Reviews for Metamorphosis
rashida7777 chapter 8 . 3/16

Readability 9.1

Creativity 9.2
Guest chapter 8 . 3/4
This was beautiful and I am crying.
equine 14 chapter 5 . 7/10/2016
Really, really great story! Good job :-)
PhoenixOfSolarFire chapter 1 . 9/7/2015
I am so happy I stumbled upon this! Star Trek reruns is something I grew up with and I love the movies. Khan both new and old has been one of my favorite characters and you wrote this so beautifully. It was short but it wasn't over done, you had a wonderful way of balancing things.
Rose Unspindle chapter 8 . 6/27/2014
I liked. _
Guest chapter 6 . 6/25/2014
Please update soon, it is very good!
Guest chapter 8 . 3/31/2014
Good end to a good story!
bedb chapter 8 . 3/29/2014
have you read the ending of Into Darkness novel? Leaves a lot of possibilities open.
masterlokiseverus159 chapter 8 . 3/29/2014
AWWWWWWWWW that was a great ending if you ask me! I loved every minute of this story and can only say I'm sad it's finished-(Consider a sequel? maybe? Please?:))
Thank you so much for a very interesting and different story:D
Minecraft Guardiansaiyan chapter 8 . 3/29/2014
Please let this be the universe where Alpha acetic V didn't turn into an inhospitable dust fuck up where Khan latter leaves to kill them all...please?
Sassiebone chapter 8 . 3/29/2014
Super Lizard! I thought that you had given up on your story. Thank you for coming back and completing the saga? Yes, a question. Please consider a sequel to Metamorphosis. You have an incredible way of relaying feelings (especially hurt/comfort) better than any author I have encountered. You definitely portrayed Kahn as a vulnerable and damaged being. Love that! Love you!
Thanks again for writing one of my favorite Kahn stories ever!
BotanyCameos chapter 7 . 3/27/2014
This fic is VERY interesting! I just devoured all the chapters up so far, and I'm looking forward to more so much! :) *cheers*
bedb chapter 2 . 2/20/2014
I have many friends who are Sikhs...gracious elegant people. the gentleman I know is very much interested in polo and saving the Marwari breed.

Your story is good.
YourBiggestFan chapter 7 . 2/13/2014
I encourage you to keep writing!
Guest chapter 7 . 2/13/2014
Hello Super Lizard of Finland! :) I liked the debate this chapter as well as the reminder that although Khan may be vulnerable and slowly coming to trust this new crew, he's not any less capable or deadly.
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