my next birthday, I want the story of how Damon lost his virginity at 20. I love so much that you don't portray him as a adolescent playboy
Geographically or existentially?”
- an articulate smartass. My favorite!
“Mom,” I say quietly and clear my throat, which is suddenly tight. “Elena,” I say a little more pleading than I’d like, “I can’t-”
- see this is the allure of Damon that you do thoroughly get: a sexy smartass with hints of honesty and vulnerability that make the rest so irresistible without being squishy.
Last line is succinctly awesome. I could read infinite chapters of Damon and Elena playing this game.
queenofsmoak chapter 3 . 6/4/2013
Mmmmkay, I am finally hear and ready to review the last two chapter… yay but also *sad face* cause I'm sad we don't have another chapter to look forward to. Let's get to it, shall we?

I don't open my eyes yet. I don't want to see the space where she should be lying, but isn't. It's a sight I know too well and wasn't expecting to be confronting tonight.
-aww poor Damon, this broke my heart a little

I look towards the place Elena should be sleeping and my hand traces the spot before I realize what I'm doing.
-no, no, nooooooope

Two more steps and her feet only touch the hardwood enough to steady her as she launches with full speed, jumping onto my back with the grace only an ex-cheerleader slash immortal predator could pull off.
-afsgdhajs they're so cute it kills me! I will need moments like these in S5!

"I need better pillows," I sigh and shift, stretching out so she's fully pinned. "This one's all lumpy."
"I swear you're twelve years old."
"Nuh-uh," I tease. "Eight."

"Sometimes it feels like you know everything about me," she begins quietly. "You notice everything, and somehow it feels like you know my whole past too, even though you weren't there. You just…you know me."

"Those are the things that made you who you are and I love you. All of you." I swallow thickly and I don't know if she saw it, but I hope she didn't.

"And now that we've established I'm a very good boy and pay all my taxes, will you please get naked?"
-I still haven't recovered but damn, you just write Damon so in character it blows me away!

"Passion, I think," I tell her honestly. "And not just with sex, well, that too," I admit and she shakes a little with silent laughter. "It's blinding. Whatever I'm focused on, hate, revenge, love, it takes over completely."
-YES! That makes complete sense. I wish they'd address this on the show!

"Mom," I say quietly and clear my throat, which is suddenly tight. "Elena," I say a little more pleading than I'd like, "I can't-"
"It's okay," she assures me softly, instantly understanding it's hard enough for me to address this without the words being said aloud for all the world to hear.

/lies down on the floor and whimpers
Guest chapter 4 . 6/4/2013
This is wonderful. I love the fluff. Love this story. I wish it was longer. I could read it all day :) You're a fantastic writer. I think your Delena is my favourite. They are just so passionate and adorable and hot and in love. Can't wait to read your next stories :)
scarlett2112 chapter 4 . 6/3/2013
Lovely story. It's nice to have some fluff after a season of so much pain.. Thank you for this. Carol
scarlett2112 chapter 3 . 6/3/2013
Love their version of 20 questions! I love you capture Damon's personality and vocalizations so aptly.
I love sexy, self confident Elena taking no prisoners. Wonderful job on this and on all your stories.
scarlett2112 chapter 2 . 6/3/2013
"Do a little dance, make a little love?" A little KC & the Sunshine band for our listening pleasure...
You write the sex scenes so beautifully. You can just taste and feel how much they love each other. It's transcendent and perfect. I hope Damon doesn't fool himself about a false sense of calm though. The boogie man is always just around the corner in MF. I do love that they could take a time out though.
scarlett2112 chapter 1 . 6/3/2013
Great start to the story. I really loved that Damon is was so adamant in making sure that Jeremy was really Jeremy. Mystic Falls is like a portal to the supernatural world. I half expect to see Doc Brown's DeLorean parked in front of the grill at some point too having breached the space-time continuum himself.
It is kind of said that they always have to have their guard up, they can never completely relax. They always have to have one eye open.
Leandril chapter 4 . 6/3/2013
I loved all 4 chapters, it was perfect but I expected nothing less from you ;) This story left me wanting more and more so please, do continue!
WitchMitzi chapter 4 . 6/3/2013
Fantastically Funny! I want more.
suzieQ21 chapter 4 . 6/3/2013
over already :( good ending though
Guest chapter 4 . 6/2/2013
so fluffyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy perfection
Conan in love chapter 4 . 6/2/2013
Love it
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