Reviews for Written In The Stars
geronimodoctor chapter 14 . 5/28
it's funny because it's like 'will she stay or leave?...' and I'm like 'she'll stay bc there's 43 more chapters LOL
jb chapter 43 . 5/27
Yes Rose got what was coming to her! Funny enough I like her in the show but hate her in this fic. I am anxiously awaiting the next chapter can't wait!
Yugioh13 chapter 43 . 5/26
FINALLY! She's gone! I'm so happy for that! No more Rose lol Wow! Two updates in a row! That definitely made my day! Please update soon! I really want to see what happens next. Especially the after effect of Rose leaving.

By the way, I loved it when Sophie gave Rose what she deserved! haha ;)
AlasseAlcarin chapter 43 . 5/26
Ah I'm so happy that the new chapters are here. :D Can't wait for more ! :D
Angel of Randomosity chapter 42 . 5/25
Scratch that question about Bad Wolf
Angel of Randomosity chapter 43 . 5/25
Yeeesssss no more bitchy Rose fir a while! 8D
now what about Bad Wolf?
dream lighting chapter 43 . 5/24
Ha rose got told ha please let Micky yell at her ad d more nice update
LMarie99 chapter 43 . 5/24
Fanficqueen306 chapter 43 . 5/24
i like this very much i cant wait for you to write more!
TheDoctorsTimeLady chapter 43 . 5/24
yay Theta to the rescue. protecting his mate like he should. and rose is again yay. no more bitching and jealousy. love this
10th Squad 3rd Seat chapter 43 . 5/24
You go Doctor! Protect your mate! What did Rose tell him?

Now what will happen for Doomsday? Hmmm~

Thanks for the quick update!
The Dreamer17 chapter 43 . 5/24
I'm do glad that Rose is gone, I dread the day she comes back. Also, good choice in skipping "Love and Monsters", that I have to admit was a terrible episode.
Wicken25 chapter 43 . 5/24
wow you skipped like so much...
The bunny always dies first chapter 43 . 5/24
TeamEdwardUntilIdie chapter 43 . 5/24
Asdfghjkl! Agh! I just flipped out, and no I'm all happy and squealing, and my family keep looking at me like I'm insane. But I don't care! You updated! Again! That's two chapters in two days! Agh! Okay, I think I'm calm now. That was so amazingly perfect. When Sophie showed the Doctor what actually happened, I knew Rose was going to leave. I was grinning like a fool, and when he kicked her out I was all happy. This chapter was brilliant-like every other chapter you write-and I can't wait for the next update! I'm really looking forward to season three...that's gonna be REALLY GOOD! Yay! I can't wait for Sophie and Jack to meet...they'll be very compatible and I know we'll have some jealous Doctor. Anyway, I can't wait for another update. Looking forward to the next chapter. Those two sentences are the same idea just paraphrased. Oh well. I'm too filled with feels. The exploded when I read this chapter.
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