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spyffy chapter 78 . 7/6
I had to do a double take when the notification for this new chapter came through, the fight to get to the keyboard must be tipping in your direction and I for one am thankful :).
I really enjoyed this chapter and not only for the Tara/ Faith goodness but for the exchanges between Lydia, Giles, Buffy, Willow and Janna. It was the old versus the new and rather than just being a way to create friction it was a way to bring everyone together and on to the same page. It was particularly interesting to see how sending the Magic teams out in to the field began to propagate and how it was driven by Willow. I'm quite intrigued as to how she would handle using magic more openly and if Janna has to take steps.
Now on to the emotional goodness that was Faith opening up. It may still be difficult for her like she has to force herself past a physical block but that just shows not only how much she wants Tara and the bond but how much she wants to tell Tara herself to say the words, "I want the bond. I want you".
Can't wait for more as always :D.
fanficfaenatic chapter 78 . 7/6
Well fuck. That was just scrummy.
Allen Pitt chapter 78 . 7/6
At some point they're (later on) going to have to form associations with the Army/Air Force etc. Ability to call in an air strike if things get out of hand. Doing it this way-personal contacts / ad hoc -is kind of not viable in the long run.
I suppose the Mayor's biggest problem now is he has to do the Ascension inside the city limits of Sunnydale... and needs a lot of people to eat just after. 100 years of careful planning -he'd have gotten away with it if not for those interfering kids!
Harry2 chapter 78 . 7/6
FINALLY! Faith and T-Bear had a talk about the future! And I understand why Faith is acting the way she is. Between what her mother did to her, her love for Tara and her fear of harming her, its taken a LOT to get her to talk about this. Now that this has been worked out somewhat, its time to figure out how to take down the mayor. And that is where Markham comes in. It IS time that the Council steps into the 21st century, or get left behind.
spyffy chapter 77 . 7/3
You're updates are always a welcome discovery in my inbox and this was no exception.
It was good to see you focus on Faith helping Becky. Helping her because Tara was worried but also because I think Faith herself was worried and the irony of Faith trying to reach out to the new slayer was poignant and amusing. You're really opening Faith up now, earlier you had to concentrate on her issues, her difficulties but now you're able to explore the other previously hidden facets of her personality and I really liked how you highlighted her intelligence in the way she handled the situation with Becky and her compassion as well. I particularly enjoyed the tickle fest lol. It will be good to see if Becky takes Faith's advice and speaks to the "old watcher" and if we get a name for him lol.
I think Faith will turn out to be a good mentor to Becky especially now that she's more secure and confident and her experience should really lend her to the role.
Another thing that always stands out is that even though the chapter predominantly focussed on Faith helping Becky you maintain Tara and Faith's bond highlighting their continued relationship.
I really enjoyed this chapter and can't wait for the next update
addictedtobuffyhpfanfic chapter 77 . 6/22
Amazing chapter. I like the Becky twist although I forgot she was a sub so it caught me off guard. But switching is already built into the story, although I wouldn't mind more details into that (and basically everything about this interesting world culture including the age thing like Willow and Jenna although looking like you are hinting at that).
Woody2792 chapter 77 . 6/22
I was beyond excited and happy to see an email telling me youd updated! I had semi expected to have found a discontinued/long forgotten fic, so my alert was a back up plan...

I love the whole relationship between Tara and Faith and the dynamics between them... Throwing in the domme/sub aspects of the story and... well. I know I'll be rereading this many times!
Cant wait for the next chapter :) x
RavensNic chapter 77 . 6/22
I am enjoying this story a little more with each new chapter and that is saying a lot since I've been hooked from the beginning. Every update is worth the wait. I like how not only the plot is developing, but also Faith and Tara as individuals and as bondmates. Keep up the amazing work.
Allen Pitt chapter 77 . 6/22
So...slayers have an ability to 'move their marker'? I must have missed that one. Or is it just slang for refusing a bond? Weird how Faith doesn't remember her first bond, but considering her background, maybe not too weird.
fanficfaenatic chapter 77 . 6/22
As a fan of your writing I love this story, it remains compelling, pacey and endearing no matter when you update. As a fan of the Tara and Faith pairing, I am enjoying their gradual acceptance of their bonding, but I would really love to read some significant alone time between them soon as it feels like only hints and snippets for a very long time now. This is not in any way a criticism, more just my inner fangirl acting out. Thanks for another great update!
piecesofyourheart chapter 77 . 6/22
And just when I think you're gonna pull a Joss and rip my heart out you restore my humanity with that scene between Faith and Becky. Officially best part of this fic right now. I really need something nice, it made my day. Poor Becky, that's gotta be tough. That's one hell of a gap. It'll make things interesting that's for sure. Thank you for the update
Harry2 chapter 77 . 6/22
Well, it looks like its going to be explosives, similar to Season 3 of Buffy to take out the Mayor. Question is, how much explosive is it going to take to stop him, and where do they do the job at. And I see that T-Bear (The White Witch, The T-minator) is quietly making sure that Faith knows WHO is in charge in the relationship!
piecesofyourheart chapter 76 . 6/5
Ahh the joy of having a bunch of dillweeds and cranky SoB's as family. Fun! *sarcasm over* so now we get to the exposition leading to the actual violence (well against the mayor) Yes! Anything that has him blow up is wonderful!
Harry2 chapter 76 . 6/3
Well, when Maxie decided that outside help was needed, she called in a BIG GUN! And hopefully, this will result in a working on clearing up the problem with the family.
spyffy chapter 76 . 6/2
Thank you for another great chapter. I love reading the way you're developing Tara and Faith's relationship, we've been reading about them for a good few years now if you include Broken Bonds and sometimes as a reader it's easy to forget that they are just starting out especially when they're so happy but you don't let us certainly not for long. You continue to develop them not just as a bonded couple but as individuals as well. Despite Tara enjoying Faith pushing her buttons and topping from the bottom it was good to see her continuing setting boundaries for their Domme/sub relationship and even more so that Faith accepted it. It showed how far both of them have come, Tara in that she can take that Dominant role and speak up and Faith in that she didn't immediately rebel at being challenged.
You just love dropping in these hints about other couples to make us want to know more, "Just because he never approved of Trish", I want to know more lol.
Can't wait for the next chapter.
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