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R.Misfit chapter 46 . 7/11
as I was saying before I fatfingered and sent my review without finishing it, I am so glad I found this. this story has been a hell of an adventure. I love the way you portray Lara and Sam's character was on point. I will probably end up rereading this sometime but until then I'll probably past in the afterglow of an awesome read
R.Misfit chapter 46 . 7/11
Nearly a year later and I finally found the sequel to 'The Camera Loves You'. I am so happy I found the story again and this se
twilightmoon777 chapter 37 . 1/28
Okay, I'm confused. I thought both Scion fragments were at Sam and Lara's house. You know the one that got burned down. How did they end up in Lara's backpack? Did I miss something...? Anyway great story I'll be giving you a nice long review when I finish. Cheers!
StoriesOfANobody chapter 46 . 1/26
I came back to finish it. I must say it was well worth fighting through the tears. I apologize for being a babbling idiot in my other review, and for reviewing twice.
Your writing could make millions of dollars. It's phenomenal. Please don't ever give up! :)
StoriesOfANobody chapter 36 . 1/26

But seriously good story

Adrimore chapter 46 . 1/22
God! It took me so long but I finally finish reading this story, I don't really know what to say because this is the most amazing story I had ever read and I read a lot, you are totally amazing and wow I can't wait to read the probably next story you will make after Rise of the Tomb Raider I love so much that I started to draw some of the characters of this story Macca and Jamma where so incredible and I feel sorry about Min at the end but that girl is strong and of course Lara was beyond badass it was kind of scary the amount of time she spent without sleep and all of the consequences that brought them and now I'm scared of having no rest and end up like that lol Anyway this was amazing and finally Natla is dead for good haha
StevenQ chapter 46 . 1/21
... Where to start? So I wandered over her from Tvtropes after seeing a recommendation forn your stories and finishing up with Rise of the Tomb Raider looking for a distraction and maybe some light fluff.

Four days later I've essentially abandoned everything I was supposed to do except for the essentials in order to mainline 'The Camera Loves You' and it's sequel, before taking a breather and diving into the next one, because God Damn, that was epic from start to finish.

Frankly, you deserve a proper review, and you are going to get it.

So lets start with Lara and Sam. You manage a rare feat in fanfic, which is to remember that merely being in love does NOT automatically resolve all problems, and doesn't fix personality clashes and the inevitable friction that exists between any two people, be they ever so close. Sam and Lara feel like very distinct, and in many ways opposite characters and that feeds through into all of their interactions, both for good and ill. Sure, the fic shows them as being very good for each other, but it also shows how being a social media gadfly would rub a semi-private and fairly conservative archeologist the wrong way, but also the reverse. Such characterisation is rare in fanfic where the goal is almost always just to hook up the authors favourite couple, and somehow everything works out perfectly.

I like that it's not just a single type of literary conflict (i.e. (wo)man v nature), but skips in and out of all four of them, especially with regards to Natla and the Doppleganger. For that matter, that a substantial portion of the conflict centers around Lara versus herself, and Sam versus herself makes this a superior fic in its own right, and even though I had faith from your opening comment about eventually giving people what they want, you had me sitting on the edge of my seat (figuratively at least).

What's more, you managed to create some truly memorable villains. I've been told that Natla hails from earlier Tomb Raider games which I haven't played (I pretty much came on board with the reboot) but she was frankly terrifying. The way you wrote her as being not just sociopathic, but completely disinterested in conventional morality, willing to do anything, leverage any threat or make any promise in order to get what she wants makes her seem genuinely inhuman. Amanda I can understand as an antagonist (sort of), the Frosts I can understand as antagonists, but Natla... She's almost alien in her mindset, but you can still follow through on exactly how she is manipulating everything around her in order to get what she wanted. Hell, for a good chunk of the Dreaming, I thought Amanda was under her direct control. (Yeah sorry, but they're never dead untill you see the body. That at least I managed to guess right).

Her almost effortless control over people indirectly is only matched by how utterly terrifying Lara was while under her control. Here is a character whose head we've been in for heading up to half a million words, and the direct uncompromising and horrifynig way she threatened and treated Min and Bree was fascinating. Disturbing as hell, but fascinating.

Which brings me to the various minor characters, like Macca, Jammes, Amanda, Larson, Min, Bree and others. In what is another triumph for you as a writer, they all felt like distinct characters, following their own motivations and having their own places and things in the world. There were so many little touches that made the world you'd crafted seem lived in by real characters, that this was genuinely a joy to behold.

In terms of plot, they were solid, and you have a flair for writing combat that feels brutal but also stylised. The dialogue and descriptions flowed naturally and with the exception of the big rainstorm escape of the Frost Mining Compound I was never really lost in terms of the writing.

And if I may be so bold, you'd have an excellent career as an erotic author if you so chose. Despite being very light on the actual details of the smut, you managed to make it seem very exciting, mostly I think by focussing on the characters and emotions rather than on the actions. Another trap a lot of authors fall into.

Lastly, because I've nattered on quite long enough I think, I wanted to touch on Lara's sleep deprivation. As someone who has done some sleep deprivation studies as a participant, I found it eery and a little disturbing reading what Lara was going through, especially with regards to the feeling of disconnection and lost time. I've been there, and done that. Been awake for two or three, and even once nearly four days and noticed that I'd spend whole chunks of time robotically doing things and have no recollection afterwards. I was told that long term sleep deprivation messes with the brains ability to convert short term memory into long term memory, and it was so well written that I genuinely felt quite disturbed by much of The Dreaming.

Despite that, they are both absolutely superb fics, and I will continue to read them. I'm hoping that the fic I've spotted of yours that deals with Rise of the Tomb Raider is set in the same continuity (more or less) because there's a part of me that doesn't want to let this universe go.

This fic is the proof that in amongst the sea of dross, there are genuine pearls of beauty and brilliance. Kudos on the amazing work.
Caliax chapter 46 . 1/12
Oh my fucking god this story and the previous one were incredible. All I've been doing in the past couple days is reading them. You've got a great gift for this, thank you for sharing it with the world.
Guest chapter 46 . 1/8
Aaaand i finish this. Wow. This was great. 10/10.
SexyAnonIsSexy chapter 46 . 1/6
That scene... On the ship... Where Sam was... And Lara...
...seriously. This is the first time a fanfic has actually made tears fall down my face! XD Wonderfully written... You're really awesome. Not just this story, but your others too, are written with... I dunno, so much emotion or something! I can't think strait... I'm still recovering from this fantasticness.
A Eternity Of Nonchalance chapter 46 . 12/5/2015
Yay happy ending!
Great story friend! Really enjoyed it.
Guest chapter 46 . 11/21/2015
I don't think I can put into words how amazing this story was and what it has meant to me personally. In little under a month Lara and Sam have become characters, no people that I have been so thankful "meet". My only exposure to Tomb Raider before this was the movies and the reboot. The game showed me characters with such potential and you have shown that beautiful potential fully. This story and these people I'm gonna remember for the rest of my life. It's stories like this that hold a special place in our hearts and remind us what's it's like to imagine, live, and be human. So first off let me thank you for choosing these people and thank for letting them "use" you to write their story.

I'm super excited to see that Lara and Sam are continuing their adventures in your other stories. Can't wait to read em. Unfortunately I have to wait a bit for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PC. So in a few months I can play the new one and properly read your next story. Guess I'll keep myself busy. Life on a firetruck is never dull after all.
Guest chapter 46 . 9/5/2015
I loved these stories and I hope you find the inspiration to do another one!
jambajuice3000 chapter 46 . 6/30/2015
I absolutely love this story! Really wish I had it as a paperback! Brilliant xx
Guest chapter 46 . 4/4/2015
Took me almost a week to read it, but I think I loved this story even more than The Camera Loves You. You made Lara look as an actual person here, better than in the prequel. She's badass when she has to be, fragile and vulnerable when she doesn't need to be a badass. She's also showing some of PTSD and she's such an adorable shy girl who's growing up through the whole story. Sam is both a damsel and a badass. She's fun, joyful and protective. Both of the girls completed each other here and that's why I loved every part of this story. Hopefully there will be another sequel. Stories like this are rare here. The whole SS Endurance fanfiction base is pretty deserted, which is sad.
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