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Guest chapter 64 . 11/27
Have been dying to have an update on this story! Any chance you’ll be updating soon?!
GrangerFan17 chapter 64 . 11/11
I truly cannot sufficiently express my love for this story; I'm convinced that one day, once it's complete, it will be considered by many to be the pinnacle of the SSHG fandom. (Let's be honest, it really already should be considered thus despite being a WIP!) I can't wait for future chapters to unfold and am literally giddy at the genius of Hermione's (but really, your) plan, and how deliciously you've slowly unveiled it to us. I presume that Vivian Foxfield wearing the opal necklace for a year per marriage enabled extraction of the husbands' souls from their bodies and into the necklace, rendering their bodies soulless and able to be murdered while still keeping their souls "bound" to her via the intact necklace, thus not violating the soul bonds. My guess is that Hermione's plan is to have Harry wear the necklace for a year in order to "trap" into it the fragment of Voldemort's soul that is the horcrux, thus removing it from Harry's body, and that they will speed this up into six months by having Harry travel through time with her every day, given her realization the other night that the soul experiences time linearly even when living one day multiple times. (Of course, Harry living double-time opens up the fact that Hermione now can no longer bodyguard Harry 24/7 and also have any time to herself unless she starts doing days in triple-time...) And then, once the horcrux is extracted into the necklace, the necklace can of course be destroyed in the way all of the others are (basilisk venom, etc). The one thing I'm not sure of is whether there will be a separate step needed to sever any bond between Harry and the horcrux soul fragment; e.g. presumably if the necklace had been destroyed during Vivian's lifetime, she would have then died, since all the souls she was bound to were in it. I hope that no such bond would continue to exist between Harry and the horcrux soul fragment once it's removed from his body!

Oh, and I freaking love the wild goose change spin on the Deathly Hallows that you're introducing. The line when she commented to Severus that everything that had gone right in the fight up until that point had been chance... goosebumps. This story practically ruins the original series for me since seeing the war all be carefully planned out by our favorite heroine is so much better than it all just being won by luck. So excited for where you take this story; thank you so much for continuing to share your ingenuity with us. Signed, another grad student who's been in love with this story for years!
MatteoSilver chapter 1 . 10/21
I’m glad youyours are safe! Many of my own ties have been strained or severed from COVID. I’m sorry for your losses,I hope you will be well. I’ve not commented before but I just wanted to say how much I love your writing. You’ve truly put so much thoughtwork (more than I can fathom) into this over the last decade. I’m hoping we can get updates but of course life comes first. Wishing you continued health, happiness,good fortune in your continued studiesbeyond.
0825 chapter 64 . 9/28
I have loved reading this lovely story (and your life updates) in my spare time the past few days. I, too, barely recognize my sibling anymore, for similar reasons, it seems. He and I have very different ideas of how to make the world a better place.
luthiensurion44 chapter 64 . 9/27
Oh man. So many things. I just read the whole thing in one go (i know ive read this before, but i think that was a few years ago) and oh boy. This is *fun*. Love the initial premise - one of Harry's friends is trained from childhood to be his secret protector - because it's just so *easy* to see Dumbledore taking that step if he was just a little more ruthless than canon. It's not that far a step.
(Im also someone who is on the fence wrt how much of what happened in canon was meticulous planning on Dumbledore's part vs lucky happenstance. It's... Suspicious.)
But yes. Very fun what-ifs to play with :)))))
Of course the romance is glorious. It builds naturally - of course Hermione would relate to Severus more as she matures beyond her friends and has to keep all these secrets and and and. XD And they're human. They miscommunicate, they get grumpy and snap at each other, they make bad decisions for good intentions... It's compelling. (I have to say i also like the way you dont make the low points of their relationship drag on and on past the point of reason. It happens, it takes time to fix, but it *does* get fixed. :) )
The feelings Hermione is getting from her timeturner use are worrying me. Curious to see what it leads to, but Very Concerned. And I'm super intrigued by Hermione's plan. I can't wait for that reveal.

Also, the little tidbits of real life are great xD. I hope youre still doing ok, and that grad school is going well! I know the feeling of relief and amazement that a relationship is still solid even with covid lockdowns - bf and i spent a solid year and a half in a tiny room, and the stress of it was Not Great.
QueenOfTheBrassQuill chapter 64 . 8/15
This story is unbelievably amazing! All of the unique twists and turns and logic that you have put into this story is breathtaking. I know you're busy, but I need, need, need an update, haha!
Simsa chapter 24 . 8/12
I just wanted to say that I like your story a lot. It's been a while since I read one this good (although I have to admit that I usually read German ones as it is my mothertongue and that there aren't this many)
I especially like how realistic your style is.
I can really imagine that If I hadnt paid enough attention to jkr's series something like this could have happended in the background.
I'm really looking forward to reading this chapter (and basically, the whole story!
Simsa xx
Severus and Hermione Snape chapter 1 . 8/12
Please update soon, i really want to read it but I can't because it's not completed yet...
spookyghostpepper chapter 64 . 8/3
I have found this story an absolute delight to read! I recently found it and have not been able to stop reading since. Thank you for writing and sharing with us! Wishing you well
Funsizedwitch chapter 64 . 7/20
I love love love this story and cannot wait for more chapters! I’ve been talking about this story with my mom, (who’s just now watching the movies), and have told her straight up that this is what should’ve happened in the books! Hermione/Severus are so perfect together, I love it! And I’m in awe of how amazing your writing has been from the start. Thank you so much for sharing and continuing to share this amazeballs story!

On a side note, I’ve been reading your updates of your life for the past week, and I’m so happy that your relationship is going so well and staying so strong! I’m very sorry about the battle lines being drawn, I know how that feels. It sucks to put it lightly. Especially when they have children and you have no say in keeping them safe. I hope things get better soon for your family. Congrats on getting into and kicking grad school’s ass.

*friendly glomp*
Funsizedwitch chapter 57 . 7/17
I’m so sorry that people are being so rude! That totally sucks. What doesn’t suck is this story! OMFGHSB! (Ohmyfuckinggofholyshitballs)! I absolutely adore every single part of this story! It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites by far! I hope things are going well in your life and I think it’s amazing that you’re able to handle everything you are! Thank you so much for sharing this and I’m sorry for not reviewing sooner, but I’ve been on a bit of a can’t stop/won’t stop reading your amazeballs story! I can’t wait to see what happens!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/10
Please update sometime soon… I don’t know if you would and I don’t want to start reading a story that might remain unfinished… But this is a very popular story and I do want to read it, just need the assurance that you are planning to finish it someday…
Alexlc chapter 64 . 6/24
I just wanted to say thanks again. I liked this story so much this is my second read through. The pacing is good and the build up of their relationship is believable.
Guest chapter 64 . 6/14
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Can’t wait for more - please please!
Moejoejoejoe chapter 64 . 6/1
my sis turned out to fall for all the fake news...
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