Reviews for Broken Hearts on Canvas
Nihon mania chapter 11 . 58m
OMG OMG OMG this chapter is sooooo amazing - even better than what I was expecting, if that’s possible ahah
Than you again !
Guest chapter 11 . 1h
Great chapter!
Sasha404 chapter 10 . 1h
For some reason I couldn’t review chapter 11 so I’ll write my spiel here:
Ahhhh ... I have to admit this is much more interesting than before! I’m so excited to see what will happen! Also I’m very open to regulus x hermione
Rose chapter 11 . 2h
I second the below review.


I want to see him destroyed and Hermione standing as victor with her allighed men and women behind her.
YourVeryOwnRandomCatLady chapter 11 . 4h
this chapter was amazing! but I don't want revenge. I want TOTAL ANNIHILATION.
Rose chapter 11 . 4h
Revenge on Voldemort! D:
Guest chapter 11 . 7h
I love this, so much.
Emily da great chapter 11 . 7h
great chapter
curiousluna chapter 11 . 7h
This was amazing! I am so excited for the next update!
Guest chapter 11 . 8h
love this fanfic so much! For years I waited for you to update & now that you are I couldnt be happier!
Ariwolff14 chapter 11 . 9h
Man, you sure know how to leave a girl in suspense haha
nettiesss chapter 11 . 9h
I've been reading your stuff for a couple years now and before recently you haven't posted for a while and I ran out of good things to read. Just wanted to say thanks for uploading again and that I can't wait to see where the story goes.
SnapeIsMyPatronus chapter 11 . 11h
just so you know, every time a new chapter comes out, a fairy is born. Help aid the fairy population by creating more works if art.
Literate.Liberty chapter 11 . 12h
this chapter was so good and added so much more intrigue! i love how Hermione kept her fire in the face of her trauma and i wonder what Tom’s designs about Helena are...
leafpool310 chapter 11 . 13h
Wow. This is really well done!
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