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Illusera chapter 33 . 1/24
I guess Buffy and Spike aren't the only ones who like sparring lol They don't collect alot of pictures, but I still wonder if Faith and Wesley should start an album. That'd be interesting to see. I think actually getting a marriage license is a long shot, but you never know with these two.
Kitakana chapter 33 . 1/24
It's interesting to see how their relationship is evolving and deepening. You're writing that really well and making is so real. Thanks for the chapter!
writerdragonfly chapter 33 . 1/24
/I love her more than I can control. That's not losing, surely. Maybe it's giving./ I don't know-I just really, really like this.

/"Only with you." He pressed a kiss to her cheek, watching her eyes flutter as he stroked. "Then yes. Because I love everything with you. About you." She's too beautiful not to watch. She binds me closer to her every day- and somehow sends me deeper into the wilds, farther free than I ever have been, all at the same time. "I love you." his hands were tender, his voice was harsh, thick, breathing against her./ this is absolutely ugh and just what are words.

/"I know I said enough planning, but I like the idea about a vacation. We should take a week off. Every year." Meaning more than just two years. When you say "every", you mean a lot. If I had said both years- or each year...
Life stretched out suddenly. It never had before. Life was surviving from place to place, con to con, day to day, or more recently pay to pay, month to month, town to town. Even this last year. That's all./ This was painful and sweet and just. You have such a way with words that I envy!

And the rest of it, I just. It's so real and fragile and balanced and their growth through the story and ugh. I love this so much.
Alkeni chapter 32 . 1/23
another very good chapter.
Lou chapter 32 . 1/10
Smashing update what with the fraught emotions and lowering of barriers. Lovely that they're being honest with each other.
Guest chapter 32 . 1/4
Oh my gosh Sweet. The only fic of yours that I hadn't ever read. I figured I'd make the most of the Christmas/New Year break to read it. Wow! Faith is one of my favorite BTVS characters and I love fics where she redeems herself, reluctantly or not. I've always been partial to the Wes/Faith ship, and this is sublime. Absolutely gorgeous. Painfully slow (goddamn you!) but achingly sweet nonetheless. Love, love, love - my new fav!
coconutjelly596 chapter 31 . 1/3
This story is the most beautiful, painful, hopeful love story I've ever read. Really, in any fandom. It's not dramatic to draw things out, and it's not utterly insensible to pull it all together. You've crafted this unending journey of the love of an unstoppable force and an immovable object.
coconutjelly596 chapter 32 . 1/3
Holy Mary, mother of God.

And I thought your Spuffy stuff was hot.

I need a cigarette.
writerdragonfly chapter 32 . 12/31/2014
/I wish she realized every time she draws her swords to defend herself, she's stabbing me in the heart./ that was gutting.

And the rest of this was amazing. Seriously, you did a spectacular job with it. I got too caught up to capture anymore favorites. :)
writerdragonfly chapter 31 . 12/31/2014
I swear I'm not dead!

/Ice melts. She melts. It all mixes together, the cold water and the hot sweat, until you're bathed in her./ this is awesome.

/She cares about strangers. She cares about children. The innocent. She was never cold. She was nitrogen, lithe and liquid, so explosive you can't tell if you'll burn or freeze. I love that about her./ I really love this.

/"We're not one or the other, love, we're only- we're only bits of both"/ UGH. SO BEAUTIFUL.

To be honest, I may have cried a bit during this scene.

This whole chapter is just so beautiful. Ugh.
AGriffinWriter chapter 32 . 12/29/2014
Wow. Emotional roller-coaster at first. Feared for poor Wes, but it was pretty obvious to him and the reader that the flirty Faithy was a fakey (can you tell it's nearly midnight and I should sleep?). Marvelous, m'dear.
AGriffinWriter chapter 31 . 12/28/2014
Whoops! Somehow I missed a pair of updates! Hope your Christmas was extra merry and that your New Year is about to be extra happy! :D
Illusera chapter 32 . 12/25/2014
I was thinking the demon would go after Faith until they concluded it was a female. Still, it's harsh how she got slayed (harsh for Wesley). The cold environment they're in so makes sense with the tension that's been happening between them. Sometimes I get mad at Faith for how she talks to him so I have to keep her issues in mind. Old habits die hard I guess.
Illusera chapter 31 . 12/25/2014
LOL Faith was the one who had the skiing accident! I guess it makes sense for the plot since she'll recover faster, but given how her pride is it's still funny. I thought that guy was the demon. You'd think he would have seen Wesley, but maybe no one wants to look at them when they're paired up?
Wesfan1234 chapter 32 . 12/24/2014
OMG, you don't know how excited I was to see you had new chapters up. Wow and double wow. Love the demon and that she took Faith's form. You had Wes down pat in this scenario. And all the other stuff? Hot and hot again. Thanks for updating.
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