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Brit chapter 25 . 8/21/2017
Love it, update pwease
Guest chapter 25 . 6/30/2016
tokihakaisha chapter 4 . 6/6/2016
Thanks for the nice fan fic but I have somethings you I'd love to share there's too much ooc namei yagiri is a Mean bastard izaya has a am a God sort of attitude seeing him talking bout God doesn't make much sense but all in all loved the drunk smut and hopefully it would be much the sweetest
xxxBloodyAnimeLoverxxx chapter 25 . 11/12/2015
Lillian moon chapter 19 . 10/7/2015
Omg so cute " my flea " " my Prince " " my comder "
Lillian moon chapter 14 . 10/7/2015
Fushiko chapter 25 . 2/13/2015
Ha I liked that out come, that's what he gets for being so scum-baggy if that's even offensive enough. But over all I like this story it's... Hmm, very... Dark, if that's the right word, with some cuteness sprinkled on here and there.
UnwrittenPage chapter 25 . 2/4/2015
Hey, Beato-Sama here (the one that left the review that pissed you off to no ends :P)

Dear SakuShitsuo-lover, while I understand that it must seem unfair to be criticized for something you wrote when you were 13 years old, you must understand that I review works as a whole not singular chapters. I personally think that your story isn't bad at all but very, Very good. Else I wouldn't have read it all the way through and most definitely not reviewed it (if I out-right dislike a story I generally just ignore it) I would however re-read it if I were you, and perhaps revise certain parts. I understand that you're eager to finish it and perhaps eager to start something new but I think the idea and the overall execution good enough to deserve as much.

The re-occurring rape-scenes and the Vorona-bashing made me react because theyre unfortunately such overused elements in slash and yaoi (so no! Your story is far from the only one that utilizes them) Yaoi-fandom has pretty much made it a rule rather than an exception to have the uke raped at least once and a female character being demonized because she's considered a hindrance to the pairing is almost equally as common.

When it comes to Vorona I'll stand by what I said before. If you don't know anything about a character don't use them at all. OOC is one thing, AU an entirely different one. Sticking to the Anime-verse is perfectly fine (I prefer it myself since the novels had an absolutely crappy ending anyway-_-) but in that case stick to it fully and don't include characters that aren't part of it (yet :P. I believe there will be more of Vorona in Season 2 of the anime)

When it comes to the rape-scenes. Yes, you DID put a warning before the second one but the first one only warned about smut. When most people read the "Warning smut" they expect a fully consensual sex-scene (unless of course it hasn't been made clear from the beginning that the story involves dark themes. And if I were to put a genre on your story Adventure/family would be the most accurate one) or at the very worst dub-con, not a full out rape.
Double penetration IS over the top since any man exposed to it would die if not brought to the hospital immediately but since people throw it around on here like "it's not really that big a deal" most people forget that fact.
And I suppose your AN more than anything with the "got a little rape here he he" was what really made me react since it just to me came off as rather dissrespectful to real life victims. Yes we all know that rape is supposed to be anything BUT gentle (and trust me, I know people whove actually been exposed to this horrible act first hand so I know) and that's actually why the mindless way in which it was handled in that chapter upset me so much. But since you were 13 back then I'll say nothing more of it other than that if I were you I'd either put the same warning in the beginning of the chapter as in your last one or entirely exclude it.

With that said though I really liked this last chapter because Izaya got to prove to himself once and for all that he wasn't a victim anymore, and managed in freeing himself not only from Hinata but from his own past fears. His emotional turmoil throughout the last three chapters was also Very relatable and you could almost physically feel his changes from frightened, to outright bloodthirsty, and relieved once the entire deal was over.
I personally love it when the victims confront and either figuratively or literally speaking squashes their perpetrators and I find that it happens way to seldom in yaoi (since the rape-victims generally has their, big, strong, almighty seme fighting all their battles for them), so well... I honestly thank you for letting Izaya win this one on his own.

Well, this has been a horribly long review but Ive said all I needed to say now so Ill leave the previous subjects be. But if you still have something to say or discuss you are free to PM me, otherwise lets simply agree to disagree.

I however wish you good luck with anything you write in the future/

Katie chapter 25 . 2/3/2015
I like how izaya killed those people. Lmao he became a badass mother fucker. Then shizuo comes to get him and izaya turns back into a pussy. Lmao!
Katie chapter 25 . 2/3/2015
I liked it.
Katie chapter 24 . 1/24/2015
I like it.
BeatoSama chapter 24 . 1/23/2015
Okey, so the system decided to post my review before I had the time to complete it (Fucking Internet! Arrrrgh!) so here comes part 2:

Anyway Vorona wouldn't have needed to have Izaya raped to make it look as if he cheated on Shizuo and the fact that the rape-scene was so over the top (I mean, double penetration o.O) made it so misplaced in this overall mixture of adventure and slize off-life story. And having Izaya raped another time made it even worse, especially since you hinted at him being raped in the past.
It's okey to use a rape-scene once if it serves the plot in any shape or form but having two such scenes happen to the same character in two entirely different situations is WAY to much unless the story actually has for instance trafficking or prostitution as it's main theme.
Further on you should really put it in the warning since the theme of rape is very triggering to certain readers and to give you a compliment, especially since yours was very well written and really left a bad feeling in my mouth.

Anyway, this is going to sound like I'm bashing you but the reason I'm telling you these things is that I really love your story and think you show real promise as an author. I hope I didn't sound to negative because I think you've done an overall fabulous job with this fic.

PS. I hope Izaya gorges that Hinata-piece of shit's eyes out. Protective Shizuo is wonderful but considering Izaya is the victim here it'd only be fair if HE gets to deal the finishing blow.
BeatoSama chapter 24 . 1/23/2015
Okey, so I have both good and bad things to say about this.

Overall I must say that I not just like but genuinely Love this. The idea of Shizuo and Izaya going through various challenges as a couple, everything from Shizuo having a son he didn't know about to yandere-exes and kidnappings is awesome and the story never got boring for one second.
Their family-life with Delic and the twins is also utterly precious and so well depicted. I personally didn't mind the natural birth at all, partly because I find the idea of a featus "going in" with no way of coming out A LOT creepier than the idea of it getting out of the "back door" but also because the scene was really well written. I seriously go back and read that chapter over and over again because it makes me so happy :3.

What I DID mind however was the Vorona-bashing and the reoccuring rape-scenes.

When it comes to Vorona I'm getting the impression that someone else convinced you to use her name since her history with Shizuo is nothing like it's depicted in this story. I may not be very familiar with the Visual Novels from which she comes from but I know enough to say that she in fact isn't a love-sick yandere who Shizuo had a brief affair with but his colleague in his job as a debt-collector (and a *cough* hired assassin *cough*) and more of a composed kuudere than the clingy woman you're describing.
It is of course your story to do as you please with but I'm getting rather sick of characters being bashed because they're a hindrance to one's OTP. I didn't mind the idea of Shizuo having an obsessed yandere ex but if I were you I'd use an OC since the character you're portraying is as far from the actual canon-character as could possibly be.

When it comes to the rape-scenes I found them to be really unnecessary since it seemed as if you put them there only for the sake of having well... an Izaya rape-scene in the story (and now we have two). Vorona wouldn't have needed to have Izaya raped
Glitterbaby's Girl chapter 23 . 12/25/2014
BRAVO! Great job Mooooowwwwwwaaaaaarrrrrrrrr please I beg of u its so good
Shirohimesstories chapter 21 . 8/16/2014
O my god! *-* Aww, that was sooo sweeet! X3 nevermind the unexplainable natural birth, this was great! ;3 Awww, i loved it! Made me feel al warm inside when reading! God job! Really, really well done, little genious! *-* *0*
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