Reviews for Libera
Prerana chapter 1 . 11/19/2013
Ohmigosh, dude. Reread this thing, in more detail, and I am blown away, once again. Like, if I didn't have dry eyes from sleep deprivation, I would have been in TEARS. TEARS. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO GET ME TO-Oh, wait. ;) No, but really. Sirius was one of my favorite characters, and I FELT everything he felt, which *gawks in shock (and ignores clever rhyme)* is so DANG AWESOME because you wrote this in second person. HUH. Yeah, and I cried when Sirius died in the movie/book. This stirred my heart while putting it at ease.
DAMN is all I have left to say. Freaking loved the line with the mattress and own blood something or other btw. Genius.
*Trips while giving standing ovation because what are legs?* BRILLIANT, BABY. BRILLIANT.
Geez. I am still in awe.
Prerana chapter 1 . 11/18/2013
FREAKING SIENNA! Reread this, in much more detail. I am dead, just kill me now. So effing good. This was just beautiful. We'll talk more tomorrow. Ugh. I can't.
S. Ravenquill chapter 1 . 5/26/2013
Wow. This is simply amazing. You've really captured the heart of Sirius in this piece. His every emotion, thought, and motivation comes together like a thousand different colored pieces of glass, fitting together into a beautiful mosaic. The inserted thoughts, memories, and associations add a layer of imagination and emotion to the present moments, a constant reflection of the purpose of his life. The fact that you use "you" instead of "he" gives it a whole other feeling of connection and depth, as if the reader really *is* Sirius, and not just reading about him. I loved the Azkaban sequences, so very creative in their depiction of soft madness. It's easy to understand and relate to. I've always liked Sirius, but I've never really connected with him before now, being a Slytherin at heart. ;) (Those Gryffindors just don't make sense sometimes!) But for the first time I really feel genuinely sad that he died, and I really understand the things that drove him and made him who he was. I'm glad you ended it with the realization of true freedom though, that really ties together all the bits and pieces, like the mortar between the bricks. I really think you got what makes and breaks Sirius, and put it together in a way this is both poetic and simple, infused with emotion and yet not overwhelming. Beautiful work, as always. I look forward to your next piece. *applause*
bravenclawesome chapter 1 . 5/25/2013
My god. I want to cry.

The thing about your use of italics and the words in parentheses is it just adds that extra layer underneath - that layer which is kind of funny when you know it's not. Like the bit where Sirius dies and you make it sound like he finished a performance.

I think the title should be Libera though - freedom is a noun not an adjective. Unless you want it to be free - which is Liberus. That doesn't sound quite as nice though but if you want your Latin to be accurate make it Libera.

The pain is as always like a freight train hitting you over and over. Those Azkaban scenes - it's hard to imagine that you're NOT Sirius, and I'm pretty sure you've never been in jail either. But that was amazing. And you are the best second person writer I have ever seen and will ever see.

Keep up the good work, my friend. You've got a talent that's waiting to open up to the world out there.

Ill update my own stories next month :)