Reviews for Here Kitty, Kitty
Guest chapter 66 . 10/1
Anxiously awaiting another chapter. How is ranger?
Jessedit chapter 66 . 8/31
So excited to see what happens when the Plums meet the Aguilas. And will Eduardo be making an appearance soon?
Jordana Babe chapter 66 . 8/14
I'm happy that Tank and Lula finally put a lable on there relationship and its a good one. I can't wait to read more and to see if there is a little one will come around. What Happened to Ranger? I was just wanting to make sure he wont mess this up again. Great job and thanks for sharing
Claudette miller chapter 66 . 8/14
Oh very good,,,Can picture Tank and Lula raising those children,, and also Picture Steph and Hector
,,Thanks for update,,:)
Guest chapter 66 . 8/13
Just Love Them, Thanks for another chapter. Hope to hear from you again. JB.
Blondie95 chapter 66 . 8/13
I like this chapter, but I'm still not gonna get over how funny Steph punching Joe was.
DragonflyFriday chapter 66 . 8/13
Nice deflection, Steph! Thanks for the new chapter!
Ybanormlmom chapter 66 . 8/13
So happy to see a chapter today! I love that Lula and Tank both stepped up and that Hector is so patient with Steph and understands her fears.
First Generation Scot chapter 66 . 8/13
Always happy to see a new chapter from you. So happy for Tank and Lula and their ready made family.
Margaretlucylu chapter 66 . 8/13

'did you go buy the lumber yard today?"

in response to the baby question...that's our girl alright.
carrotmusic chapter 66 . 8/13
They make such a great couple. Thanks for sharing.
racecz5 chapter 65 . 7/1
Lula with kids, God help her!
Jordana Babe chapter 65 . 6/30
It's not fault lol. Love it. I loved the last part with Joe and the old lady. TOOO funny. Great chapter.
Guest chapter 65 . 6/29
Great that Lula gets to keep the children, and that Tank is going to help
Loved Morelli's reaction to Steph's house,,absolutely loved it,
Next Chapter,,?:))
Stephannie1014 chapter 65 . 6/29
Great chapter! I can't wait for more!
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