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Guest chapter 1 . 12/27/2022
The geek shall inherit the Middle-Earth
~A young Christian author. Talle Archenwood is my pen name! Look me up! I love your story, and I hope you have a blessed life, Gamzuna.(khuzdul for Little Fierce One)
Guest chapter 16 . 12/25/2022
Nicely done, my fellow writerling
arjane chapter 59 . 12/19/2022
I am stunned and amazed at this wonderful story! From the first chapter to the last, this was such a joyful and exciting ride, thank you so so much for writing and sharing this gem! Absolutely adore and love this story with all my heart, it kept me reading til late into the night and I regret nothing! 3
arjane chapter 21 . 12/12/2022
I swear I wanted to comment earlier but I got so hooked onto this fic and could not stop reading for the whole day and most of the night! I am quite sleep deprived and seriously considering cancelling most of my plans for the next days just to continue reading this wonderful and addicting story!
I just had to express my love I have for all these characters, especially the dwarves, you brought them to life in a way the book and movies never managed to do! I adore Lizzy‘s easy friendship with the dwarves, how accepting Kili and Fili are and how Bilfur and his brothers adopted her into their family, i got actual teary-eyed at that point! Book/movie Thorin isn’t really a favourite character of mine but your version of him feels so real and much better characterised! You showed the subtle changing of his feelings so well and him slowly realizing that maybe there might be more to his feelings than even he knows! I‘ m trash for such a good slow burn and build-up. I imagine the pay-off will be spectacular. Just absolultely brilliant! I enjoy reading this so much and will continue onword! Real life be damned!
AuroraAstera chapter 59 . 12/3/2022
Absolutely brilliant. I haven't slept in three days since finding this gem. Thank you so much!
AuroraAstera chapter 5 . 11/30/2022
Balin's right. They will have to disagree on their views. However, I think Lizzy could have won the debate by mentioning immigration. Thorin rules one race, and they all live in one mountain. His people want and need most of the same things. In our world, there's so much diversity that a monarch could not cater to all the people's needs any more than a democratic government. Although, the best argument she could have made is that not all monarchs are like Thorin. He's experienced the same suffering his people have and understands their needs. He puts them first and sacrifices so much. That's rare. Pointing that out would have been a compliment and a solid win.
AuroraAstera chapter 4 . 11/29/2022
This is excellent so far. Although I wish Lizzy hadn't given in to Thorin so easily, especially about the language issue. How can she be certain that the translation she receives is correct? For all she knows, the translation she gets could be edited, leaving out important parts. Clearly, she's not as familiar with Tolkien's races as some fans, particularly the dwarves. Otherwise, she would have known better than to ask if she could learn Khuzdul. Regardless, Thorin was pretty rude to her considering her ignorance about those things. And Lizzy should have insisted upon disputes being conducted in the common tongue because that would be the only sure way she'd know what she's told is honest.

I also wonder why she didn't protest the part about only being given her share of the treasure when the dwarves chose. If they wanted, they could make her wait until she was old and frail. She knows their characters well enough to know they wouldn't do that, but she also knows that Thorin might fall prey to gold-sickness. They already get to decide what her portion will contain, such as jewels or gold. It would have given her away to outright ask for the White Gems of Lasgalen at this point, but she didn't even consider how she might modify the contract to allow her to claim one or more items besides the Arkenstone at her discretion. She also could have asked Balin to include a clause that says she could do anything she wanted with her share of the treasure, which would give her the opportunity to give some of it away to Bard or Thranduil if she wanted. Not to say that she will do that, but as insurance, in case she needs to, as Bilbo did.

Also, the part about them assigning her any role at their discretion is somewhat alarming since there seems to be no limit to that. Although Lizzy knows they wouldn't ever ask her to dishonor herself, the wording leaves her open to exploitation due to the vague wording. What if they asked her to take up the role of concubine or something? They wouldn't, but as far as Thorin or Balin know, she knows almost nothing about them. She's a woman traveling alone amongst a company of males who are essentially strangers. It would seem reasonable and intelligent for her to point out this oversight. The word choice also makes it seem like any member of the company can order her to do anything they want instead of just Thorin without giving her the right to refuse. There's also nothing about how Thorin and the company should give, deliver, or receive her advice. Knowing Thorin, he will ignore her until she proves herself worthy, which basically means he has to dismiss her good advice until it bites him in the ass. I look forward to seeing that play out!

As for "luxury items," what about her basic female needs, like whatever women in Middle Earth use when they get their period? Perhaps she should have listed what she needed when asking for an advance to seem more legit. Honestly, Thorin's an idiot to assume that gold, silver, and copper even exist in Lizzy's world, much less that she would have some with her. He was definitely an ass to her, but she also gave into his refusals quickly. At least when it comes to the language bit, the wording should have been changed so that Lizzy and Bilbo could have their disputes conducted in a language they understand.

I'm curious... do the characters look exactly like the actors who played them in the movies? I'm assuming not since Lizzy didn't recognize Fili or Kili upon sight. However, Lizzy never remarks on the differences, which I was expecting to read at some point. Most of the events appear to be true to the movie, although it's nice that there's a little mix in there, which is obvious from the song at the end. I'm glad the characters reflect their movie versions more than their book versions since they have more depth to them.

Also, why doesn't Gandalf hint that Lizzy can see the future? She could easily take up the role of prophet or something to give herself more legitimacy as an advisor. Her words would bear more weight and be taken more seriously after the first time they prove to be true. Gandalf hasn't made any case about why some random human girl from another world is worthy of being Thorin's advisor on the trip. Her travels and education in politics don't seem enough to explain why she, of all people, has been chosen when many other people with those qualifications could take up the same role. I'm glad Gandalf mentioned the equality of the sexes to the dwarves earlier. It'll be amusing to read about Lizzy trying to enforce that throughout the quest.

So far, this story is shaping up really well. Fanfictions about a modern girl finding herself in Middle Earth during the events of the Hobbit or LOTR either go very well or quite poorly. Most of the time, they're pretty average. However, this story appears to be above average, and I'm so excited to read how it develops. Thank you so much for writing this!
ro781727 chapter 50 . 11/28/2022
Way to butcher Dain’s character
Nubian Queen chapter 59 . 10/16/2022
I cannot even begin to say how much I love this story! You have an amazing gift for writing and I am utterly grateful you used it for this story. It always saddened me, how the story ended and then, with the movies and the glorious Mr Armitage as my beloved Thorin(whom I have been partially in love with since his North and South and Robin Hood days), it went to an even deeper level. Having the tale I love retold from this angle has been a marvelous experience. Like Thorin, I grew to love your OC, although, being from the States, her nickname Lizzy was odd for me. Here Elizabeth is Liz or Beth. I also liked how she was always Elizabeth to Thorin. A nickname just doesn't fit his vibe, for sure!
Normally I don't go for real world story inserts since it just seems like self insertion fantasizing but, even if that's what this is, it's so fantastically done I just have to say Brava! You will definitely be on my watch and fav list!
myrosedream chapter 59 . 10/9/2022
All right, Listen up. This is one of the best Fics I have read. Easily Top 5. The story and characters, the dedication and continuity, the OCs and Tolkin's work all wrapped up in to this glorious monster of a fiction that I binged the crap out of (to the point of staying up far too late for days on end) as it totally drew me in. And here we are, after the promise of follow up one shots, there had been no continuation to this amazing piece of work. I am devastated. I love all the interactions, relationships, and friendships that Lizzy made on the way. Her special bond with each dwarf was so sweet and I liked how well she fit in without feeling fake or over the top. My favorite part is her and Thorin's relationship was based on slow friendship and she didn't jump right into loving him, or even thinking about him like that. It was natural when it happened and paired perfectly with the pacing of the story. I especially like too that Lizzy has also suedo basically been adopted by Thranduil and Bard. It's just like an added bonus that she is basically loved by all and her naysayers will have to go up against three kings, a party of dwarfs, a wizard, a hobbit in possession of the one ring, and probably a big and angry Beorn as a bear. :p
I would love to see another one shot of Fili/Amma or Kili/Tauriel (you also nailed their relationship better than the movie). But most importantly, if you ever do come back to visit this world, a one shot of Lizzy and Thorin years later with their friends all having the happiness they deserve. So basicall, please write.a sequel!
I was enthralled by your writing and story I hope you continue to write.
p.s. Hearing you travel the world while writing was so awesome. It sounded like a great chapter of your life and I liked that you were so enthusiastic about it all.
p.p.s. Well done!
I-am-Sherlocked-82 chapter 59 . 10/6/2022
I just love this story... I read it twice since finding it a couple of days ago. What about those one shots you mentioned in the AN? I would love those too... thanks for this great story.
Kathy23 chapter 59 . 9/4/2022
I know this is from a few years ago, but I saw a link on tumblr, and read it all week. This was great, really really great. I love the way you bookend everything with the bet.
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 7 . 8/28/2022
Something I lOVE about this story is all the conversation that these characters have with each other! Great dialogue, and realistic too! This is so good that it could be turned into a movie.
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 6 . 8/28/2022
Lol, she lied though It’s looked down in our world too. Only in the past…what? 60 years has it been “ok” to live with someone you weren’t married to. Compare that to the rest of the thousands of years our world has been around? So she totally lied when she said “it’s completely respectable…..”. Lol. And even today it still isn’t considered “good” by most, but we still do it anyways because of people rebelling against what society deems as respectable and moral.

I freaking LOVE this story! Onward march!
FelineNinjaGrace chapter 2 . 8/27/2022
Sooooo good! Such detail and flow to your story! I feel like I’m actually watching the movie. I love stories like this! I can tell why this is the most liked story for Thorin/OC pairings.
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