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sassymelissa chapter 22 . 6/20/2015
Wow I really loved it however I think she should have a memory about her wedding in ur story.
Guest chapter 16 . 6/11/2014
Maybe their lives had just been a string of second chances. A second chance for them after his mistake. A second chance when she'd lost her memory and nearly died.

Is it me or is DOM the one getting ALL of the second chances here?
Guest chapter 22 . 6/11/2014
Fantastic story! Lots of growth in their relationship-and I'm glad it took some time for them to be a couple again, to work through all the bullshit and the pain.

Best last line ever:

But she'd definitely made Dom beg!

Guest chapter 19 . 6/11/2014
No third chances!

I love you for that line! Finally a Letty who isn't a doormat! :-)
Guest chapter 8 . 6/9/2014
Wow! This was a great way to show that from the beginning it was more than just Dom getting into her pants. Great chapter! Believable start to their relationship. :-)
Guest chapter 7 . 6/9/2014
What a wonderful chapter! Nice (as you say) to see some of the good memories since we always seem to read about the bad ones. There has to be something to suggest that their relationship was worth it! This part goes a long way towards that...

Guest chapter 6 . 6/9/2014
Holy moly! Fantastic! The raw emotions here!

I love how Letty demands her own say. (And the snarky line about this being old business for Dom was awesome! She is absolutely right that she deserves the chance to rail at him for leaving her since she never got the chance!).

And you do such a great job of getting to the actual issue: it's not just that Dom left her, it's that he made the decision without her. He did not treat her like an equal partner in their relationship. And if that's the way he feels, if that's the kind of thing he thinks is ok to do, then how is Letty going to ever trust him again? What happens the next time he thinks he has to do something "for her own good"? Will he make some Major decision for her again? Or will he listen to her this time and let her make her own decisions? Unless and until Dom explains that he is never going to make decisions for her again, Letty will always wonder what is coming next.

(PS all of this is only made worse when you realize that in the movie Letty was always, always loyal to Dom. She supported him no matter what, even when she disagree with him-like in have original heists-and even when he led them all into danger. Juxtapose those actions with Dom's actions in leaving her and you realize how imbalanced Things were. After this chapter though I start to believe that Dom finally gets it! Thank you!).

These lines were perfect:
"I thought I was doing the right thing at the time."
"Even if you thought it was right, Dom. It wasn't just your choice to make. And if you pull that kind of shit on me… what about other big decisions in our lives? I need to have a say. Don't you know that I'm not that girl who lets her man take care of her while she sits safe at home? Didn't you know it then?"

Aaahhh! Exactly! Couldn't have said it better!

And then you go on to show us (not just tell us) how much Letty sees into Dom's soul-and how Dom is willing to be vulnerable to her. This paragraph tells us so much about their relationship:

He turned back to her, his eyes serious and he just looked so damn vulnerable. It was jarring, because though he didn't always feel the need to put on the show, to hide behind his ego with her, he still tended to try and show strength. He always wanted to be the one taking care of others. It was why they were standing here fighting now, after all.


And then the anger and the angst!:

Instead you left me while I was sleeping so that I couldn't argue with you. You disappeared and I was left with what? A bitter taste in my mouth. And the only thing to do was come home to LA, to Mia. And sit here and be surrounded by everything that was part of us. Our life, together. But I was alone."

Letty has every right to be angry and Dom should have to hear how she felt when he left her. How he hurt her and how he made it clear to her that he gave up on her, gave up on them!

Ps: you paint us a picture of Dom here that says more an just telling us what he thought. The way you paint him "shoulders sagging" tells us so much more than just saying he felt bad. YOUR Dom has so much more insight!

"He was watching her now, but he turned away, unable to meet her gaze, his shoulders sagging. He knew that everything she said was true. She had every right to be angry at him."

Yes she did! I am glad that your Dom understands this!

I love that Letty doesn't let him off he hook for taking he decision out of her hands just because he thought he was going the right thing:
"You shouldn't have tried to make me do something I did want to, Dominic," "You don't always know best. You shouldn't have expected me to fall in line and do what you wanted when you knew it wasn't what I wanted."

(Ps the description of Dom's gentleness even when angry was beautiful to read! "Grabbing her by her shoulders. He didn't hurt her. No matter how bad they'd fought he'd never raised a hand to her, and even now when he was angry, his touch was gentle. ". Wow!)

And the next bit really shows the symmetry in their relationship, maybe Dom finally understands how much he hurt Letty when he left her:

"But you never listen and the next thing I know I'm getting a phone call from Mia saying you're dead! How do you think that felt, Letty?"

"Like getting your heart ripped out and stomped on," she murmured, staring up at him. "How do you think it felt to get walked out on without so much as a goodbye?"

"Like hell," he muttered, then sighed, wrapping his big arms around her and pulling her close.

Maybe, just maybe, he has I ally really learned his lesson. After all the dangerous crap he has been involved in, after constantly bringing his friends and family into his crazy life (treating hem like little soldiers expected to fall in line) we finally get the sense that Dom has grown up! Yay! THIS is the Dom that Letty deserves!

And I am so glad you have Dom say "I regret those two years without you,". I HOPE so! It should serve as a constant reminder to him of the repercussions of making decisions for others. Letty may be willing to say "how can we regret anything since we ended up here" but things could have been very different if she and Dom had stayed together! Maybe better! I hope Dom never takes this for granted ever again! And you end the chapter with Letty not just letting go of her anger a few hours later but knowing that despite her anger that she can still love him and eventually forgive him. THAT is a real relationship!

Thank you for this beautifully written chapter!
Guest chapter 5 . 6/9/2014
Favorite chapter yet! You do such an amazing job of capturing conflicting emotions. You understand (more than most writers) that people can have lots of different emotions at the same time. That Letty isn't just going to "get over" being abandoned in the DR because Dom came back and saved her life. The hurt she just have felt is palpable here and it isn't just going to go away because Dom wants it to. He broke her trust when he did that and then simple act of coming back doesn't fix the fact that he thought he could make decisions for her.

I can't choose my favorite part but this was one of them:
All of it is because Dom wouldn't listen to her.

Letty realizes that Dom leaving her was what ultimately led to her injury, memory loss, and living with no family for years. But for the fact that Dom chose to abandon her, this would not have happened.

And Mia in your stories is so wise! She doesn't try to tell Letty that she shouldn't be angry. She doesn't try to belittle her feelings or defend Dom. She tells Letty that although Dom thought he was doing the right thing, that he was an idiot! (lol! Totally agree!) she also hints that he has changed from that guy who makes decisions for others.

And THANK YOU for having Mia tell Letty (and us) about how Dom suffered. I'd like to think that he learned to be a better man through this suffering and isn't going to take Letty for granted ever again. That he has learned his lesson and is ready to treat Letty like an equal partner in his life. No more making decisions for her!

(It starts to make up for the fact that even though they keep saying that Dom hadn't wanted to live without her, that he was in fact dating Elena.).

Mia has some of the best lines here!
"I'm not telling you it was right for him to leave you there in the Dominican. I'm not telling you he wasn't an idiot about it, and that you didn't have every right to be angry about it. But you forgave him then, and you'll forgive him again. And right now you should come home."

Again- she doesn't justify Dom's idiotic actions in the past, she notes that Letty has every right to be pissed but she knows they can move forward.

Such as amazing chapter and example of why I love your writing! Never stop writing like this!
Guest chapter 2 . 6/9/2014
I absolutely love your stories! You do such an amazing job of exploring emotions. This chapter was so beautifully written. Hope you continue to write! ;-)
Guest chapter 22 . 2/27/2014
More more more please!
Guest chapter 16 . 2/27/2014
Excellent chapter! ! Dom being his usual cheating teenage self was a great lead in to him telling her (In public no less) that he loved her was an amazing twist! And unlike that Letty made him earn her trust back for a year before she said it to him. You salvaged another sorry about all the ways Dom is an idiot and hurts Letty into something more. Fantastic!

Only small comment: when she says she trusted him and never looked back-I don't think that was true in the period after he abandoned her in the DR. I don't believe she trusted him after that ... For a while.
Guest chapter 6 . 2/27/2014
Another great chapter! They really needed to talk this out-and probably more than once. Letty losing her memory (in the movie) just felt like it gave Dom a pass for all the hurt he caused her, the incredible betrayal of her trust leaving her like that in the middle of the night after promising to be together with her. I can't imagine how that would have felt, especially after all she did for him, supporting him through the years and even through his bad choices (truck hijackings anyone?).

And then suddenly, she has no memory and he saves her life and everything is hunky dory? Uh-uh. I love that she gets to be pissed at him, to take it out on him. He deserves to know, to hear it from her, how much he hurt her.

When she says: "This is old news to you." and he says "Okay… I shouldn't have said that. But you're not going to say anything I didn't already tell myself." My first thought was that it doesn't matter what you said to your self, LETTY needs to say it to you!

I loved the back and forth (cant' decide which are my favorite lines because there are so many).

I wish he'd actually said that he regretted leaving her like that, not just that he regretted their two years apart. But it's better than nothing. He sort of implies it when he says "I thought I was doing the right think at the time" ("at the time" to me indicates that now he realizes he was wrong-but i wanted him to tell her flat out that he would never do that kind of thing again!) He knows that what she says is true and that she has every right to be angry with him (thank you for writing this line!).

I love how she points out that even when he abandoned her (abandoned THEM) that she was still working to them, even when she could have just left and stopped trying. SHE was brave enough to work towards them being together, even if he was not.

If I were her, I would worry that he still feels that he can make those decisions for her (because he still feels he was right in making the decision to leave her before). What happens next month if for some reason they are in trouble again? Will he leave her to keep her safe? She touches on that early when she says, well if you feel you can make that decision for me, what about other major decisions in our lives? She's absolutely right!

I LOVE that you show a more vulnerable side to Dom, the side that he only shows to Letty (because that's who she is to him)-that he lets down his walls and sets aside his ego just for her. Amazing! And the way you write how gentle he is to her, it's something that is so often lacking in these stories. KUDOS!
Guest chapter 5 . 2/27/2014
WOW! I am loving this chapter. I always thought that Dom got off easy in the movie because Letty lost her memory. Because of his selfish decision (one that he made for her, without her) he broken them apart, she ended up hurt, and then lost without psychopaths without her memory-and he ended up thinking she was dead. All because he always thinks he knows better. I love that she gets to be pissed at him. I love that Mia is clear that although she loves her brother, that he is an idiot. I also like to hear Mia's side of how Dom felt when Letty was gone (because frankly in the movies he moved on pretty quickly to Elena...). it's important to know that he suffered, that he felt guilt-because it makes his growth more believable.

It remains to be seen whether Dom has truly changed from that idiot, but I have high hopes for your story. ;-) Now that he's lost Letty once, I'd like to think that he's grown into someone who would never do something like that again. Mia is right that Dom always thinks he knows what is best, first with the truck hijackings (which went terribly wrong and which they warned him about), then in leaving Letty...

keep up the fantastic writing!
Guest chapter 16 . 1/11/2014
I'm new to the FF fics, and I have to say that this is so good. I was home sick yesterday and read the whole thing. I really like how you write the characters, and I adore how you right Dom and Letty. I think this chapter was one of my favourites.

I know this is on hiatus, but I really hope you one day write more to it.
serena-jean chapter 22 . 1/7/2014
Great story! What piece of news?! I also love their voices
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