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Calen chapter 23 . 9/22
Just a reread for the urn... 6th time? Thought I'd left a review before. But this fanfic is deffo top 5 of all time and started reading fanfic the 90s.
Spartacus chapter 23 . 9/19
Thank you so much for writing this story! I love Star Trek and Doctor Who, and this was so well written! I gasped out loud several times. Hope you’re well!
This guy doesnt have a clue chapter 23 . 8/7
Great story
TheGuestAlikai chapter 23 . 6/10
There are no words to describe how much I love this. This is a piece of art, and if anybody says otherwise, I will point them to all the moments that it made me laugh, cry, and feel more deeply than with most other forms of entertainment.
It is rare that a piece of literature can make me laugh loudly and sob all in the same chapter, and it's not often that the twists and turns of a story allude me, but this did. My goodness, I cannot put into words how much I wish I could read this again for the first time.
The resolution to all of it? Who would've seen that coming? The fact that the Doctor would question how something like this came about is something SO him and something that so few who set out to write the Doctor can cohesively and thoroughly explain.
I can't even begin to describe how well you wrote all the characters, how in character they were. I didn't realize how much of a Trek fan I was until I read this story, because you made me remember how much I love the show when I was younger and this just brought back all those wonderful nostalgias.
This whole story fit together so well in ways that I can't describe.
Before I write a whole novella in this review space, let me sum up by saying that you have done a magnificent job, and I'm torn between seeing if you've posted anything else and being disappointed or just holding out hope that you've written something as equally as fantastic that I'll discover and love just as much as I loved this.
ArgentNoelle chapter 23 . 6/9
Oh my god. This was amazing. Horrifying. I *loved* it, I was on the edge of my seat and I *felt* the sense of wrongness just slowly building... and also, the awesomeness of Star Trek, the way you wrote Picard was great, and I loved the unfolding mystery. But the absolute awful revelation?
also I kind of like how you never revealed anything about the Guardian.
Q. I *knew* it, I suspected it more and more leading up to it, but when the Doctor asked and then you had that line where he *snapped his fingers* and the TARDIS door opened...
I had to stop reading for a minute.
It was horrible, utterly horrible. That description of the horrible white blankness of what had been the universe, and everything... made sense...
but then I didn't know what to feel because like yeah Q is right that these people are *too good* they're not, in a sense, real, or in a way they are only copies of humanity that he liked so much but on the other hand... that's not to say they weren't real? Which, of course, the Doctor was able to realize but it makes sense that Q couldn't deal with it as it was too heavily tied into his own guilt, and why he keeps *testing* them... like if only something wasn't 100% gone, if only the destruction hadn't been totally complete, if only there had been a memory, but...
Honestly it was the best kind of twist because looking back on it I should have realized it much sooner! It all makes *sense*! Even the fact that the Doctor made friends with Picard, of *course* he did, both of him did, they couldn't *help* but get along with him and...
I love how they both remained very much themselves, Q putting the Doctor through hell to teach him something that was actually really really important [and because of his own guilt, to try to show him how much *worse* it could be]... and the Doctor being the Doctor. And for such a long time I thought the coincidental stuff was coincidences
[also Guinan is awesome][& so is Data] your parts with them were EPIC
It's so disturbing. All those "echoes" those false stories of the Doctor which still existed because, what? Because of Q's existence?/he and others made those changes in history? Because of the way Earth's history paralleled the alternate dimension closely there and it bled through? Because the continuum were awful even in their "concession" to the one who made it all possible and didn't kill them and wanted to rub it in even more that he'd lost earth and who he used to be forever? I mean I could see them being that inventive in punishment...
On the plus side I'm glad the Doctor did go through it all instead of stepping through the Guardian because it would have been even more awful to leave behind his TARDS.
But like. I can totally *buy* it as well? I can actually believe that the Star Trek universe, and the Federation, exist because of something like that? Because there really *is* something frighteningly too perfect about it, which breaks down underneath to something almost perfectly frightening, almost ruthless. It's like... the deconstruction of Star Trek I never wanted, but... it's amazing. Like, it makes me want more stories jumping off this, I don't even know *how* but.
I at least want Q and Picard to make up properly, but I don't know how or if they ever can? What with everything? What with the fact that he's his friend, if he betrayed everything and did the ultimate worst thing? And what is Picard even going to *do* about it all? I mean he can't really do *anything* I guess...
Actually, it reminds me. I haven't watched Enterprise, so I don't know how much of that section of the story was taken from the episode, but the way the Doctor acted, right there? With the device thingy, and stalling it till the right time and all, something about his vibe in that scene struck me as disturbing as I read it through and on looking back it seems very Q-ish. I could absolutely picture Q doing all of that. And it adds to the horrifyingness of Q being the Doctor who just made the wrong decision a very, very long time ago.
Basically this is the most brilliant crossover ever. I'm in awe. It was the most suspenseful, psychologically terrifying thing while still being a fun adventure story at the same time. I feel sad for everybody.
Kerma chapter 22 . 5/7
I- I dont know-
Kerma chapter 5 . 5/6
I have a solution for picard...
Simply write all this down, classify it and then proceed to tell the doctor what he should NOT read. And voila, problem solved.
Kerma chapter 2 . 5/6
Oh god, the last line after the doctor asks for fish fingers... :-D
seanhinrichsgaming chapter 23 . 5/3
A story I wished i had found a lot sooner though with everything going on in the world probably wouldn't have had time to read it as much as I wanted. The ending, what the Doctor finds, a beautiful, twisted piece that had me gobsmacked for several minutes and how it could in a weird and against twisted way make sense, great work!
HakanoSabishii chapter 1 . 4/29
this was amazing. thank you for letting me experience this
London Knight chapter 23 . 4/15
Skimmed this before but settled down & read this whole thing back-to-back .
By far THE BEST piece of Who Fan Fiction I have EVER read by far !
Okay I've not read that many , but as others have stated: you can hear Matt Smith's Doctor & Picard's voices in the dialogue . Easy flow to whole plot & a few big shockers along the way & wrapped in a whole well balance package . Bravo Sir & very well done indeed .
Will look forward to reading your other works . LK out .
Xlerons chapter 2 . 4/3
MystiYew chapter 22 . 1/31
Thank you very much. An excellent read.
GanHOPE326 chapter 23 . 12/31/2019
I read this whole story a few weeks ago and I postponed commenting but I had to - WOW. This was really great! I loved how well you captured all the characters' voices, I could hear Matt Smith and Patrick Stewart saying each line, so faithful they were to their usual material. And the use of the canon of both shows was masterful, especially the way they lead to the ending, marred for me only by the fact that I'm not quite as deep a loremaster for Star Trek as you and thus couldn't appreciate every detail fully. I'd go watch those shows to better understand this story, but that would require me suffering through the many occasions in which their writing was effectively far inferior to yours here, which sets quite a high bar. Really, one of the best fanfictions I've ever read! Kudos!
marduk-report chapter 15 . 8/19/2019
Generations isnt a very good film in an objevtive sense, and Shatner isnt a very good actor.

But I'll be damned if he didnt play that particular moment perfectly. And i cry every time.

Even when i read it rather than watch it.
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