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Alkeni chapter 29 . 4/9
Once more, an excellent chapter. :)
AGriffinWriter chapter 29 . 4/10
This review is belated and subpar because RL is chasing me like Angelus with chainsaws, so here goes! Aww... the sunsets and roses bit was so small yet so very sweet & perfect for Wesley. And Faith's miniature flashback rings so true to her behavior - so guarded against love. They both have such contrasting yet eerily similar sad parent/childhood stories.
The-Darkness-Befalls chapter 29 . 4/7
/I'm so frickin' happy. Something should go wrong any second now, Faith thought/ ugh, she thinks it and she doesn't at the same time and you can tell there's growth there ugh.

/ "I was just realizing- we still have plenty of sunsets and roses. We have all sorts of things no one else has, and I like it that way. If you do."/ Wes, you're so adorable I can't even.

/"I believe in us."

Her throat suddenly tightened. Believe in us. Love you.

Wesley smiled. I can speak Faith. The only one who ever could, she said. I can read her eyes. I can translate her languages, why do I need her to speak mine? "I love you, too."/ speechless

/Been asleep in myself, in a comatose world, for far too long. She doesn't just stop me sleeping on the table, she turns me into something new. Alert. / /Everything is more vibrant with her./ Ugh. You are amaaaazing.

/Because he's your Watcher, long before he was your friend, your lover, whatever you'll be together, he was straight with you. He sees traps and dangers, he points them out./ uggggh.

/"-sometimes I worry you're pushing me away. I know I told you that you couldn't. I'm still scared I could lose you because I… love you so much." He coughed uncomfortably and only let a hoarse ghost of his voice escape, "I've never really told anyone that."

Faith nodded jerkily. And I still haven't.

There was a flashback, painful and fast, like blinking on a razor blade./ omfg this scene, the following one, just UGH. Powerful, moving, wrenching ugh.

/More pauses, more swallows. "Letting yourself be loved- isn't going to end badly this time."

"You make it sound like there was a time before you." She reminded him caustically. "There wasn't. Wasn't anyone who… until you."

How could her own parents not love her?

Well, let's look at mine, and move rapidly on. "Then I promise not to fail you."/ for serious, the feelings evoked in this chapter are so many.

And his entry at the end just beautiful.

You're so talented, love.
Sirius120 chapter 29 . 4/6
OMG, how I've missed this story! It's so exciting to see a new chapter :-)

I love seeing these new relationship growing pains-settling into their new routines, acknowledging how much their reality suits them, teasing and bantering. And I love how they are each changing for each other, sliding along this romantic spectrum do that he is no longer the hopeless romantic, she is no longer searching for the next physical release. Instead, they are moving steadily towards some middle ground, where she remembers anniversaries and his idea of celebrating is a simple night in.

But there's still a fear that resides in each of them, that what they have won't be enough. As irrational as it sounds, I think it's important to have that fear, albeit tucked away in the back corner of one's mind. Without that fear of losing what we love, I think we stop being in love; we stop valuing what we have and start taking it for granted that it will always be there. So, while I would wish away that fear for them, I think it's still important to their story. Even years down the line, when they finally kill Dru in LA, it is a desperate fear of losing each other that drives their hunt.

What I love about your writing is that there is this thread of reality that transcends this supernatural story. They struggle with their past, as we all do. They struggle to move forward, to forge a meaningful relationship with someone who understands them, as we all do. And there are days when they feel like failures, like they can never escape the past or that they don't deserve a better future. And it's so cathartic for me to witness their struggles, in this story especially, because there is this acceptance of the present. They both want/desire/hope for a better future, and yet if nothing ever changes, they are content to have just this. My heart aches for them because I too want them to have more, but...present and lasting happiness, in whatever form, is all any of us can really ask for.

Sorry to wax so philosophical; I will move on now. I love Faith's rawness, her determination to expose Wes to every pleasure of the flesh. I actually think this is an endearing quality, her only way to express how important he is to her; that she would do/try anything with him. Perhaps she is trying to overwrite every other experience with him, to prove to herself that it really is different when you love someone? especially when she mentions a sex act that makes her blush and look away. How meaningful to have something that would be a true first for her...
Illusera chapter 29 . 4/6
I guess it would have been too easy for all of their issues to be resolved like that. They've still got a couple of things to work through. They'll be alright though, they're not quitters. Although I do wonder if Faith will ever constantly be checking if her guard is up. She does have some moments but some instincts are hart to ignore.
Kitakana chapter 29 . 4/6
Thanks for the update! When I read your review reply, I was quite happy to hear you’d be updating soon and as usual, you did not disappoint. Thanks for the suggestion to go back and reread the last chapter. I probably wouldn’t have done, otherwise, and it did help a lot.

So, this chapter. Liked the sunsets and roses thing. Moving roses off of someone’s grave at sunset? So them, can’t see them doing the normal sunsets and roses thing. I also liked the bit with Wesley’s journal at the end; of course he would think everything through in detail.

It’s not too rough of a chapter following the previous one, you did make it flow well enough from the last chapter, even though the last chapter was kind of a hard chapter to follow up on. You did well, as per usual.
This One Fool chapter 29 . 4/5
Updates! Updates make me wanna take off my pants and do a little dance!

On a more serious note, it is so depressing that Faith believes being that happy means something will go terribly wrong. Then again…I can relate, so…good job? I was right, they do get more adorable every chapter. Seriously, the ending of Wesley's journal was so sweet it was almost physically painful.

Is it sad that I understood what Faith meant before Wesley did?

I felt hugely nervous for most of this chapter and I don’t know why…Hm…maybeh a storm is brewing?
All of the cookies to you sir,
omslagspapper chapter 29 . 4/5
haha it's kind of funny (although it makes perfect sense) that faith is afraid of a mini-van. perhaps wesley could think about a pickup truck, those also have ample storage space. haha

i've missed these two.
Ironbear chapter 29 . 4/5
Good stuff. It'll be interesting and fun to see where they go from here.
ginar369 chapter 29 . 4/5
Realizing that your parents don't love you is a blow most don't recover from. If your parents didn't/couldn't love you you start to question if anyone can. I mean they are your parents! But sometimes they don't and it is a scar people carry for the rest of their lives. Wes is making all the difference. He is showing her that there is something about her that can be loved. That someone can look at her and find something within her that is lovable. It's going to take time before she fully trusts that it's not only real but that it isn't going to go away. When she does realize that I think it would be pretty awesome to see.
animeflunky chapter 28 . 3/8
This story is rather fantastic, and I've enjoyed every bit of the ride thus far. Faith has always been one of (if not my favorite char) in the buffy-verse, so I tend to enjoy any stories that do her well and yours is particularly on point. As a character study for both Faith and Wesley this story shines and I love the way they both slowly developed over these 28 chapters. Currently in my mind I'm debating whether I think Wes and Faith will eventually return to Sunnydale in this story and whether or not I even want them to. On the one hand it would be interesting to see how their changed selves mesh with Later series sunnydale, but on the other hand I feel like it may be totally necessary to bring that back for them when they don't need it and may be better off "doing things their own way". Overall, I'm greatly looking forward to reading more from you and will likely be favoriting this story when it's done.


SunDawna chapter 28 . 2/17
Wow, Wes finally gets the girl!

I've read most of your Spuffy stories and I'm really impressed with how well you write all of the characters in the Buffyverse. The fact that you have rewoven the series in so many ways to create happier outcomes without altering the personalities of the characters or breaking out of the framework that was created in the series is amazing. I've read some stories by a few other authors and I haven't found any that are this creative while staying true to the personalities.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into this and other stories, I'm really looking forward to the next instalment of this and of Unknown.
sjwheelan chapter 28 . 1/27
Another fabulous chapter! Love the tension!
Wesfan1234 chapter 28 . 1/21
Ack! You're killing me here. Finally. That was the biggest workup to them getting together that I've ever read. And I've read a lot. This is so awesome. The raw emotions, the banter, everything. You have them down better than most do. I think this is one of my favorite Wes/Faith fanfics ever. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
Alkeni chapter 28 . 1/17
And now they finally reach this point even among themselves. Very excellently written
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