Reviews for Finding Faith
Wesfan1234 chapter 30 . 11/30/2014
Somehow I missed chapter 29! Nice to read two chapters of this story. Love it that you're still at it, still making them think and see and love each other. I love it that you intermix a mystery in chapter 30. I cannot wait to see what this creature is and how it affects them.
AGriffinWriter chapter 30 . 11/29/2014
Ooh, so glad to see an update to this fic. I admit I started humming 'Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?' when they started talking about 'Frozen Hearts'. *chuckles*
I'm interested to see if this is a similar sort of 'host' seducer demon to the one in the first season (maybe first episode?) of Angel, one that doesn't just alternate genders of victims... but alternates because it's possessing their victim's bodies.
Ah, I'm glad the protection topic got covered. I'd been wondering - I get so used to not needing it in Spuffy fics that when there's a human couple, I get nervous.
Lovely and vibrant writing, as always, O Queen.
Kitakana chapter 30 . 11/29/2014
Man, I need to read more Buffy fics. I've been getting into other fandoms and letting my interests go elsewhere. Pretty much the only Buffy-related stuff I've been reading lately has been the stuff you update because you're on my alert list. But reading this with all of the monsters and supernatural goodness is making me want to get back into more Buffy stuff.

Also, not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I just wanted to say that I love how you write Wesley. I really do. The fact that you can have a total academic who has an active academic career who still manages to have ridiculous adventures gives me hope for my academically-bound future (I'm a literature grad student IRL).

And thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to reading the next chapter, I'm sure it'll be really exciting.
Alkeni chapter 30 . 11/29/2014
OMG! Update!

So glad to see this updated and so happy to read it. Getting the email that this had been updated quite officially made my day, and reading it has just made it even better. I love your choice of demon for them to after, and the way its forcing them both to think about things - about themselves, their lives, their relationship.

Excellent chapter, and I can't wait for the next one.
writerdragonfly chapter 30 . 11/29/2014
The end of this was kind of gutting. And beautiful. Ugh. You write so amazingly well.
Sirius120 chapter 27 . 11/22/2014
Ok, my friend, what is happening with this story? You haven't posted since April! I know this is not where you intend to leave Faith and Wes. What else do you have planned for them? :-)
jauntilyaskew chapter 1 . 11/16/2014
Such lovely, thoughtful, true characterization. Pleasure & privilege to read.
cavemenftw chapter 22 . 9/1/2014
I really dug Westleys line of though, how he and Faith were sort of a mistake. Second choice rather.
I liked every bit of his reasoning and Faiths negative thoughts on the matter, even if some part of her sees it.

Faiths empathy as she sees how much Wes wants to be, well for lack of a better term, something. Her empathy in that moment is beautiful.

Hahah, "idiomatic language" he couldn't help it, he had to correct her. Wes is definitely in full watcher mode right now.

"I believe, With all my heart, that they'll write legends about you, Faith."
- I don't know about that last comma, but I know I loved that line.
Oh, Faith loved it too.

"You do realize that if they're writing about me, they wrote about you, too, right?"
- Ooo, I love how faith brought him down to a simmer.

Great ending line for this chapter, I got caught up in reading and missed commenting in a couple places, but I really am hooked back in now.

A toasty warm chocolate chip bran muffin. (I like it.)
cavemenftw chapter 21 . 8/31/2014
That whole first section just flowed. I didn't even take one mental note that's how plugged in I was.

I love that on some level Faith realized that the the fancy room had allowed her to get comfortable, thereby letting her gaurd drop slightly, just what Wes had hoped might happen.

This is a sloppy review at this point, (I took a break) because I'm a little sloppy.

I liked the bit with the prophecy at the end, and I am all made up of happy thought!
cavemenftw chapter 20 . 8/31/2014
"Next I'll be wearing my hair in pigtails and keeping my knees pressed together, "like a lady""
Hahahah, oh Faith, that was an amazing line. That's a lady to Faith. Also, if I'm not mistaken, shots fired on Buffy.

The image of Faith in deep concentration as she spit shines her knives. I don't know what I find endearing about it but I dug it.
Great back and forth banter afterwards as well.

"This made the Mayors knife look like vending machine kiddie stuff." (I always thought that.) "This was - this wasn't just a thing of beauty, this was hers. "Christmas?" she breathed."
- I wrote that whole bit down because I loved those last three words. That was really, really effective to me.

First. "One doesn't question the value of gifts." Loved it.
Second. Something that lasts a lifetime. I could feel that kind of suspended, almost awed moment that faith just had there.

Faith made a funny with the stakes. Also, so glad it was a funny, cuz, ouch.

"Slayer Spine" I like that Faith has her own term. It makes a ton of sense that she would, I just never thought about it before.

I love that Hankerchiefs are a thing for Wes. Like my grandpa.

Awwww, "He's not my watcher he's ... My friend."
- I feel like she's had that revelation before, but it didn't diminish the moment. The relationship has also evolved even more as well. What Faith once may have considered a friend others may have considered something like an acquaintance. Like psychology and emotionally she is deepening.

"Difficult people to buy for shouldn't have birthdays in the same month as Christmas."
- Right, inconsiderate of them.

"I like to participate in your endeavors"
- haha, Good stiff British line.

Clapping for Westleys handling of the drunk. I also dug Faiths "Dude. No" when Wes said he'd come to show her home.

Giving a card to someone who you share an adress with is both sweet and weird. I think I'd land on the side of thinking it was sweet. Maybe a one time thing though. It could still turn weird.

It amuses me when Faith gets disgusted with Westleys uptight foibles.

I am not religious in any way, but I really enjoyed your church scene. It set me in a peaceful state of mind, and made me a little envious I think. Also Faith talking, Wes softly annoyed, funny.
The line "with or without me, and I want it to be with me was awesome. I remember that feeling so clearly.
Faith was so, so sweet when she was praying.

"How about you come home with me?"
-I sorta inhaled when Faith said that. That really caught me by surprise.

Hm, I never thought of them always being in jackets in miami. That was just a random "must be super hot" thought.

I am really digging on Westleys journal entries. If you weren't like ten chapters ahead I would suggest that they would be an amazing add each chapter.

Lastly, I had little spine tingles when Faith had the thought that maybe a little of her guilt had been washed away. She thinks it's possible and that makes me really happy.

Chocolate Mousse, yum and welcome.
cavemenftw chapter 19 . 8/31/2014
Lol, I like petulant Faith.

For some reason I cannot copy and paste, but I loved the sunshine coming out of your belly button line.

How did Faith know a Potato is technically a vegetable? I am impressed.

"If I'm gonna be good I better not be miserable at the same time"
That was a really good Faith thought.

Breaded Ham !? Now my general dislike of ham definitely colors my opinion, but I do not like the sound of Breaded Ham.

Wow are these two maudlin. Saddest childhood showdown.
Although I did love the bit about scraping change together to buy a gift from a gas station. The Christmas invite really touched her, witch I guess I knew from the show, but Faith going that little extra with the gift was nice.

Hahaha, I am loving that Westley took Faith to a restaurant with a sommelier.

Did Faith just call Wes a whippet? Lol

There was something I really liked about the scene with upper-crust Wes at the reception desk. I can't place it but I really liked that scene.

Sometimes one of their random little disagreements catches my fancy, Wes and Faith discussing what Wes told these people, or what Faith told those people in Philadelphia was one of ones that I fancied.
Hmm, so your Faith is a year or two older than Buffy. Nice detail there, good to know.
Wes' excitement level when talking about all the amenities offered with the room was really endearing also.

Faiths inner monologue after she says she's going swimming was excellent. I really dug the line "Man, it's easier to believe in the monster under the bed."

Super competent Faith was a really nice interlude. I like.

My tablet is about to die so I have to cut this short and charge it...tbc.
cavemenftw chapter 18 . 8/12/2014
Alright apparently I have already reviewed chapter seventeen, So I am reading chapter eighteen piecemeal throughout my day.

That opening interaction with Faith and Wes arriving in that broken podunk town was a really good scene setter. The story could veer off in multiple directions at this point.

Whew, the desolation of that place. If you didn't mention electricity the town your describing could have been set in a post apocalyptic Florida. I do remember saying that chapter seventeen feels like an ending, (mostly because I said the same thing in what I thought was going to be my newest review) and I think that thought still stands. This is feeling like the opening of a new story. The establishing paragraphs that have come so far have been particularly ummm evocative maybe. Uber, enjoyably descriptive?...I liked em, and I felt em.

"That didn't suit them any better. Silence didn't seem to be companionable. It seemed to be- waiting"
That's it. Waiting, that's the feeling I've been having throughout this chapter. There is a drawn out feeling, a sameness that's just waiting for something to crack. I love it.

Awww, OK, that rather sweet moment following the waiting moment really got me. Not once did the idea of Faith researching ever occur to me. Researching was such an intrinsic part of the Scooby gangs life that I don't know why the idea never occurred to me but there you go.

Uh, I feel lime I missed something. There were victims? I don't remember dismembered victims. Alright, moving along.

Ooooo, is Wes getting help from Willow? Fairly recently I re watched Buffy and Angel with my niece and I remembered how much I love early season Willow. It's easy to forget when seasons six and seven are what's freshest in your mind. If it's Willow Faith aint gonna be happy.

His whole lifes purpose. That's nice, bit sad but...nope maybe a lot sad. You are making me maudlin at work.

" I do need that, particularly because your not Buffy!"
Ohhhh!. That was the wrong thing to say.

Whew, that was an intense scene. Most of Wes and Faiths conversations have that intensity to them.

That he was able to diffuse Faith at all after that Buffy comment reinforces Faiths growth so far in this story. I am loving this. (also I forgot to mention how much I loved it when Faith dogeared Wes' book. I actually vocalized an ooooo.)

"What do you do if you find him?"

"I kill him."
Hahaha, f'n Faith. That was funny. Though I suppose the hahas said that.

"Your funeral sense of humor would make Poe despair"
Damn that was a good line.

I love that Wes is almost immune to innuendo. Referring to the "Someone kept me up half the night", "she must be good." exchange.

Ok sweet I really need to concentrate on my work, so it's only a partial review for you.

Jaffa Cakes.
DeepBlueJoy chapter 29 . 6/30/2014
This is utterly beautiful. I can't wait to see what comes next... oddly enough, however, if it ended there, I probably could deal... I just hope there's more... much, much more.


DeepBlueJoy chapter 28 . 6/30/2014
wow. that chapter. left me breathless. Made me cringe. Made me laugh. Made me cry. Made me feel oh so much. Made me remember.

That was one of the most amazing chapters I've ever read. no one thought it could be easy for them, but this was... so 'them'. So very much Faith. So utterly intimate and complicated. I thought that I loved the intimacy in the original story (buffy/spike), but you actually have out done it... Intimacy is such a complicated place to get to with someone and writing it effectively is so very rare. Intimacy that isn't just 'lust'... that's priceless.

Thank you again. So much. Thanks too for issuing a challenge! Every now and again I read something from a writer and I know that not only have I been touched, but that my understanding of writing has been touched... that is a huge deal. I do hope someone is paying you for your writing. If not, it's not because you're not good enough.


(deepbluejoy at tthfanfic)
DeepBlueJoy chapter 27 . 6/30/2014
the chapter ends with just one word... caught? not sure I understand.
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