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Guest chapter 62 . 2/25
I feel for Ranger: Its hard to learn a lesson the hard way: Please let him be ok. But I think the way this is going that he'll be killed off. I still really only like Ranger and Steph. I hope that Rachel rots.
carrotmusic chapter 62 . 2/25
Holy freak out, Batman! This is so scary. I can't imagine Rachel making an honest mistake this way, but I hate to think of her as such a plotter. And poor Julie... And what will become of Ranger? You sure know how to crank things up. Thanks for sharing.
DragonflyFriday chapter 62 . 2/24
Oh yeah, that's a constructive way to deal with this clustermess. Still, I can see part of Ranger's point-you can't build a marriage with a foundation of deception, even by omission. Julie's going to need more counseling after this. But so does Ranger. Not sure it would be fruitful for Stephanie to talk to Julie or not. For either of them.

Thanks for this new chapter!
Blondie95 chapter 62 . 2/24
Ranger's gonna live and come back right? He wouldn't leave Julie like that would he?
hchein31 chapter 62 . 2/24
Whats in the envelopes? A letter to stephanie? Great job as usual keep it going
Stephannie1014 chapter 62 . 2/24
Excellent chapter! I can't wait for more!
Elkniw73 chapter 62 . 2/24
I see a Ranger death here. Too bad. I'm a babe and didn't invest much in the story ( even tho it is spectacular) but I hate to see him miserable and it do him in. You are a fantastic writer.
sbcorn chapter 62 . 2/24
Wow, this is just sad. I am worried that Ranger is going on a suicide mission. Something else it was never explained...ranger was a booger but did he cheat on Stephanie? I mean was exclusivity determined between the two? Total conjecture but maybe he didn't marry her because she was more of a threat to him emotionally than Rachel. She only got because of his supposed baby. And Wow, how could she think she would pass him off? Cuckoo
daffydbuck chapter 62 . 2/24
Oh wow...damn
DebK chapter 62 . 2/24
Wow, I feel a tad sorry for Ranger with his emotions showing through. He is human after all, but now off on a mission. He's not going to die, is he?
Cara245 chapter 62 . 2/24
OK, now I feel a little sorry for Ranger. Love how you're written him as emotionally... something. I laughed at what Rachel said about not misleading him. Maybe she didn't know she was pregnant right away, but she'd had three children and her obstetrician would know exactly how far along she was by ultrasound... Great stuff...
First Generation Scot chapter 62 . 2/24
Well, that certainly hit the fan. Can't believe Ranger was sucker punched by Rachel.
56 olds chapter 62 . 2/24
Oh no. He's going to die isn't he?
RhoJ chapter 62 . 2/24
Wow, Rachel played Ranger good so she loses him in the end and maybe Julie too. Happy for Hector and Stephanie, and a little sad for Ranger.
margaret chapter 62 . 2/24
Damn good chapter!
YAY all the lies finally out in the open & Julie has family to live with. I'd want to be away from that pit viper as well! Ranger doing he must I suppose...he is the best of the best..rachel tricking ranger all due to her jealousy seems fitting she's all alone.
Most excellent chapter my dear friend.
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