Reviews for Life in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Loupiote54 chapter 90 . 8/6
Chopper is very cute. I love this fic!
Fi Suki Saki chapter 90 . 7/20
Chopper is sooo precious!

but I forgot he has Wormtail! Dx

Love that Snape saved him from boggart.
pikaree1 chapter 90 . 7/20
90 chapters! Only ten more until you hit triple digits! :D
And... And Chopper... Oh, God... I need to hug something. Right now. Preferably Chopper.
caring16 chapter 90 . 7/20
you went to Hawaii? how was it did you have a great time? awesome chapter not mad you took your time,
Guest 2 chapter 90 . 7/20
Naruto? Naruto characters are there too? Wow! Cool Easter Egg! :D Yeah boggarts are nasty. Poor little Chopper :( But Luffy can cheer anyone up! Professor Snape does care about his students he just doesn't always show it. Big-Brother!Zoro and Law for the win! Wormtail! You better don't do anything to Chopper! You are an insult to all rats! And McGonagall is a honorary cat :D I image how she is in that jar like those funny cats on youtube XD So funny! XD
Thank you for updating!
magical fan18 chapter 90 . 7/20
I wanted to say that I liked this chapter especially the interaction between Chopper and his teachers Snape and McGonagall.

I also wanted to ask if you have voted on my poll I have up and if you already did then ignore me, I am just in desperate need of votes to continue my story of Pokémon.
lizard-senpai chapter 89 . 7/1
Could you possibly make some fluff with Chopper and Zoro? I think they have a really cute sibling-ish relationship and it might make for a cute one-shot. And you guys should totally add Draco in more. You two write his character very well. Please/thanks~!
WaterStar45 chapter 78 . 6/6
Hm. I've liked the one-shots about all the characters (I'm re-reading them all right now, actually, which is why I've been backwards here XD). The one's about Draco are probably a little hard, considering that he's a little complicated as a person. But considering that Luffy really is an excellent judge of character, it only goes to show with allhis actions he really has been trying to help Malfoy, in a way.

Though, I would still feel proud of Hermione punching him.
Happy Anon chapter 89 . 6/5
This is an amazing fanfic! I love it! Can you do a chapter about boggarts at some point? Pleeeeeeeeaaase?
lany-chan chapter 89 . 6/2
Nice chapter! I hope Vivi and Chopper could be friends soon.
WaterStar45 chapter 89 . 6/1
Ah, glad to see this come out! I love it, especially with you noting things like Drum and Vivi's relation with most of the Straw Hats. (Personally, I considering her a Straw Hat, but opinions are opinions!)
pikaree1 chapter 89 . 6/1
Yay! Another Vivi chapter! :D But... Still no more Jack the owl. :'(
Guest 2 chapter 89 . 6/1
It's nice to have the focus on Vivi for awhile! Chopper is so cute!
Thanks for updating!
caring16 chapter 89 . 6/1
Oh awesome, are you gonna post them I like zoos or well the one I went too! If only I,could've petted a loin or tiger! Awesome
magical fan18 chapter 89 . 6/1
I saw that page and have the Manga for it and you may be right, however in the anime the person with the top hat has Brown Hair and not Blond.
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