Reviews for Naruto: Hunter x Hunter Chronicles
xandeixyz chapter 16 . 10/1
naruto had indirectly called sakura as an idiot for still loving sasuke after he tried to kill her
BlueRosette23 chapter 29 . 8/25
I know you said you'll update after you're exams are over but you still haven't update and it's been 8months since you told us readers that you'll update... I really do hope that this story isn't abandoned.. Please update even once and I'll be happy to know you haven't gave up on this story. :D
Hyrulian Hero Akai chapter 29 . 8/21
Ive really enjoyed reading this fic and I feel the need to ask, do you have an idea when you might update again?
ArtyBratty chapter 29 . 8/12
Oh, boy. If Naru is having battle later then I fear what Hidoka reaction to Naru bloodlust or her kyuubi chakra because... yeeshhh, the man is no stranger to people who had incredible power. So, good luck to Naru and hope she won't be confront by Hisoka.
Scribleyellow chapter 29 . 7/26
Exam Season is over
~Update Requested~
Scribleyellow chapter 4 . 7/26
This is really good so far:) I've enjoyed reading it.
Hashirama 1710 chapter 1 . 7/25
Is this abandoned?
animecutylover chapter 25 . 7/9
Poor Wing. Lol. XD
animecutylover chapter 24 . 7/9
Ha! Finally! Some Council ass kicking! XD
animecutylover chapter 23 . 7/9

She really shouldn't have talked about Naru in front of the MEMORIAL STONE, since that's where Kakashi goes almost everyday.

I really want to see her beat the Council's asses.
animecutylover chapter 22 . 7/9
Kya! They kissed!

animecutylover chapter 20 . 7/9

It seems Hiromi is like Anko kind of.

Poor Killua.

animecutylover chapter 19 . 7/9

Gon's so wise now!

animecutylover chapter 17 . 7/9

They're gonna go to the tower!

animecutylover chapter 15 . 7/9

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