Reviews for Merlin - the Oath Breaker
RE chapter 15 . 7/29/2015
Updating or no?!
eilonwy77 chapter 5 . 8/13/2014
Everything about these stories has been unexpected. :-)
eilonwy77 chapter 2 . 8/13/2014
Aw, Arthur does the right thing for once... :-)
xBookEaterx chapter 15 . 6/3/2014
Wohow... This is just amazing! Please don't abandon this story, 'cause it really IS great...
I love the way you write, and your ideas are cool and original.
Please continue!
Ddiwerth chapter 15 . 7/27/2013
Poor Merlin – so near and yet so far! In some ways, it must be worse to have that little taste of freedom, only to have it taken away again

“As an immortal, he would have to watch everyone he ever loved's descendants live in a world of unfair limitations and attempt to bring small amounts of relief to their suffering.” As if Merlin needs any more responsibilities! Now, as an immortal, he has to ease the suffering of everyone throughout the rest of time. No wonder he’s going a bit insane!

And so it’s all Nimueh’s fault...because she stupidly got involved in ‘normals’...gah! Silly woman! So sad to see that everything Merlin worked for was for nothing – that all his attempts to change Arthur would be for naught, because in the end Arthur would simply turn into the person his father made him to be. No wonder he’s not that fussed about going back to Camelot!

But if the Old Religion dies, doesn’t this mean that the ‘normals’ will win? And magic will not return to Albion?

LOL at Merlin arguing with Gaius over what caused a person to get ill (being cold or any stress on the body)...nice little bit of normal life and relationships creeping into the fic. Along with that beautiful moment, where Merlin is standing there being surrounded by swirling snow flakes. Funny how one little quiet moment like that can spark good ideas...but I wonder what Merlin’s is?

Eurgh the way Agravaine treats Hunith! Horrid man he is. Such a bizarre scene in Morgana’s hut, with Agravaine doing familiar everyday things and having a one-sided conversation (like he’s looking after an elderly relative), whilst Merlin’s mother is discarded on the floor. And he is so creepy and pathetic the way he’s so desperately trying to win Morgana’s favour (I take back what I said about him being a cat with a mouse gift for its owner...he’s a dog playing fetch because he’s so desperate for praise and too stupid to say ‘go get the stick yourself, human!’).

But OMG what has Agravaine got planned? Although it may sound callous, killing Hunith sounds like a relatively minor blow against Merlin from the way Aggie’s mental ravings are starting to sound!

Oh please update soon...I’m itching to know what happens next :O)
IloveHeat chapter 14 . 7/24/2013
Adorable. And hopeful. And not angsty. Perfect chapter.
Nebriniel Peredhil chapter 15 . 7/23/2013
Amazing I loved the last part, Aggravaine's part, amazing can't wait for more
Mika271170 chapter 15 . 7/23/2013
Shorter,but brilliant as always!
I loved Merlin and of course,Aggravaine s inner thoughts,i liked the way you described Aggravaine s passion to Morgana,so canon!
Please continue!
Sofia Lawrence chapter 15 . 7/23/2013
I hate Aggravaine. I hope he dies soon. I normally hope people can come back from evil, but Aggravaine has never been anything other than manipulative. I wonder what Morgana is like now. Hopefully we will get a scene with her soon. Also, is Merlin heading toward an Aggravaine, Morgana, Hunith get together? That would be interesting, or is it just also cold and snowy near the crystal cave? Can't wait for more.
StarBolt1966 chapter 14 . 7/22/2013
Our beloved Warlock is back!
Sofia Lawrence chapter 14 . 7/22/2013
I really liked the dragon interactions. It brought some lightness back. Even though I think Merlin still has a way to go until he is truly happy. You know taking care of Morgana and what not, but I am glad he had this little reprieve. I think it will let him realize that he is being a bit of an idiot, maybe not right away, but yeah.
Ddiwerth chapter 14 . 7/22/2013
I love how calm and nonchalant Gwaine is when dealing with hysterical Gwen; blithely explaining that Kilgharrah helped Camelot and was accepted by Arthur, and what she thinks is evidence of him being enchanted by Merlin is just them being great friends.

Oh I see now what Merlin did – he undid what he had done before (with the magical rain) so that he could purge Morgana of evil. Makes sense now why he was so cross and reluctant to do it (because he would never accept the sacrifice of another to save himself...even if that means more people are in danger because Morgana is evil again). Ooh Glinde has this hero worship thing really bad, doesn’t she XD I can see why Gwaine’s worrying now about taking Merlin away from the Sidhe!

Hah! I knew it! I knew Glinde was in love with Merlin (and is therefore so angry at Gwaine because she’s jealous of how much he means to Merlin). Silly little fairy! As if she could hold a candle to Freya anyway *rolls eyes*.

“"You're making my head hurt," Gwaine told her.” Oh yes, Gwaine...mine too! I loved the poetry of how Glinde explained how Merlin and Freya were forever kept apart, and it was so terribly heart-wrenching. But also very complicated, LOL. Oh but you made me detest Glinde for her blasé attitude towards poor Merlin’s heart with Freya’s death...perhaps Merlin should incinerate her if that’s her attitude!

LOL Gwaine not wanting to drink the water from the lake because Freya lives in it.

Blimey, Glinde is even jealous of Kilgharrah? She really needs to get a proper Sidhe boyfriend and get laid soon!

LOL Gwaine’s little reminder of Merlin being in cat form (and comparing him to a kitten...yep, that’s how I see him too *sigh*). Hmmm well, Gwen had better do some thinking and forgiving of Merlin, or I for one will slap her!

“He had never felt more lost. At least as a wanderer, he had the lack of direction to blame for his position in life. Now he had something to do and a purpose, he just wasn't sure how he was going to pull it off.” Oh yes, very well put, and never a truer word was said! Poor Gwaine...having such responsibility thrust unasked for upon him.

LOL the image of Merlin going on a ‘joy ride’ on Kilgharrah; behaving like a silly, giddy teenager for a while. Nice contrast to the perpetual tension and sadness he had been suffering from in the Crystal Cave and at the lake...though something tells me it is the calm before the storm (when he has Morgana, Mordred and Agravaine to deal with some time soon).

Merlin must really be feeling homesick, if he risked being seen by everyone to fly over Camelot; as he reminisced about what Arthur would be doing. Lovely to know though how much he is comforted by K’s presence; how it give him such a real sense of family (even while he still feels pain over Balinor’s death).

“The sky was inky black and the stars shone with a brightness that rivaled the best jewels in the kingdom. Arthur could have the jewels. Merlin loved the sky – and the sky was free! Everyone could appreciate the sky. It was large enough to share with anyone and better, no one could fight over it. It was a place that belonged to no body and that was how it should be. Well, maybe it belonged to dragons!” Ooh that was truly beautiful – sent shivers up my spine! Gives such an intense picture of how Merlin thinks and connects with nature as he appreciates it. And I love how Merlin just wants to escape to an island somewhere and be with those he loves and forget the world (*sigh* a man after my own heart!). LOL, a family holiday indeed...

Hehe I had no idea Merlin could be so manipulative – making K feel guilty for spoiling his fun and making him return to reality (and his duty)! And ROTFL at their banter (and K’s frustration at Merlin’s evasiveness).

Yes, definitely...very much more than OK. Bloody excellent, if you’ll pardon my language. And I know I’m being greedy, but I have to agree with Mr O Twist :O)
Ddiwerth chapter 13 . 7/22/2013
Loved Merlin debating with himself about what he should have done to deter Gwaine from sacrificing himself. And LOL him reminiscing that Gwaine shouldn’t have strode in without a plan; trusting Glinde’s word when he had so little knowledge of magic. Such irony that he would blame Gwaine for being the very thing he is when it comes to saving a friend: impetuous!

I never really compared Lancelot to Gwaine (in the way they both treated Merlin), but you are right – Lancelot admired Merlin after he’d proved his worth (with magic and a noble heart), whereas Gwaine accepted him without knowing these things first. That isn’t to say Lancelot wouldn’t have as well, but very interesting premise!

LOL “it was more than playing body guard to a danger prone Pendragon” Nicely put – yep, that’s Arthur alright!

Loved the image of Gwen getting all girly and teary when Kilgharrah arrived...and everyone pretty much ignoring her (as she deserved for her lack of contribution and shallow thoughts towards everyone).

Thank goodness Gwaine isn’t dead – you had me worried there for a minute, with how miserable Merlin was acting. ROTFL Merlin’s comments about how Gwaine had tried to sacrifice himself uninvited for Merlin (and at Kilgharrah’s reflection on the irony of Merlin’s comments).

LOL “Kilgharrah gave some cryptic advice – for old times sake” Love your humour – it’s so tongue in cheek! Like: “It was as if the sun was lazy, deciding for itself that the knight was stunning enough without lighting effects.” That did make me chuckle XD But I am very glad Merlin was able to restore Gwaine so quickly, and after nothing more strenuous or life-threatening than being comforted by a fire and Kilgharrah’s presence. Neat little spell that, for preventing the Sidhe from taking Gwaine as a sacrifice. And I love the way Merlin just hopped on K’s back and left Gwaine, Gwen and Glinde (or ‘The 3 Gs’ as I see them now XD) to their own defences...a fitting punishment perhaps for interfering and ignoring his pleas.

*Gasp* oh dear, I was beginning to wonder why Merlin really didn’t want to be healed...I had forgotten that he could see the future in the crystal cave. Which I’m guessing means he’s seen an eventuality where this happened, and it didn’t have a good outcome. And now I’m really scared for Hunith – if Morgana’s restored to being the mistress of evil snake charmers, Agravaine’s dead mouse gift is not going to go to waste!

Must. Read. Next. Chapter. Now! :O)
Ddiwerth chapter 12 . 7/22/2013
Loved the banter between Merlin and Gwaine at the beginning of this chapter; with Merlin being all false bravado and self-sacrificing, and Gwaine laughing it off and turning on the charm (as if he was trying to woo a lady). And LOL at that comment about the welcome break in Gwen’s whinging XD

OMG what a brilliant build up of tension, as Gwaine walked the struggling Merlin into the lake! I had a horrible feeling it would involve Gwaine having to sacrifice himself to save Merlin (though I never envisaged Merlin calling the dragon to stop him from doing so).

Oh God Agravaine is sick! Kidnapping such a lovely, innocent person as Hunith...just to pay Arthur and Merlin back (and relishing at the thought of Morgana killing her). He’s like a cat bringing its owner a dead mouse as a present...gah!

Good bit of knowledge demonstration on the effect of willow bark (i.e. that it reduces pain but can thin the blood too much). And nice to know that Merlin isn’t the only one to get a ‘funny feeling’ when something bad is happening. Oh I do hope Gaius can alert someone and rescue Hunith in time!

Next chapter here I come...really enjoying this fic so much :O)
Ddiwerth chapter 11 . 7/22/2013
You certainly know how to swing the emotions of your readers from one extreme to the other! One minute, I’m revelling in Agravaine’s frustration at not being able to do anything dastardly to thwart Arthur...the next I am feeling sorry for him because he is so in love with Morgana that it hurts to see her so sick and lost in her cause that he would rather die than live without her. So devoted (and how can one blame a man who does things because he is love sick)!

“The dark blue blanket on his bed called to him. It seemed to beckon to him. It promised to ward off the chill of the room. It promised rest. His eyes lingered on it as he imagined all the virtues of his bed, but his heart yearned more for his mistress. Morganna needed him more than he needed warmth. He leaned back in the stiff-backed wooden chair and raised a goblet of stale wine to his lips as he looked out into the annoyingly busy courtyard.” *Sigh* such beautiful imagery in this paragraph, with the way he focuses on the blanket but is drawn away by his yearning for Morgana. The stale wine too says so much (about how far he has sunk in his esteem in the castle and how diverted his thoughts have been).

This too: “Geoffrey had a gift for turning words into paintings.” Really sums up the poetic, I love it.

But *gasp* what is Agravaine planning to do to Hunith? The fiend!

Oh no, poor Merlin’s really sick, isn’t he? Thank goodness for Gwaine! Good logic for why he shouldn’t carry him like a maiden btw...makes perfect sense. And also that Glinde has been forbidden from fighting humans (that’s just the sort of detail Merlin wouldn’t have forgotten about).

ROTFL “On the topic of cheerful, Gwen was crying – again.” Love it! LOL the image of Glinde tutting at Gwaine’s efforts to keep up with her...I can see a lot of fun things happening in the relationship between these two. And I so want to hug Gwaine for snapping at Gwen (and mentioning that if she wasn’t so upset about Merlin’s magic Glinde wouldn’t be trying to upset her). It’s a pity Glinde is so small, ‘cause I reckon she and Gwaine would be good together as a couple XD

“The dark branches of his lifeblood were visible as if pressed against his glistening translucent skin.” Ooh that sent chills of pleasure up my spine...such a lovely way of saying that his veins were showing and his skin was pale.

Oh the angst, at Merlin’s dwindling made my stomach clench achingly. And what a bizarre image of Merlin ‘vomiting’ magic which made the people and things around him feel better and for which he was thanked by Glinde! Creepy but also cool, LOL.

Oh very clever Gwaine...emotionally blackmailing Merlin into letting Glinde show you the way to Avalon!

Can’t wait to see what happens next...and luckily, I don’t have to (woot woot!) :O)
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