Reviews for For The Only Hope
Chiisai-chan97 chapter 58 . 6/19
This is one of the best fanfics I’ve ever read, I am completely in love with the plot and this version of Severus and hermione, I hope the next chapter will be up soon :)
llmockingbirdll chapter 58 . 6/10
I joined the hype pretty late, but I really enjoy this story, and hearing about your life and how things have worked out gives me hope for mine. Good luck with anything and everything. Take the time you need to write the next chapter, I'll still be here when it comes out!

llmockingbirdll chapter 41 . 6/7
I know this was from years ago but, CONGRATS ON THE MALTA FIELD SCHOOL, that's awesome. I really enjoy this story.

KrafTycoon chapter 58 . 6/4
Woo! Just binged this over the last two days, I can't wait for the next chapter! v
FoxesRun chapter 58 . 6/3
Hey! First of all, love the story, love the plot, love the characterizations, love everything! Secomdly, I love reading your little mini life updates! I am so proud of your accomplishments! And I'm so glad that you and your girlfriend are so happy! Are you going skiing with her and her family as her girlfriend or as her friend? Did you tell your parents back in August? And question for the story, I don't remember what chapter, but I think k it was when they were in Mungo's, Hermione felt something weird and then dismissed it. Is that going to be brought back up and addressed?
llmockingbirdll chapter 29 . 5/24
I know there's like, twenty-something chapters posted after this and this was probably posted years ago, but I adore your story so far, and I'm sorry that someone decided to be a butthole to you and your beautiful story.

Sending positive vibes to your past self,
Innieminnie chapter 13 . 5/6
Wow. It wasn't the romance that had me putting my phone down in embarrassment and panic but the situation with Cho. I feel Hermione man, I really do, the poor girl.
Innieminnie chapter 8 . 5/6
Even with the whole time Turner schtick, I'm still a bit ick on the romance part. She's still in school after all, despite her emotional maturity and being of age..uh. Yeah. Maybe it's just my biases covering this because I've never actually shipped Severus with younger characters. Maybe if it's a reborn fic or a time reversal or even just substituting Hermione into the maruauders era..but like this, I'm still not with it :I I just can't view him as anything more than a teacher, mentor, or friend. Maybe this will change, I honestly don't know.
MC chapter 58 . 5/2
I started reading this story a couple of months ago (honestly thinking that it must be complete, as it was so large and started so long ago). And now that I've reached the end of your posting, I just want to say that this is one of the most compelling H&S ship I have read. Although not obvious that you began this story at 15, your writing has matured with age. With a long drawn out story such as yours, you are able to give attention to detail in your middle to late chapters that shows real growth from your earlier writing.
Don't let others get to you when complaining about your posting schedule. Of course, I look forward to your next updates, but real life comes first, its the one your living after all. We would all love to be Hermione in her adventure with Severus, but it simply isn't possible all the time when you are an adult with responsibilities. I'll just have to make time to re-read a chapter or two to remember where you left off (small sacrifice). I, too, started to write as a teenager, and now only write when my schedule allows, but I am far more of a chicken to post mine for review, that and it would take me a decade to finish at my rate, as I think I complete about 2 chapters a year. Your schedule will only get busier (seen from the perspective of someone in their early 30s) so just post when you can and try not to forget about your jewel of a story. It's lovely and I can't wait to finish reading when you're ready.
aelfwynne chapter 1 . 4/28
Nice touch that she’s colour coding her reports.. so Hermione
aelfwynne chapter 1 . 4/24
Holy Batman that kissss! *skips away wildly*
ForsakenKalika chapter 58 . 4/15
You, young lady, have written a ridiculously engrossing story. Oh my goodness. Just killed all 58 chapters in 2 days, and am astounded at the level of detail in every one.
May you and your gf stay blessed and if you need any allies here in the south, you got this NC resident and her entire family at your fingertips.
masseffectpotter chapter 58 . 4/14
I like your story. I'm eager to read chapter 59
EclecticBonVivant chapter 58 . 4/13
SO glad you’re still picking away at this great story!
arizonadaydreamer chapter 58 . 4/9
While it did take me awhile to find the time to read this latest chapter (life, groan) I finally got to it! Firstly, thanks for the minor recap at the beginning as that was hugely helpful. Secondly, great development. I really enjoyed this continuation. Looking forward to the next chapter when you find the time!
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