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soniad37 chapter 2 . 6/12/2015
Love it
Guest chapter 1 . 1/29/2015
This was beautifully written. My only complaint is that you make it crystal clear that lettys life is completely over without Dom, thati t has no meaning even after three years. That's kind of sad. That she allowed Dom to control her life that much.

This would have been so much strongernif Letty had actually found a good life and was happy and then CHOSE to give Dom a second chance.

The way you write it, it's almost like lett doesn't have a choice but to accept Dom back because of how you write her life without him.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
Thank you for having her punch him! (When he tries to kiss her-acting all cocky like he's off the hook after one "I'm sorry"!).

This would have been a stronger story if Letty had said "you were my whole life...but I've made a new life for myself now , one without you!" Dom should know that he is NO LONGER her whole life! Clearly there is a huge imbalance in their relationship.

He is her "whole life" and her life lost all meaning without him.
Clearly SHE was never his whole life though, given all the flirting with other women and the eventual cheating.

Dom says he won't cheat because she's the only woman he wants, that he loves ... But wasn't that exactly how he felt right before he cheated in her before?

I feel sad that she got back together with him so quickly and easily. In real life , she would be in for a world of pain from him-because he knows he *owns* her-she's not strong enough to resist him even when he tore her heart out! She literally tells him that he is her life! Even after three years of being apart after him cheating! So sad. He never says she is HIS life (because she really isn't...)

I really really hope she makes him work to earn back her trust...and that he remembers that she can and will leave his ass if he ever disrespects her again!

Glad that Letty can just let go of the hurt and despair so quickly - cause she's likely to have more...


I think this would have been better if their reconciliation took longer than one conversation. If Dom had to be more persistent. If we got to see even a tiny bit of Dom suffering like Letty has...
He could earn his second chance with penance and persistence. Proving to her over says or weeks that he is different.

Next time...?
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
The saddest line in this piece was when Letty said that he life had lost all meaning after Dom cheated on her. Seriously...? what kind of a strong woman like Letty focused her *entire* life in her boyfriend? What about her family? Other friends? Job? Anything else...?

Is hate to see them have kids if she is so wrapped up in Dom that her life has no meaning without him. How is she supposed to love someone other than him if that's her attitude?!


If Dom hadn't come back to apologize, what would she have done? Loved the rest of her life without meaning? She should grow up and make a life for herself whether Dom is in it or not!
Mika chapter 2 . 7/14/2014
Excellent followup! Beautiful to see them truly happy together! Thank you!

Please write more for this fanfic! Maybe a longer piece,Ike your version of FF6?! I see similar emotions from an angry Letty who was horrible hurt and betrayed by Dom leaving her. You would do an amazing job with that! (And showing Dom's emotions when he thinks Letty is dead...! )

Mika chapter 1 . 7/14/2014
One of my absolute favorites! I love repentant Dom- especially one who realized he was wrong and out his life on hold to find and apologize to the woman he loved! A little sad that Letty didn't move on with her life more but was pining for him for three years. Sad that she allowed his cheating to rob her of her life for three years. It would have served him well to have to see her with another guy (and not because she was cheating like he did!).

Still- his apology was very good! He actually says he's sorry (multiple times), that he was wrong, that he LOVES her (again multiple times), that he missed her and was devastated without her. That he has been searching for her the entire time! He acknowledges how much her hurt her and promises that he is not that guy, that he has changed, and he begs for another chance!

I love that he repeats all of these sentiments and doesn't just blow off her pain!

Other writers could really take this as an example! Most if the time, people write Dom like he is incapable of being a real man, a decent man. I'm so glad you wrote this! Kudos and keep it up! :-)

Ps. The snarky part of me was also SO happy that she slugs him in the face too! He deserved it for kissing her like he owned her and is all forgiven after a simple "I'm sorry". Glad she had the chance to tell him how much he hurt her! She deserved to get that off of her chest too...before she could heal! And he deserved to truly see how much hurt her caused her! So well written! Thank you!
Guest chapter 1 . 4/13/2014
Oh my gosh- wow! I love this story. You hit the emotions right on the head and you really let us see into each character. Please write more!
Guest chapter 1 . 3/10/2014
This was such an amazing one shot-I was excited to see you add to it. You should write more stories. You have a wonderful writing style! :-)
Guest chapter 2 . 3/9/2014
Great writing!

I would love it if you would write a fic about Dom and Letty getting back together after he leaves her in the DR and she is off in Europe (with her memory). She would have let him think she was dead because she was angry. After all the times she stayed with him through thick and thin, when he cheated on her, when he got them into illegal activities, when she stood by him when he went to jail-that he abandoned her and she (instead of looking for him) finally said to herself "he left me. I am going to move on with my life. If he doesn't love me enough to make a life with me, after all i have done for him, then I will find someone who does". And then Actually have her having a decent life with new friends. Showing herself that she doesn't need Dom to be complete. That way when they DO get together eventually (cause I am a huge Dotty fan) it is because they both choose to. Not because Letty has no choice because she "needs" Dom but because she had other options and still chose Dom. (This presumes that Dom wins her back and earns back her trust and love...).

I always thought that the idea of him leaving her (after promising her that they'd be together) was the worst thing he ever did (worse than cheating) because it disrespected her as a person, as a full and equal partner in their loving relationship, and hurt her in such a deep level. He was basically taking the decision away from her and making it clear that he wasn't willing to work on a relationship with her ( even after all she did for him, all she gave up for him).

And Dom: I want to see him get some insight. It seems in he movies that he is constantly making bad decisions and never learning from them. He (after serving time in jail and leaving his baby sister without family for a few years) gets into illegal a to I tied that threaten their whole "family" again. He almost gets Vince killed and of course Jesse does (though that wasn't all Dom). He made the decision even when Letty and Vince smear we him. Now he makes the decision to leave Letty (also against her wishes). He hasn't leaned a thing!

I would love to see him deal with the fact that after all the years of Letty following him, tracking him down after he abandoned her in different places, finding him with random women (?dseeping with random women) that now she has decided not to follow him anymore. That she reached her limit. That she had no more left to give him. That this time it is him that has to give of himself to her. . .

Maybe Dom thinks Letty is dead. Maybe she has just moved on and he doesn't (immediately) know where she is. Either way he has to come to a realization that he actually loves her, that leaving her that way was wrong (on many levels) and that he has actually changed into a man who would never do it again.

But I'd love him to figure this out only to find her happy in her new life - without him. Her have to deal with the fact that he screwed up one time too many and she moved on. And now if he wants any of her he will have to not only profess his love but work to convince her to bother giving him another chance...

You could write such a great fic- with your amazing descriptions and drawing out the drama and the eventual reunion between them (on equal footing). . .

Guest chapter 1 . 3/9/2014
This is one of my very favorite pieces of Dom and Letty fanfiction. You do such an amazing job of painting the full range of emotions for them both: Dom's desperation and perseverance, Letty's anger and hurt and mistrust. I still think it wrapped up a little too quickly (because I wanted him to be in doubt of her feelings more before she have in an told him that she loved him). I was kind of expecting a "I do love you but I refuse to be with you. Because of your actions I can never be with you" attitude from Letty. But honestly you did a superb job of having her to through all of the emotions and still love him. I am so glad in the follow up chapter you show that he actually deserves her love and hasn't hurt her again. He should kiss the ground each day for getting a second chance! Beautifully written! Write more (?longer) Dom and Letty fiction! You clearly have the gift for writing angst that ultimately is resolved.

lola chapter 2 . 3/8/2014
Hopefully you will write another one.
NinaD chapter 1 . 2/26/2014
Wow! Fantastic fic! The emotions! The angst! And finally Dom actually seems to get it. He actually apologizes and seems sincere. He's not arrogant or brushing it under the table. I like that he's been looking for her continuously for three years. I love that she hit him when he kissed her. How dare he think that love is all it takes! You need trust and loyalty and so much more. I wish you would write more! More Dom/Letty!
vinh chapter 1 . 6/9/2013
Lovely fic. I hope there's an epilogue.
mac-reye chapter 1 . 5/28/2013
good chapter!
Princess of Darkness17 chapter 1 . 5/28/2013
continue please :)
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