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RagnorakTres chapter 46 . 12/31/2016


I am what you might call "drama-averse." I dislike tragedies immensely and generally avoid them as best as I can on the theory that I read to escape, and play video games for catharsis.

I'm unbelievably grateful that I found this story after it was already finished, because I don't know that I could have handled it otherwise. There were moments during the climax that I had to walk away from my computer, moments when it was all I could do to not scream. There was a point somewhere around chapter 40 that I almost stopped reading altogether, because I felt like I couldn't handle the stress.

I powered through, because I knew that not knowing how the story ended would be worse than having it become a tragedy. I'm so, so glad I did. This story and its prequel have earned a permanent spot on my favorites list (as little as that may mean), and I'm immensely glad that the author chose to share these stories with us.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go cry or scream or hit something because I am not properly conditioned to manage these emotions.
The Fox Familiar chapter 7 . 11/17/2016
Chapter 22


The story, like the prequel, follows the same premise: Lara tags her girlfriend along to look for artifacts and stop evil corporations. While you can try to be video gamey, this just ends up being a SNAFU. There are multiple plot holes here, mainly:

-Lara never bothered to do research on the Frost organization, and so was taken by surprise when she didn’t need to be
-Lara says she wants her private life private, despite everyone knowing about it since the prequel; CNN and Japanese media covered her and Sam
-Chamberlain keeps sending her messages but they are never of any value; him being an expert would at least giver her something to work with
-Lara goes into situations without preparing and wonders why people act like they do.

And so on and so forth. But the relationship between Lara and Sam, as one of your OCs kindly pointed out, were nothing but walking lesbian tropes. When Sam isn’t being snarky or being a suck in front of Lara WHILE ON THE JOB, she’s dictating to Lara what she can’t and can’t do. While they debate and talk about how true and deep their love is, Sam hits on men and Lara doesn’t like that. All Sam does on this expedition is take film, be snarky, and generally, be a real-life tumblrina. We all know she wouldn’t act like this in real life, and her stupidity would cost lives. She can’t fight or shoot a gun, yet Lara takes her on her adventures, anyways. She gets hurt all the time and Lara has to hang back and carry her to where they need to go. Any action scene was lifted from some other media – mainly the prequel – and we have the trope of Dumb Guards Who Don’t Pay Attention to their Surroundings. It’s said in the story that the miners are either everyday men or convicts put to work, and yet, despite some of them having kids, Lara kills them anyways. No wonder Amanda hates her so much.

Yeah, Amanda. She had ZERO personality aside from her being a bitch. Notice a pattern? She smokes like a chimney, has a connection to the spirit tattoos, and gets angry at Lara when Lara asks her questions. Based on the way she acts, I reckon she’s a self insert. Hell, all of your works are some form of self-insert story. Lara and Sam may not be Mary-Sues, but they’re just as retarded.

The other male characters, major or minor, are your quintessential chauvinistic pigs. They have no personality and the way Lara refers to them shows me what you really think about men: you hate them. But, you’re not as attractive as Lara, not by a long shot, so you don’t have to worry about men cat-calling you. When Lara isn’t getting jealous at Sam looking at men, the men are either dumbasses or sexists. Notice a pattern?

This plot has to do with corporations invading Aborigine territory, arresting protestors, and brainwashing the rest. Ergo, any other story that features Big Bad Corporations. A bunch of eco-activists are mad because of a legal mine operating in dead territory and yet the solution to it all is to flood it with otherwise fresh water that animals drink from. Wow. Not even Exxon was this dumb. The mysticism involves a magical little girl that can talk to spirits and will be their vessel to end the evil. Right? Because that’s where this is going, no? I don’t care. I’ve had enough of this. It’s that terrible.

But I’m going to go into more about your politics. You couldn’t stop shoving them in your work. This story was heavy in the pro-gay, gay marriage, homophobia and ostracism themes, but the irony in it all is that you consider yourself a Crusader against big corporations that tread on the underclass. You state on your website that you write because you have something to say, and that gay issues aren’t talked about all that much. Take a look at your fans, your betas, and the people you talk with. You are ALL pro-LGBT. You cannot sit there and tell me the issues you think are suppressed are not talked about at all. Have you been living under a rock? When you can’t shove your views down ordinary people’s throats, you do it in the way of fanfiction. The writer of Tomb Raider admitted she wanted Lara to be lesbian because of diversity, and here you are, basing an entire story about lesbians being role models to people, as well as push gay marriage and other gay politics as a way of getting your voice out there.

I’m here to tell you that that is not going to work. I’ve seen it too many times and people don’t have the courage to speak up and tell you what’s wrong, because they’re afraid of being called hateful. I am only bringing this up because it’s relevant to what you write. It’s ideologically driven.

And it’s based on lies. Your love story between Lara and Sam didn’t scream love to me. It spoke of insecurity, possessiveness, obsession, and a middle finger to traditional society. Ergo, most lesbian relationships. The fact that both women are promiscuous and have had many partners that are male – and in Sam’s case, women – shows that they’re not for love. They’re just for sex. They’re for the pleasure. And they have the nerve to say they want kids? And you have the nerve to talk about how bad heteronormativity is?

I’m going to tell you something. Lara and Sam ironically fit the bill for an abusive lesbian relationship. All that is missing are the bruises and high domestic violence rate, and of course, the lesbian bed death. Sam is wishing she can have men because true lesbianism doesn’t exist. You say you like writing about gender and sexuality, yet force a relationship that’s not healthy and is bound to end in violence. Their lesbian bitch fights? Typical of lesbian relationships. There is no man there to moderate them, and they tend to get violent. Didn’t learn that at your GSA meetings, eh? But I’ve noticed something personal about you. You have an obsession with blondes. Is that why, in your original stories that number 700 pages each, you have a happily married Asian woman later say she wants to cosplay as a man and date an underage BLONDE schoolgirl? Is that a proper discussion of gender and sexuality?

Lastly, and most important, your ‘Crusade against the machine’ is not a noble fight. You are a desk jockey that vets refugees. I am sure you talk about overpopulation and the right of gays to have families. Yet, you welcome people who are largely AGAINST LGBT people and, for all their nasty heteronormativity, have four wives and twenty kids a pop. You mention Aborigines. It was bad when white Europeans replaced them. Yet it’s fine for your 'refugees' to come. Australia should be welcome and open to them, right? You don’t see the irony in this. An untalented, disturbed pig of a woman writing about gender and sexuality opening her arms to people who hate her for what she is.

Just remember: the blonde Aussies victimized by those 'refugees' are going to remember who welcomed them in the first place. You can turn to fanfiction and wrote about gay issues all you want. It doesn’t change the fact that you are out of line and that your views are not aligned with reality. You’re not fighting oppression. You’re not fighting the good fight. You’re welcoming whatever the government tells you. It reflects in your writing. You believe these relationships good and whole because someone told you to. Well, dear, you and I came from a mother and father. But, it seems, one of us was missing one of them.

I don’t have much to say, except that fanfic land where lesbians are happy don’t resonate with the real world. And for all your beliefs, you show us how much you hate your country and the people in it. If you can go into politics in your work, so can I. But it helps to be on the right side, doesn’t it?
The Fox Familiar chapter 6 . 11/17/2016
Chapters 12 – 22


“To make sure it’s culturally sensitive” – Yeah, we don’t EVER want to be racist, do we? I bet it would just make you squirm if someone dared called you racist or intolerant, and that’s why you get other people to put their social justice eyes over your –ahem- work. We’ll see about that.

So, we have the cliché of old Aboriginal man talking about the evil white man’s mining practices. You do realize most of the sites they mine are already in arid, dead places, right? Doesn’t matter, because said Aboriginal dude is going to help her by putting her in a dream state. Or something. I don’t know.

“You’d totally put me in a burqini if you had the choice” – You talk about cultural sensitivity but are completely fine with a garment that tells women of that religion that any sign of naked skin means they are asking for rape. If you’re fine with women dressing as bee-keepers as mandatory garments, that’s your problem. Don’t try to shove it on the rest of us.

Lara complains about her private life being public when Sam brags about how she’ll leak their nudes. What was that about Lara being concerned about her reputation, again?

“The Kimberly has a rich history of cops arresting Aboriginal people for no reason” – Yeah, and the government likes to turn the other way on Aboriginal domestic violence. Because racism. What you wrote likely wouldn’t happen in real life, because I’ve read stories where Aborigines do worse and only get a slap on the wrist. So much for their 40,000 years of ‘culture’.

Despite Lara and Sam being TOGETHER FOREVER, they still fantasize about Macca. So much for that 100% lesbianism.

“Reminds them of who this land really belongs to” – Ahem. Aborigines MIGRATED to Australia, just like Europeans did. Land is owned by whoever controls it. Pulling the political talk again.

Lara says Chamberlain doesn’t think the movie is real, despite no other instances of him saying so. Plot hole.

Aside from a near copy-pasta of the original story’s plot, Diane Frost is a copy of Miranda Frost from ‘Die Another Day’, and guess what? She and her pal – Sean AKA Graves – are involved with diamonds. Please cue the Noble Protestor and the Big Bad Corporation Taking Advantage of Indigenous Peoples tropes. Took Lara long enough after ogling her girlfriend-not girlfriend.

Safety glass isn’t easily broken with chairs, you know. That’s only in the movies.

“We don’t have much time” – THERE’S NO TIME

“This has got to be to do with those goddamn kids” – This sentence does not make sense.

“Picturing her and Macca together physically hurt me” – Yes, because nothing says 100% lesbian like dating a man. Is this an episode of Jerry Springer, or what?

“You guys are clean so you should be fine” – Not in international law, they aren’t. Even though they were cleared in the Yamatai incident, it’s still in their records.

I’m glad your Aboriginal colleague is helping you. Because nothing says tolerance and diversity by getting one of them to slave over your work!

“Your girlfriend feels entitled to hit on other people” – Because nothing says ‘Love is Love’ by having promiscuous girlfriends cheat on you in your open relationship! What tolerance!

And of course we have a few racist white Australians, because that’s all Aussies are ever good for. I am sure your Aborigine friend couldn’t stop talking about the Stolen Generation.

Why is Sam asking if she and Lara are in the closet when they made it their mission to be open to everyone? Everyone knows about them by now. It’s no secret. Sam is getting upset over literally nothing. I am glad she hasn’t changed from her possessiveness. She should be renamed to Jiang Ching. Then, Lara starts screaming about how Sam is going googly-eyed over Macca, and how she’s not faithful; in the previous story we learned that Sam had sex with multiple men and had threesomes, and yet Lara is still offended. These lesbian bitch fights make me laugh. You have no idea how true-to-life this is. Only thing that is missing are the bruiser shades.

We find out that the eagle cave painting is now a tattoo on Lara’s skin. Cue a bunch of panic, prophecies, and Lara eventually using it to free people from the Slave Stone. That’s what it is, isn’t it? Is it that predictable? Then, we find out the brat named Blanket is the vessel for all the magic. How is that not at all unoriginal?!

Jammas may have dropped his awful lesbian puns, but you surely didn’t. I can still see them. Everywhere.

Lara is sounding more like Yuna will all her communication with spirits. As predicted, they are going to help her defeat Miranda – er, Diane Frost.

“It was such a relief to have her flirting with me again” – If Lara was a male, I’d describe him as one of the most self-centred and selfish SOBs out there. But since it involves lesbians, it’s totally OK and loving.

You’ve done research on ANFO but did none for C4. Yes, you’re totally an expert when you don’t steal ideas from other people and get others to write your work for you. But I’m getting ahead of myself. I guess not, though, because in Chapter 22 you ripped off the bridge blowing scene from ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’.

Lara worries about the ANFO getting water-logged, but wades in water with it on her person, anyways. What a smart lady. She’s also concerned about the environment and her solution to stopping a corporatist witch is by flooding a mine with water – water that will in turn become polluted with heavy metals. Didn’t think that through, did you?

“Every myth is based on an element of truth” – Only the ones you include, that is.

OK, I can’t make it past Chapter 22. I’ve had enough of this. And I’m going to tell you why. But first, let’s discuss the plot so far.

In a rip-off that makes ‘Die Another Day’ look like a masterpiece, you essentially copied the plot of that film. Except instead of using diamonds to fuel a laser, the diamonds are used to control people. Diane Frost is just Miranda Frost, and, as in most lesbian-friendly stories, is the complete bitch that runs the show and degrades every man she comes into contact with. I’ve seen enough of it to know the difference between a legitimately bitchy character and one that is just a bitch for the sake of it. Diane is just a rehash of Natla: she looks like her, acts like her, has a corporation that infringes on the right of the native people, and uses sacred objects to control her subjects to achieve her will. She doesn’t have any personality aside from being the quintessential female Big Bad, and she couldn’t even count as a Bond villain because her campiness is enough to be cringeworthy.

I’ll go more into detail in the next review, but needless to say, I am not even halfway through and I cannot continue. When a story is physically painful to read, the author and her betas have willfully failed. Don’t pass this off as art or extraordinary. It’s just a pile of shit. Let me go into detail.
The Fox Familiar chapter 5 . 11/17/2016
Chapters 1 – 11


Here I am, as I promised I would be. Let’s see what this plot includes for us, eh?

“Don’t worry lass, your secret’s safe with me” – Uh oh. Subliminal homophobia? Societal intolerance? What will we uncover?

‘Fridge Raider’? Lol, she’s not just diving for muffins in there, I’ll tell you that.
Chamberlain returns and he buys into the Tomb Raider movie despite him working for and knowing who Natla is. Either he’s ignoring the whole incident for Lara’s sake, or he has short-term memory.

“She was just brilliant and beautiful” – I’d say female centrism, but as this is a lesbian centered fic, I’d say this is more about self-indulgence. You want what you can’t have. That’s quite sad, actually.

“All aboriginal peoples agree on the Rainbow Serpent” – Not all of them. Many of them believe in a Creator. Amerindians have Quetzalcoatl, but he’s the Feathered Serpent; he’s not the chief god or creator. Google is your friend.

“I think I saw a float like that at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras” – I’m sure she saw some assless chaps there, too. More ideological pushing. Keep going, girlfriend.

“It’s sometimes perceived as female and bisexual” – Jesus, did you buy into Queer studies? In most cases, the Feathered Serpent is MALE. Sexuality has nothing to do with it. What are you doing, woman?

“That’s what gets viewers: porn, violence, and cartoons.” – In which a character is honest about this story.

Of course, Bree is so excited at seeing an LGBT couple in real life. It’s like winning the lottery. Tumblrinas think this is the Greatest Thing Ever, but to us plebs it’s just a sign of indulgence. It doesn’t happen in real life and you know it.

“I don’t get off on sharing my private life” – Ahem. CNN already had the scoop on her. So did Japanese news media. Her private life is now public and she makes no secret to who she’s with. Lara, you’re going full retard again.

“I’m just so proud to be with you” – And I’m sure you’re proud of virtue signalling.

Lara says again that she just wants to be a professional archaeologist and doesn’t want her private life plastered everywhere, despite her having internal monologues about touching and kissing Sam in public and giving their middle finger to the world. Lara doesn’t seem to understand that actions have consequences. If she didn’t want her private life publicized, Sam shouldn’t have sidled up to her in a Japanese hospital bed. It’s Sam’s fault that she is where she is now, but Lara, consumed with her love ignores it all. Because Reasons.

“Wasn’t it great that times were changing?” – Here comes the virtue signalling.

“All I’m reading is heteronormative bullshit. The fifties are over, try fucking evolving” – Yeah. About that. Don’t try shoving your LGBT bullshit in your works. You aren’t going to get an audience aside from the tiny sexual minority you’re appealing to. Also? Lara and Sam and you and I and EVERYONE IN EXISTENCE came from that dreaded ‘heteronormativity’. It’s called evolution. Learn it, and go take those political terms elsewhere, bitch.

“I’m being a bit promiscuous with my alphas” – They are not alphas. And being a slut isn’t something to be proud of. Might as well change their names to ‘Laci’ and ‘Green’.

Lara remarks on the idea of lesbian role models. Here you go again shoving your politics in here.
Don’t try to bring up Sally Ride here or the Girl King. Then, you pretty much show me what you’ve been hiding all along: this is about homophobia, and if you don’t have anything nice to say about gay people, well, you’re a bigoted idiot breeder who needs to die. But guess what? She brought this on herself – and Sam was the instigator. I bet her late father is SO PROUD that she’s going to be barren and be vocal about her hating men. Because tolerance!

Wow, Min is an art major. I am SO impressed. No, really. And she wants to marry her waifu but it’s SOOOO NOT FAIR IT’S NOT LEGAL in Australia. I’m sure you have complained about that for thousands of posts, along with other tumblrinas, because you think your voice matters. When people aren’t talking about them being lesbian in this story, they’re talking about nothing. Literally. Nothing.

What do Lara and Sam have against Russians? Is it because they’re homophobic? Wow. How racist of you.

Annnnnnd we have men – and only men get punished for it – making lewd comments. How predictable.

“I wish you knew just how much I love you” – Good God, the cheese gets worse and worse.
More wannabe sexual harassment from men, until a blonde dreadlocked dude named Macca and almost – almost! – gets a lady boner from him. What’s this? Can lesbians...have fluid sexuality? Say it ain’t so!

Oh, this is funny. Lara talks to Sam about having KIDS. I wonder what sperm donor they’re going to pick and what handstand they’re going to do for the turkey basters. Even modern reproductive technology still requires SPERM. And children need fathers, unless you’re willing to admit children don’t need either parent but can raised by two single mothers. But hey, tolerance! Nothing says tolerance like wasting the first ten chapters and them going around doing female things, talking about clothes, bikinis, beaches, suffering sexual harassment by sexist men, and THEN magical caves! Wow, you’ve got it all figured out, huh? Man, you’re an amazing story-teller. I’m so hooked. I mean, it took TEN DAMN CHAPTERS just for them to get somewhere, and we’re still nowhere! But damn, did you read about lesbians with children? That’s a real emotional moment, I tell ya. I cried my eyes out.

Oh, wait. That’s just me being sarcastic. I definitely won’t be making my way through this whole thing, because the politics and stupidity are killing me. Killing me, I tell you! No idea how your betas managed to give you a pass, but that’s easier explained otherwise: they just cared for the pairing. They think like you, act like you, and write like you. There’s no room for debate here. Just eating some muffins.
PrincessArien chapter 46 . 10/30/2016
Gooood damn, what a ride...this took everything that was *FANTASTIC* about the first one, and then ramped it up to a million times better. So many wild ups and downs on this fic, once it really got going I just couldn't stop and binge-read the whole entire thing in one sitting. I loved everything about this piece, you are an amazing writer and you did an utterly superb job on this story. Thank you for it.
R.Misfit chapter 46 . 7/11/2016
as I was saying before I fatfingered and sent my review without finishing it, I am so glad I found this. this story has been a hell of an adventure. I love the way you portray Lara and Sam's character was on point. I will probably end up rereading this sometime but until then I'll probably past in the afterglow of an awesome read
R.Misfit chapter 46 . 7/11/2016
Nearly a year later and I finally found the sequel to 'The Camera Loves You'. I am so happy I found the story again and this se
twilightmoon777 chapter 37 . 1/28/2016
Okay, I'm confused. I thought both Scion fragments were at Sam and Lara's house. You know the one that got burned down. How did they end up in Lara's backpack? Did I miss something...? Anyway great story I'll be giving you a nice long review when I finish. Cheers!
StoriesOfANobody chapter 46 . 1/26/2016
I came back to finish it. I must say it was well worth fighting through the tears. I apologize for being a babbling idiot in my other review, and for reviewing twice.
Your writing could make millions of dollars. It's phenomenal. Please don't ever give up! :)
StoriesOfANobody chapter 36 . 1/26/2016

But seriously good story

Adrimore chapter 46 . 1/22/2016
God! It took me so long but I finally finish reading this story, I don't really know what to say because this is the most amazing story I had ever read and I read a lot, you are totally amazing and wow I can't wait to read the probably next story you will make after Rise of the Tomb Raider I love so much that I started to draw some of the characters of this story Macca and Jamma where so incredible and I feel sorry about Min at the end but that girl is strong and of course Lara was beyond badass it was kind of scary the amount of time she spent without sleep and all of the consequences that brought them and now I'm scared of having no rest and end up like that lol Anyway this was amazing and finally Natla is dead for good haha
StevenQ chapter 46 . 1/21/2016
... Where to start? So I wandered over her from Tvtropes after seeing a recommendation forn your stories and finishing up with Rise of the Tomb Raider looking for a distraction and maybe some light fluff.

Four days later I've essentially abandoned everything I was supposed to do except for the essentials in order to mainline 'The Camera Loves You' and it's sequel, before taking a breather and diving into the next one, because God Damn, that was epic from start to finish.

Frankly, you deserve a proper review, and you are going to get it.

So lets start with Lara and Sam. You manage a rare feat in fanfic, which is to remember that merely being in love does NOT automatically resolve all problems, and doesn't fix personality clashes and the inevitable friction that exists between any two people, be they ever so close. Sam and Lara feel like very distinct, and in many ways opposite characters and that feeds through into all of their interactions, both for good and ill. Sure, the fic shows them as being very good for each other, but it also shows how being a social media gadfly would rub a semi-private and fairly conservative archeologist the wrong way, but also the reverse. Such characterisation is rare in fanfic where the goal is almost always just to hook up the authors favourite couple, and somehow everything works out perfectly.

I like that it's not just a single type of literary conflict (i.e. (wo)man v nature), but skips in and out of all four of them, especially with regards to Natla and the Doppleganger. For that matter, that a substantial portion of the conflict centers around Lara versus herself, and Sam versus herself makes this a superior fic in its own right, and even though I had faith from your opening comment about eventually giving people what they want, you had me sitting on the edge of my seat (figuratively at least).

What's more, you managed to create some truly memorable villains. I've been told that Natla hails from earlier Tomb Raider games which I haven't played (I pretty much came on board with the reboot) but she was frankly terrifying. The way you wrote her as being not just sociopathic, but completely disinterested in conventional morality, willing to do anything, leverage any threat or make any promise in order to get what she wants makes her seem genuinely inhuman. Amanda I can understand as an antagonist (sort of), the Frosts I can understand as antagonists, but Natla... She's almost alien in her mindset, but you can still follow through on exactly how she is manipulating everything around her in order to get what she wanted. Hell, for a good chunk of the Dreaming, I thought Amanda was under her direct control. (Yeah sorry, but they're never dead untill you see the body. That at least I managed to guess right).

Her almost effortless control over people indirectly is only matched by how utterly terrifying Lara was while under her control. Here is a character whose head we've been in for heading up to half a million words, and the direct uncompromising and horrifynig way she threatened and treated Min and Bree was fascinating. Disturbing as hell, but fascinating.

Which brings me to the various minor characters, like Macca, Jammes, Amanda, Larson, Min, Bree and others. In what is another triumph for you as a writer, they all felt like distinct characters, following their own motivations and having their own places and things in the world. There were so many little touches that made the world you'd crafted seem lived in by real characters, that this was genuinely a joy to behold.

In terms of plot, they were solid, and you have a flair for writing combat that feels brutal but also stylised. The dialogue and descriptions flowed naturally and with the exception of the big rainstorm escape of the Frost Mining Compound I was never really lost in terms of the writing.

And if I may be so bold, you'd have an excellent career as an erotic author if you so chose. Despite being very light on the actual details of the smut, you managed to make it seem very exciting, mostly I think by focussing on the characters and emotions rather than on the actions. Another trap a lot of authors fall into.

Lastly, because I've nattered on quite long enough I think, I wanted to touch on Lara's sleep deprivation. As someone who has done some sleep deprivation studies as a participant, I found it eery and a little disturbing reading what Lara was going through, especially with regards to the feeling of disconnection and lost time. I've been there, and done that. Been awake for two or three, and even once nearly four days and noticed that I'd spend whole chunks of time robotically doing things and have no recollection afterwards. I was told that long term sleep deprivation messes with the brains ability to convert short term memory into long term memory, and it was so well written that I genuinely felt quite disturbed by much of The Dreaming.

Despite that, they are both absolutely superb fics, and I will continue to read them. I'm hoping that the fic I've spotted of yours that deals with Rise of the Tomb Raider is set in the same continuity (more or less) because there's a part of me that doesn't want to let this universe go.

This fic is the proof that in amongst the sea of dross, there are genuine pearls of beauty and brilliance. Kudos on the amazing work.
OneShortGay chapter 46 . 1/12/2016
Oh my fucking god this story and the previous one were incredible. All I've been doing in the past couple days is reading them. You've got a great gift for this, thank you for sharing it with the world.
Guest chapter 46 . 1/8/2016
Aaaand i finish this. Wow. This was great. 10/10.
SexyAnonIsSexy chapter 46 . 1/6/2016
That scene... On the ship... Where Sam was... And Lara...
...seriously. This is the first time a fanfic has actually made tears fall down my face! XD Wonderfully written... You're really awesome. Not just this story, but your others too, are written with... I dunno, so much emotion or something! I can't think strait... I'm still recovering from this fantasticness.
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