Reviews for Shadow Child
Guest chapter 40 . 8/3
Fantastic as always. Love the writing so much! So much talent and love is put into this book. I am actually in love with this writing. Probably my favorite Sherlock Fanfic yet!
Altariel de Valinor chapter 40 . 8/1
Ok. I had forgotten how the monster felt.

Usually, I read first directly in English and then a translate version (using Google Translator, for example) if I missed something, because I am a Spanish speaker (and not really so fluent in English). But now, I only read the translate version because I couldn't stop to reading (except one chapter when I had to stop, and it wasn't that with descriptions of child murderes XD).

It's so hard to say in one review all that you could say behind 40 chapters of a fic like this. It's so exact that you come to feel real fear. I can say I have been in both sides (John and Sherlock), not exactly this illness and not so extreme, but very close in a lot points (perhaps in some things you can't imagine). Read your fic was very usefull to me, because it's healthy if something remember me how those inner monsters feel (even you don't believe me, your fic came to me in a necesary moment; there's not coincidences, only synchrony XD).

After to end to read, I had to fly to read fics with extra dosis of Johnlock fluff XD

In some point of the fic, I was going to say that your were being very repetitive, but THIS IS HOW IT IS IN REAL LIFE! An enormous wheel, the same again and again, while you try and try to change it in to an ascendent spiral (in the best case, when you are in the John's side or when you are in a best day, becasuse if your're not... you know, you may not want an ascendent spiral).

I like me very much that Yuri knew how exactly John felt.

I only have one question: If Sherlock's childhood would have been completely normal, he would still be asexual? on other words, is he asexual for real? (I know this is a sensitive question, I hope I don't bother you).

At the end, I can say this is a very good fic. Thank you and congratulations.

I hope you will be completely fine soon.
Marcia Santos chapter 40 . 7/29
I can't wait for u to post chapter 41, cheers.
novelteas74 chapter 36 . 7/28
I'm all caught up now except for your latest chapters. Poor Sherlock. So many emotional issues that chase after him into adulthood. I really love this story.
Guest chapter 39 . 7/24
Amazing story. Couldn't stop reading it. It's made me open my eyes and understand all the problems many people must go through. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds. 11 out of ten stars:)
becgate chapter 39 . 7/17
Love it!
Astrido chapter 39 . 7/17
interesting chapter. i like that sherlock opened up. john could have suggested breaking cups or sticks (from trees) or something.
the plot always feels a bit like start up-cancel, instead of flowing through the story.
anyway good luck with the next one.
marcia santos chapter 39 . 7/17
I'm glad ur feeling better. I'm soooo glad u post, I love this fic, I love ur writting, its intense and I think I learn things too.
I hope u can post as soon as possible.
Graveofthefireflies chapter 39 . 7/17
I'm so happy to see an update on this story. I was super curious what happens next. It's great to see you writing again. All the best wishes for your recovery. I hope that you are going to get a lot of enjoyment from your writing, that is most important.
novelteas74 chapter 35 . 7/3
This story has made me cry almost every chapter. It is just heartbreaking but it seems Sherlock is slowly getting better. The slow pace of it all makes it so real. My oldest son was anorexic in his late teens and it was a scary time as he also was dealing with autism at a time when no one seemed to really know what it was. Only in hindsight was it obvious. But yes, this is a magnificent story, one of the best I've ever read.
novelteas74 chapter 12 . 6/30
Wow. I've been reading this most of the night. This is really an incredibly well written story. No quick fixes, the long lasting impact of abuse, Sherlock's difficulties dealing with suppressed emotions, everything is so real. It effects him without conscious acknowledgement and the horror of what happened is amplified by the feelings of shame and nearly unimaginable betrayal he is burdened with. No wonder his breaking point stems from a case similar to his own.

I commend you for the courage to write about this topic in such an insightful, honest way.
Evanescence27 chapter 38 . 5/16
Hurt-By John Cash. Use this song for this fanfic, it is just too relevant to Sherlock's condition. Please consider it.
Evanescence27 chapter 1 . 5/12
I love this story. It is one of those works of fiction of which I think about the whole day. When I'm in college, I can't wait to get home to read one more chap. Or before sleeping. It stays in my mind day long. And I sincerely hope u continue it.
andygreyson chapter 38 . 4/12
,is it over? its really hood i want to read more
BlackWolf888 chapter 38 . 2/27
So the story is not complete yet! Oh, that's great! Reading this has been amazing, even though you broach some difficult subjects. High quality writing is always a joy, so I'm glad it's not over yet. :)
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