Reviews for Classic Devil May Cry vs Reboot 'DmC'
Red Raven 007 chapter 4 . 5/20
I sense great hate against the reboot here. I like it.
The Writer chapter 1 . 4/15
Thank you for your review.

As someone who thinks a fair bit about character and story development, I can say that by its very definition, a remake or reboot is pretty much an inferior product. This does not automatically mean that a remake or reboot will be bad, any more than a sequel will be, but it isn't a good start. No matter which path a remake takes it's an issue. If you remake someone else's product and make it too similar you are basically rehashing their product and putting your name on it, and if you make it sufficiently different that it is like a separate product altogether, then why not make a separate intellectual property instead of remaking someone else's? At its core, a remake is basically a way of saying that your product can't stand on its own so you're putting the name of someone else's product on it to help sell it. That, by the way, is why sequels are considered by many to by definition be inferior films: it's because they rely on the previous film, and can't stand on their own. Even a good and worthy sequel, like Terminator 2, or the Godfather Part 2, can't stand without the original. In fact, a sequel that can stand without the original is likely to be either a bad sequel with minimal relevance to the original, or a sequel that contradicts the original to the point of creating continuity problems, as was the case with Evil Dead 2.

As far as I'm concerned the only solid justification for remaking a product is remaking a film series that can no longer be resumed due to the actor being deceased, as was the case with the 2006 reboot of The Pink Panther starring Steve Martin as Inspector Jacques Clouseau, a role created originally by Peter Sellers. As Peter Sellars couldn't resume his role, and Steve Martin is a good comedian in his own right, that franchise could have some legs. However, most don't have that going for them. It so happens that there are numerous examples of how remakes don't work, coming from the horror genre. The remakes of Texas Chainsaw and Halloween are both examples of this. Both removed key details about the story and altered it beyond recognition. To the point they could have called them and their key characters entirely different things and marketed them as entirely new films. Both these franchises have now abandoned their remakes and instead resumed the original franchise but only following the original film, as a way of getting away from the other problem those franchises have: too many sequels. In the case of Halloween 2018,and before it Halloween H20, they made one very good decision: they brought back the original actress, Jamie Lee Curtis, to reprise the role of Laurie Strode.

In general, if there is an option to bring back the original rather than remake the franchise, it's best to do it. For example, two of the original actresses from the TV series Charmed have objected to the choice to remake their franchise from scratch, even though they could easily bring back at least some of the original cast. The excuse given was that the actresses were too old, a decision one of them was very vocally against. Every one of the actresses is under fifty, meaning they're more than young enough to reprise their roles if they so choose. In fact, that idea of replacing the actor just because they're not young any more was parodied by the late Wes Craven, with his film Scream 4, in which all three lead actors, Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox, all reprised their roles despite all being over 50, and all three of them, Neve Campbell in particular, did it very well. In that film, the villains were attempting to "reboot" the story of Ghostface by killing the previous hero and setting themselves up as the new heroes of the story. Multiple references are made to the age of the lead characters, referring to them being too old to resume their original roles. These comments noticeably only come from characters you're meant to dislike. The film itself tells that idea where to stick itself, as the old characters are the heroes at the end, with only one new character being at all worth considering for any future Scream films, and the film literally ending with the original three heroes beating the fake "reboot" version equivalent, and protagonist Sidney Prescott staring at the fallen villain as well as kind of looking at the fourth wall and saying that the first rule of remakes is "don't fuck with the original".

Unless the original cast is unwilling or unable to come back, it usually would be better to bring back the original cast. In fact, as the recent 2018 sequel to God of War showed, an aged character can create an opportunity. During his first fight with Balder, Kratos' advanced age, coupled with his son being in danger, allows the game to present Kratos in a more vulnerable state than we usually see him, and it served to develop tension while simultaneously developing him as a character. We are shown him struggling against Balder, wearing down and noticeably out of practice, while Balder mocks him for his age and tells us that he can't even feel the harm Kratos is inflicting on him. This shows Kratos' age as an obstacle he needs to overcome. Another example of how well that can work is Dark Knight Returns, which features an aged Batman working to overcome the limitations that come from his age, and it happens to be one of the all-time most famous and beloved Batman comics. This is also true of the talks about remaking Buffy, or move on to another main character, whichever version of the story is true. Neither is a good idea. It would be better to bring back Sarah Michelle Gellar as a now 40-ish Buffy, finding herself under a new threat that she has to deal with, while the fact that she is no longer in her prime is a barrier to overcome. Perhaps while a villain of some kind who is in their prime, perhaps even a vampire who has met her in the past and been growing stronger for the past 20 years while she grew weaker with age, mocks her for being weaker than before. Unfortunately, many films and games these days are made without acknowledging what the consumers of that product might want, often with straight up dismissal and disdain for it, as was the case with the DmC reboot, which even managed to work the director's disdain for the original series and its supporters into the game itself in two separate scenes; one being the infamous "never in a million years" fourth wall breaking scene, where the game is literally taunting the fans of the old series and telling them that they're never seeing their franchise again, and the other being the scene where Kat tells Donte that he is Dante, nothing more or less, followed by him glaring at the screen. That is basically them saying he is the real Dante now, and him glaring at the fourth wall to assert it. And that's saying nothing of the fact that whenever people made valid criticisms of the reboot people told them they were just upset about hair. I do have to wonder just how much of the reboot's infamy is due to the attitude of the ones making it rather than due to the rest of the game. It certainly isn't a good idea to insult your consumers like that.
Rebellion chapter 2 . 4/13
Main series Dante: Cool, badass, self-confident, likable daredevil that is stylish combat incarnate. Taunts and actions are creative while still staying fun, classy, heck of a lot entertaining and being cool as hell. This guy is THE TRUE ROLE MODEL for how to be a cool and charismatic hero.

Main series Vergil: Honorable anti-hero, cool, calm, collected. Will always be remembered as one of the most epic boss fights in the whole series (DMC3), better be ready when those summoned swords come out. ALWAYS MOTIVATED.

Reboot "Donte": Cusses to look "cool", ends up looking a typical angry whiny annoying F-bomb spamming high school teenage unlikable douchebag. Taunts are basically F-bomb spam, nothing clever or funny. Just go to any American high school and you can this type of kid, maybe not the exact same but very similar behaviour.

Reboot Vergil: Completely butchered into an unlikable evil sadist with no redeeming qualities

Thank you Itsuno for bringing us DMC3, 4, and 5! Thank you to this writer for this piece! Good to see a true fan getting the frustrations out.

No thanks to Tameem for ruining the series with that pointless reboot, tries to make the series more "Mature" but ends up putting out a shitty uncreative edgelord story on par with a !DarkLordPotter! fanfic written by angsty teenagers. DmC reboot gameplay was alright ONLY because they took a lot from the main series (Ninja Theory team ported over a lot of mechanics main series as a foundation but still talks shit about it? wtf?), however they dumbed down a lot of things and took away a lot of options. The story and soundtrack for the reboot get a definite thumbs down, and Ninja Theory publicly shitting on the main series and the fanbase didn't help things either.
Aragorn II Elessar chapter 4 . 6/13/2018
Enjoyed this story a lot. The reboot wannabes got what they deserved. The original characters are the best. And Kat's really got nothing on Trish. Loved the Mundus sequence. Really funny.
Guest chapter 4 . 12/27/2017
I have read all of this and in my option Kat is more like Lady instead of Trish beside that Kat is the only good thing about DmC everything else is just trash
Just some dude chapter 1 . 11/23/2017
Naruto vs mundus is a mismatch due to Naruto being much weaker then even Nero and Mundus creating a freaking unverse. Superman is strong but that all he got on Mundus plus Mundus also use magic a lot of magic
Gordon Ramsey chapter 1 . 11/8/2017
I love it. Anyone who likes the crappy reboot took a shit in a blender and blended it
The Writer chapter 1 . 6/2/2017
To be honest with you, I wrote this a long time ago. I don't actually care about the reboot anymore. I don't like the attitude its staff brought into the game itself, but it's old news.
Drakus'kai chapter 4 . 5/31/2017
Greater... another hater of "Dante"... seriously can't you heartless pricks give the poor Kid a break?
wait... don't answer that...
ga harak al'sakes al Santre kar brakha!
The Writer chapter 4 . 5/17/2016
...actually never mind. There's something about you. I may have judged you too harshly, and I'll apologise for that. You weren't always this hostile, so maybe it's because of something from a while back we said. I will say you come off too hostile all the time, but you didn't seem to intend it to start with. You disagree, but that wasn't the cause of the hostility right off. You were hostile because Not a Fanboy insulted you and you thought it was me. On the plus side Not a Fanboy only gets aggressive now when there's a reason. He says he'll try to replicate my approach to it and seperate into quotes and everything but no hostility.

It also tracks that you just recently thought Deadliest was me. It's true that message was partly written by me, because I saw it coming in and edited it, something he gave me permission to do, though he still got annoyed at me for removing the swearing and adding more specific wording. The message was still Gus except that instead of just saying write properly it said structure sentences properly and things like that. Didn't someone once say Ashbringer and I were the same person too? Anyway, no those two, or three, definitely aren't me.

Of course it's odd that you'd mistake Not a Fanboy's message for one from me when it had a paragraph dedicated to berating me. It's understandable when you saw a lot of my method of structuring sentences in Deadliest's message you thought I was him, and to be honest I did used to think Deadliest might be Not a Fanboy, but they both say they're not.

Anyway, you're not really doing anything by messaging here, so most people who read your messages tell me that I should delete your messages, and I'd basically decided to do that, but then I checked some old reviews and recognised you among them. Since you were explosive but reasonable back then I'll allow a chance to just forget about this and you can leave messages on other things that aren't hostile, or just not message at all which may be a healthy thing too. Then you can forget about this just as I plan to.
The Writer chapter 4 . 5/13/2016
You're finally back. I was wondering if you'd finally find something else to do or at least not be willing to show your ridiculously infantilespelling and grammar here after you lied about what you were saying about Namek. You know, you spent months bitching and incessantly coming back and saying that Namek was bigger than Earth then denied having ever said it in the first place? Ah that was funny. Last guy I met who reminded me of you was flinging his shit at the people on the other side of the railing. Scratch that; his aim was way better than your spelling and he at least learned as he went.

Anyway, we're back to here. You aren't actually a Naruto fan trying to make DBZ fans look bad, are you? Someone suggested you might be. It makes sense; making such ridiculous arguments that are just repetitive and getting caught on a lie among other things. It's not like you'd serve any other purpose other than if you're some guy trying to make DBZ fans look bad. And you'd hardly be the first person to pose as a DBZ fan to try to make the whole fanbase look like... well you.


"Game feats are not Canon.. Stop making things up."

Maybe if you played through the game or watched the scene on YouTube (watch it on a big screen and in very slow motion so you don't hurt whatever passes for your brain) you'll see the truth, that those feats happened in a cutscene. That's something else, not only have I explained it to you repeatedly, but you have had more than enough time to see it for yourself. I heard someone made GIF's of the feats for crying out loud.

As I've already explained so many times, the feats happened in cutscene. You can say that it's gameplay as many times as you want, but to call what you're doing sad, pathetic and useless would be like calling Mount Everest a molehill. Play the game through and learn for yourself that the feats ARE NOT GAMEPLAY. Honestly, I have a sneaking suspicion you're either a DBZ anti-fan trying to make Dragon Ball fans look bad (which won't work; Dragon Ball is awesome and people like you need to stop dragging it down and/or bashing the true fans, depending on what you are), or you're perhaps using this as revenge for the fact I haven't responded to reviews in a little while. If that's it I'm about to respond to some other stuff too, in fact I'm only bothering with this review because I was about to respond to some other people's reviews; it's not like you're saying anything new or worthwhile.
Guest chapter 4 . 5/13/2016
Game feats are not Canon.. Stop making things up.
deadliest chapter 4 . 3/14/2016
okay sure... comic's are non canon... not that ive ever heard of comic's been non canon but whatever you say
The Writer chapter 4 . 2/9/2016
" the comic retconned the game. The games are all very well and cool to play around with but them and manga and anime always take a backseat to American ncomic."

First of all the game is the primary canon of the DMC series, with the manga and anime accepted as canon by the owners. The comic is none of the above.

"no dude the comics are still primary canon as far as I'm concerned. American comic always make sense and stand above Japo stuff."

If they're the primary source material, yes. Not when one of those others is the primary material.

"U cansay the game versions are faster than light but just remember nobody ever takes games serieus anywhere except kids and nerdss and comics always))))))))))games and anime and manga because more people know about them"

Actually all of them are often looked down on, but actually games are the closest to being accepted as not nerdy, followed by comics. Of course none of them are necessarily nerdy really. Lots of respected adults play video games, read comic books and watch at least some kind of anime be it Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z or something else. Granted I have met a guy who actually got aggressively condescending if people said they like anime, especially Dragon Ball Z, but then he was just plain aggressive by nature.

"of course you guys must agree that Naruto and Superman would both stomp Mundus whether he's faster than light or not, right"

I'd disagree with the Superman part for a few reasons, but having never read Naruto (you know I've never read Naruto so why bring him up?), I can't really comment on that so let's not open that door; that'll just lead to you talking about Naruto a lot.

"writer why did you change my last review if I wanted you to proofread my muthafucking message is fuckinask u too. you cut out like half of what I wanted to say and made it say a whole new thing"

THAT'S why... You gave me permission to fix up spelling errors and the like in your messages, though I admit I embellished when I replaced a few of your swear words. I didn't add or take anything, just structured it so it didn't swear all over the place and had structured paragraphs. What you said in that message was well thought out except that at first glance it looked like Hit-Girl wrote it. What throws me is you can write clearly and just don't bother. Hope you try a lot harder when you actually write anything like a story or essay.
deadliest chapter 4 . 2/8/2016
of course you guys must agree that Naruto and Superman would both stomp Mundus whether he's faster than light or not, right
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