Reviews for A Captain And A Madman
kevinbarrrywarner chapter 12 . 11/10
It was NICE once you got your pace and direction
kevinbarrrywarner chapter 3 . 11/9
We are to consider him a guest ... who is confined to quarters. Worf, if the door opens set phasers to heavy kill!
Diametrik chapter 12 . 10/15
I might be missing something, but it seems to me like the obvious answer is that all references to the Doctor are actually because of his own interference
WitnessofFate chapter 11 . 10/9
If there’s one thing you don’t call the doctor, it’s “nothing special” lol
Ahrva chapter 1 . 9/19
I know I've left a review here before, but I just want to say thank you again for making this fic. I love it to bits and I find myself coming back to reread it whenever I feel like there is a bit lacking in good fics that I haven't read for my current hyperfixation. This fic always hits the spot and if I ever talk to someone that likes both Doctor Who and Star Trek, I do my best to send them to this fic because it is AMAZING.

(You don't have to answer this, or have to do this if you haven't, but have you ever thought about cross-posting this onto Archive of Our Own? Since there is quite a lot of fic reading there, and an amazing tagging system, I think it would do really well there. Like I said, you don't ever have to if you don't want to, it's just a thought I had while typing this up)
Erragar chapter 23 . 6/19
No spoilers here, just an appreciation for a well crafted and written story. As a certain Time Lord would say "Brilliant!"
Guest chapter 23 . 6/10
this is the best shit ive ever read thank u for existing
mst3ktoo chapter 17 . 4/20
I can't tell if he's messing with holo doc... well played.
mst3ktoo chapter 14 . 4/20
He didn't jump universes, someone changed the conditions of the big bang enough to wipe out his entire reality... And he was inside the TARDIS, outside of time and space, so it just... Jumped track? Fell into? Arrived? In what grew in it's place. The ghost Doctor is him, doing his thing... So the Guardian can't show it because it never existed to show. So the cause erased itself, too? Time travel hurts my brain
mst3ktoo chapter 10 . 4/20
I don't like them...
mst3ktoo chapter 6 . 4/20
It was only obvious.
mst3ktoo chapter 5 . 4/20
Beuracunts incoming!
mst3ktoo chapter 4 . 4/20
... Can I get an AU where the Federation acknowledges the benefit of ppe on a spacecraft whose inertial dampeners are NOT able to compensate instantly for outside forces? Everything about their designs is a giant dare to the universe to fold their fragile bodies around a narrow railing or some feature that narrows to a point. And their solution is to 'grab on to something'.

That right there tweaks my SoD and has for years. I can believe time travel more.
mst3ktoo chapter 2 . 4/20
And just like that. The fued began.
mst3ktoo chapter 1 . 4/20
Oooo, are the Q gonna let someone else muck with their toys? Temporal civil war could use a doctor
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