Reviews for II: Prophecy
Lover of A Good Story chapter 13 . 5/5
A good read so far but pretty depressing as well.
MpJames chapter 16 . 8/17/2015
I know its a long time ago, but srysly? A brigadier general? After 2 years. Thats horseshit, you dont become a brigadier general without a REALLY long officer School periode. And dont say that 'its how the quarians rank... HORSESHIT!
Myron23 chapter 16 . 4/23/2015
I forgot to mention; Tali's present to the Flotilla must have truly put everybody else's to shame for her name to be the only one that Kenn brought up.

You ever notice how the SR-2 lacks a requisitions officer?
Co-Op Story Mode: I would have talked Kenn into boarding the Normandy as it's new Requisitions Officer, that way there would three Quarians during ME2's events.
Who knows? Kenn just might have found what he needed for the Flotilla during his stay on the Normandy.
It's me Myron chapter 8 . 4/9/2015
Was Marcus's "rude awakening/botched escape" influenced by Robocop? (the remake)
Synweaver chapter 55 . 2/7/2015
Better than Enigma? That's unclear. You take more creative liberties in Enigma I found, but this one had more to write with. Tough choice really.

Alright, onto the actual review.

The adult content, cause I may as well start with the big one, is fine actually. It's still a tad surprising to see Tali acting amorous in fiction but then again, it's a gradual change that's seen in the games. "Still totally worth it" and whatnot. Well written and nicely spaced out over the story.

The overall writing, barring grammar hiccups, never left me blind. I could tell what was going on, even if it took me a couple tries to get it. Speed reading has its faults.

The future bits, which I failed to compliment you for in Enigma, just leave me raring for more of your work. A massive tribal war and it's just getting better with each bit. Still, clarity is everything. It may help in Holocaust and Ultimatum to perhaps more properly address that this is the future. We know when we see the name Carter Dielheart that we're reading a future bit but I found myself going back and double checking more than once. A minor inconvenience at best but one with an easy solution, unnecessary as it may be.

There's very little to find actual fault with. Grammar and the occasional jarring moment really.

Take pride in this, even though you're done with it.

And now, onto Requiem!

Keelah Se'lai my friend.
Jim chapter 55 . 12/18/2014
what a great story.
Jim chapter 38 . 12/17/2014
i have been power reading my way through your stories. i love them so far and think they are great. more than just a rehash of the games. i hope the rest of the story and the next ones are just as good as what i have read so far. i think they will be. :)
Guest chapter 22 . 12/17/2014
Myns death scene actually choked me up. very nice job writing it. whole story is great.
Nebuchadnezzar2 chapter 1 . 11/9/2014
As per the usual, tons of typos.

Follows ME2 Canon pretty well, barely any side-missions being done ( at least Enigma had a few in that regard ).

A lot of interesting strokes of creativity here and there. It's kind of adorable seeing all this khelish language stuffs.

For those who felt that Enigma didn't get the romance subplot's climax right, prepare for the smut floodgates to be opened!

Prepare for an onslaught of quarian crew members ; that's right, forget Talimancing, we're Quarianmancing!

Peta did something that few other villains tend to do ; you can sympathize with him. This understanding only grows in Requiem. You almost wish that Peta gets Tali at times.

Verdict : 9/10
This is probably the best episode out of the entire quadrilogy. It was interesting seeing how all these little subplots started out in ME2, the hints at James Vega's current events, for example, give the character background that you didn't really see in ME3 outside of a conversation or two. It's also a worthwhile read if you thought that there were lots of things that could have happened in Mass Effect but never did.
Guest chapter 29 . 10/23/2014
Do you ever stop to wonder; who's idea was this?

I know I do sometimes.

Myron chapter 29 . 10/22/2014
I sometimes wonder, who's idea was this?
Myron22 chapter 29 . 10/22/2014
I sometimes wonder; whose idea was this?
Metastability chapter 16 . 8/6/2014
Ooooh, I like the chapter, but the insult in the author's note was even better! I like it!
Guest chapter 29 . 7/27/2014
Love the atlab reference
Rick O'Shay25 chapter 32 . 2/24/2014
So, is Prometheus a rogue part of the Dominion? Your Futuristic story is still a little hard to follow, I apologize.

So the Shepard's had a second son? How many hybrid children did they have exactly?

For a Talimancer, how in your heart could you do something so cruel to Tali; depriving her of her husband for five decades? That would mean she was still in her prime when she lost him, and doesn't that also mean that their children are middle-aged? Their dialogue makes me picture young adults...

And wait a minute, according to Enigma, Marcus passed away at the age of 94 in the year 2215,... I'm a bit confused, I'm just going to keep reading.
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