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Kaestal chapter 7 . 12/20/2015
Went through the story again, still love it and hope you are okay Scarlet, I miss the universe you have created with your characters.
leah chapter 8 . 8/31/2014
Please update soon
Ryan2212 chapter 8 . 8/14/2014
Awesome! Great Chapter! Please keep writing and updating!
Kaestal chapter 8 . 8/13/2014
Cant wait to see the new guys in action, and as always the chapter was amazing.
cew1088 chapter 8 . 8/13/2014
So happy you updated. Awesome chapter. Please update really really soon.
Ryan2212 chapter 7 . 5/23/2014
Love all of your stories! I hope you'll update this one soon.
Anon122 chapter 3 . 1/7/2014
Poor Forge, wound around 'Maria's' little finger. Will she rub their nights together in his face when all is revealed?
nelly674 chapter 6 . 1/7/2014
I like the format of this fic. It's kind of forcing you to pay attention with the alternating timelines... It's keeping me engrossed. Keep writing! :-)
shejams chapter 6 . 12/7/2013
Wow! Just Wow!
Loved this chapter. Loved the flashback scenes! Love Mystique. Love Firestar ( loved her since Spidey and Amazing Friends)
Yay Charles is home!
Poor Ororo, Poor Rachel.
Forge is a dead man walking.
Don't know what else to say other than update soon.
This chapter was AWESOME.
shejams chapter 5 . 10/30/2013
You better believe I will!
Another great update. I'm loving how you are weaving in all these characters flawlessly.
It actually feel like real life; if real life was a comic that is. :D
Anyway, this is getting better and better. Don't know what else to say (that you haven't heard before) except I love this. Action, drama, romance and humor with a little mystery on the side... what more could I ask for? (really tell me; what more can I ask, or should I say expect, for)
Oh, I have something else to add.
I knew it. I knew Raven was working with Doom. You kinda threw me off with Maria. haha
Good for you. Thanks for bringing her back. I always thought Mystique was a cool character.

Keep up the good work.
'Til next time.
anon chapter 5 . 10/18/2013
I'm supporting Cyclops, he may not be doing it in the best of ways, and he could benefit from trying to have a sit down with Cap and Logan and trying to get some peace between the three of them, but he's still the only one trying to help the situation. All Logan's lot are doing are telling him he's in the wrong, going on about how bad he is, and how, if they confront him it'll cause a war. They're literally sitting back and letting the world tear apart the new mutants and judging him for trying to stop it.

The thing that bugs me whenever Scott says he gave up/moved on from that, in that he clearly hasn't. He spent a considerable amount of time while in San Fran building bridges between humans and mutants (during the time when he was most criticized for putting peace to the back burner), and even today, Scott's motivations for everything is to stop humans picking on mutants. That's petty much one of the main things Xavier taught him to do. He's not actively trying to antagonize humans or start a war or preaching mutant supremacy, if anything, is actions could lead to his team preventing it.

He knew that letting the Avengers take Hope away would cause the world to become a nuclear wasteland in the future

"His public persona is almost at t-shirt level. He’s like a Che Guevara kind of image for college students. And they go, “Scott Summers is trying to feed the poor and clean the water and do all this cool stuff as Phoenix,” and they don’t know what happened. They just know that “The Man” kind of shut him down. So they look at him and he’s on the cover of "Rolling Stone," so there’s this image of Scott Summers that he’s trying to live up to while he’s dealing with all his demons and all the misunderstanding and hatred that he has from the other mutants."

It was Stark on Captain America's order who got the Phoenix in them in the first place

Scott wasn't trying to hurt anyone at that point. He was honestly trying to help, and he did do some things that were noble, such as stabilizing climates and providing food for starving countries. The two seem more bothered that its Scott's got all this power, rather than what he's doing with it.

Scott did, however, turn crazy evil, but not until after the Avengers did some pretty dickheadish things to piss him off. Its hard to blame someone for losing control or turning into the Dark Phoenix when the 'heroes' are so obsessed with the fact he might turn evil or go mad with power that they do everything they can to make him angry

the Avengers are adults too who are capable of voicing their concerns and such by means other than 'attack-attack-assemble', and are more than capable of trying peaceful solutions.

However, what should be stressed is that, none of the Phoenix Five were mentally sane, before or after it bonded to them. The Phoenix is a power that requires the host be completely in control of themselves. Magik is crazy, Namor is bipolar, Emma is prone to bouts of self loathing and guilt, Piotr was currently demonically possessed, and Cyclops is, well, he requires a list:
He's completely incapable of expressing emotion in a healthy, adult manner, he's also prone to self loathing, he blames himself for all the tragedies in his life (from Thunderbird's death to the Schism with Logan), he was possessed by Apocalypse and died, came back, was separated, and spent a while afterwards dealing with intense PTSD to which he never actually got proper treatment or counselling for, he's currently got the Void, the entity responsible for Sentry's mental issues, locked up inside his head, he's still obsessed with his first girlfriend, he was abused as a child, he spent his teen years being trained to be a child soldier, and following the death of his wife he's basically left with nothing but being the leader to his team. Scott is literally the last person who should've been given the Phoenix.
The point is, they may be adults, but they're not mentally sane adults, and the Phoenix force does not help that matter. The P5 had the excuse of the Phoenix making them more prone to acting out in a manner that they shouldn't do so. Cap and the Avengers didn't have that excuse, they acted just as childish, idiotic, and antagonistic as they did, and did so without the same mental issues or cosmic fuel to the fire

Scott like Black Panther and Captain America are supposed to be like Marvel’s Batmen, but he doesn’t have the charisma they do or even Magneto and Xavier

Beast killed millions on Cap’s order also

I know Xavier was a loved one and his death hurts more, but it still seems hypocritical to me

Not to mention what happens when the Celestials come back the Mutants aren't there I think they'd effortlessly destroy the world after effortlessly defeating every superhero and every single god in every single pantheon

Balance it with the countless more lives the Phoenix has saved, it is a fundamental force of the universe, life incarnate, sometimes you need a forest fire so new life, future generations (which is all that really matters) to thrive, sometimes nature must be ruthless and brutal

When you live in a world of such technology and people with four digit IQs why in the nine hells is there still poverty and disease

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting accountability from Superheroes, having checks and balances on these living breathing weapons of mass destruction seems quite reasonable to me, one will go left when they should go right and innocent people will die it WILL happen, not saying black ops don’t have their necessity, they can be used as a force of good

Though it would be better if everyone should be given powers and tech it's idiotic this isn't done, in my book a hero doesn't just save people, a hero teaches the people to take care of themselves
cew1088 chapter 5 . 10/17/2013
So glad you updated. Great chapter. It made my day. Please update soon.
Hellzz-on-Earth chapter 4 . 9/4/2013
My apologies for taking so long to get to this update. Rl has definitely been a real B. lol
I love Logan giving Scott a reality check. I agree that teveryone needs to be able to defend themselves and know how to fight, but actively being soldiers is something else entirely.
I cannot wait for Prof. X to return and it seems like he made it to the mansion by reading the bit in the end there?
I was wondering if Doom was going to go after Storm and he is. I'm excited and worried. I know Storm will be able to handle her own, but she does have a weakness and I can just imagine Doom is going to exploit that to his advantage.
Thanks for the update.
Happy writing.
Ryan2212 chapter 4 . 8/12/2013
Cool chapter!
cew1088 chapter 4 . 8/12/2013
So glad you updated. This is becoming interesting. I like that you have X-force in this story and disagreements between Logan and Scott about it. I would like to see wolverine in his x-force black and dark grey uniform in future chapters. To me he is more badass wearing it. I like that to show wolverine is more of a thinker in planning as well as fighting. Lately some of the comics make him more of an idiot, that doesn't think. They don't show off his martial arts skills or other skills enough. Anyway update soon. Please!
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